Green energy cancellation new focus in wind fight

M'Chigeeng Protest June15,2012(9)Nicole Kleinsteuber, Quinte News
[excerpt]  Environmental lawyer Eric Gillespie who is representing all three parties told Quinte News that he plans to put Tuesday’s announcement front and centre through the rest of the hearing.

“We don’t need any more of these projects,” said Gillespie. “They (the ERT) have already said green energy doesn’t trump the environmental protection act. Now it doesn’t even compete at all. It should have zero weight. The environmental protection act should trump everything.”

Gillespie said he plans to tell the ERT that ‘the hearings are unnecessary because the project is unnecessary.’

“Wind companies have been oblivious to the realities as has the government,” he said. “It’s been known for years we have ample amounts of energy and have been dumping it in the United States at a reduced rate. This confirmed the sad reality that this course of action has had no merit for what Ontarians have been put through by these policies and the actions of these wind companies.” Read article

1 thought on “Green energy cancellation new focus in wind fight

  1. Ontario also subsidizes the Quebec ratepayers with the estimated amounts they claim to have received there! And the Liberals just keep giving away our farms!
    Stan Thayer

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