New Study: 70,000 bats killed in Canada by wind turbines per year

“Ontario’s 1,270 turbines each killed an average of 24.5 bats per year”

CNSPhoto-Munro-BatsThe Wildlife Society, Nala Rogers
Each wind turbine in Canada kills an average of 15.5 bats per year, adding up to a death toll that could someday threaten populations, according to new research. In Canada’s first comprehensive analysis of wind farm casualties, researchers found that turbines were killing about 47,000 bats per year in 2013. That number will only rise as Canada’s investment in wind energy increases.

“We have about 50 percent more turbines now, so, as of 2016, somewhere around 70,000 bats are being killed in Canada per year,” said Ryan Zimmerling, a wildlife biologist with the Canadian Wildlife Service and first author of a recent study in the Journal of Wildlife Management. “It is possible that those levels of mortality, if they’re not already causing impacts to some species now, could be causing impacts into the future.”An Eastern red bat lies dead beneath a wind turbine in southern Ontario.

Wind energy companies in Canada are required to monitor bat mortality at newly built wind farms, regularly searching the area under turbines for carcasses. The companies report these data as part of post-construction monitoring, but until now, no one had combined them into a single nation-wide analysis. To see the big picture, Zimmerling and his colleagues analyzed carcass counts from 64 wind farms in nine provinces, using statistical corrections to estimate how many carcasses the surveyors missed.

The results varied widely by region. Hardly any bats died in New Brunswick and Manitoba, both because those provinces don’t have many wind farms and because each turbine there killed fewer than one bat per year. In contrast, Ontario’s 1,270 turbines each killed an average of 24.5 bats per year, accounting for two thirds of the whole country’s death count. It’s not clear why turbines are more dangerous in certain places, though the answer could have something to do with bat migration routes, says Zimmerling. Read articlebatspeciesmortalityontario

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  1. This has to stop. It is if no benefi to Ontario at all. We need bats, bees and birds to live! What is wrong with you?

  2. That’s just the parents. How many orphaned bad babies die because the parents never make it back.

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