Wind Developer Veresen buys Municipality of Huron East for $2 million

Seaforth Expositor Usually when a motion is passed or rejected, the municipality of Huron East simply moves forward according to the number of hands put up, but not this time as the topic at hand involved one of the most controversial topics to date-wind turbines. Three years ago council was offered a Vibrancy Fund Agreement from the St. Columban Wind Farm, which operates 15 wind turbines.

In the contract, it specified that they were prepared to give Huron East $115,000 annually for 20 years, but this significant contribution of funds would come with a catch, council must agree that they are a “willing host.” Council turned down the offer.

However, these past qualms would never be thrown under the rug permanently. CAO of Huron East, Brad Knight admitted that numerous councillors have asked if the option could possibly be brought back to the table, since that initial decision.

During the traditional bi-weekly December 6 meeting, the Mayor of Huron East, Bernie MacLellan presented council with a motion concerning the previously declined proposal. Two weeks later he requested it to be reviewed in the council chambers during their last meeting before the holidays. Huron East Against Turbines (HEAT) was on hand in anticipation and hoped that the political assemblage would once again turn down the more than $2 million agreement.

Knight propelled the recorded vote. Tuckersmith Councillor Larry McGrath voted no, Seaforth Coun. Nathan Marshall said yes, the Mayor voted in favour, both Brussels Councillors John Lowe and David Blaney were in favour of being a willing host, Seaforth’s ward rep, Bob Fisher voted no, Dianne Diehl and Alvin McLellan from Grey Ward approved the motion, McKillop’s Brenda Dalton voted no and her fellow ward rep Kevin Wilbee voted yes and Deputy Mayor Joe Steffler also voted yes. Read article

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  1. The Council have NO idea of the world of hurt their community is going to be subjected to.

    • Sorry Sommer, I am not the person to report on the issues. I am fighting to keep IWT OUT of my community of Dutton and Dunwich, because of the issues that are plaguing the rest of Ontario. Those communities who did not see the bigger picture in time to stop the horrors from happening.

  2. I don’t believe they care. They have continually ignored citizens health concerns. They dug their snouts into the trough – in the face of a beginning health investigation. I realize that the Province is breaking municipalities backs, downloading services which means communities are looking for funds. Accepting this Vibrancy Fund however is nothing short of making a deal with the devil. Blood money.

  3. I wrote the Huron County Health Board on December 5th. The letter is public, on my web page (http://www.cs.uwaterloo/~mannr) and pasted below.
    December 5, 2016

    Erica Clark, PhD
    Epidemiologist, Huron County Health Unit
    77722B London Rd., RR #5
    Clinton, ON N0M 1L0

    Dear Erica Clark,

    Thank you for taking the time to talk with me on Nov 29th.

    I wanted to follow up with a summary of how I became involved in this issue, the direction and current status of my research, and my position on the issue of study of, and response to, the human health effects caused by exposure to Industrial wind turbines.

    1: How I became involved.

    I first became aware of this issue in May of 2013 after reading a paper by Carmen Krogh dealing with adverse health effects caused by Industrial Wind Turbines (link).

    I came to believe that what was needed was a way to actually test consenting humans by exposing them to infrasound in a lab setting and to scientifically document the effects of this exposure.

    2: Direction and current status of my research.

    I started my research by working to develop the best infrasound recording method possible. In partnership with Professor John Vanderkooy, we developed a method of measuring infrasound from a single turbine, thereby isolating our results from the “clutter” of other turbines, wind noise, and other “pollutants”.

    We published our work and our paper was accepted for presentation at Wind Turbine Noise 2015, INCE/EUROPE, in Glasgow, Scotland in April 2015 (link).

    The next step was to design and build a method of producing infrasound in a lab setting. To be a useful research tool this infrasound needed to be identical to that produced by IWT’s.

    This required the mathematical and computational research necessary to generate Sound Wave output to an exact duplicate of input data, namely actual turbine recordings previously captured.

    This would finally allow others at the university, with appropriate medical training and ethics approval, to scientifically test and document the effects of infrasound produced by IWT’s on consenting humans.

    I received university funding for this research from both the Department of Computer Science and the Office of Research in October 2015 which has allowed me to proceed.

    My research over the next six months led to the building of prototype #1, a proof of concept device which was able to produce infrasound in a lab setting in the range produced by IWT’s, within a small test chamber.

    The system consists of 3 main components: a controllable pressure source, a modulation device that is responsive to input commands, and measurement, analysis, and recording technology.

    Prototype #2 is a fourfold scaled up chamber version of the proof of concept device and successfully produces infrasound in response to input commands. Prototype #2 is currently being used to refine design, data collection, and analysis.

    Work is currently well along on version #3, a full scale chamber, capable of accommodating a human subject. This will finally allow others at the university with appropriate ethics approval and medical training to test the effect of infrasound on consenting human subjects.

    3: My current position

    I have kept up to date on the most recent scientific evidence on harm in humans and animals relative to IWT’s

    There have also been many surveys and studies regarding human health effects related to Industrial Wind Turbine exposure. Sadly many of them have actually increased suffering by concluding that the subjects were imagining their symptoms, and by varying degrees, labeling them with the “It’s all in your head” designation.

    It is also of note that while many people did agree to participate in these surveys and studies in the hope that their concerns would be heard, they were certainly captive participants by being forced to live in proximity to the turbines.

    This leads me to my use of the word “ethics” and my beliefs regarding the study and information gathering of a captive group of humans who are currently living in proximity to potential health effects.

    I remember during my first year of engineering we were told about an oath and ring ceremony that professional engineers take prior to receiving their accreditation.

    These practices vary within different disciplines but two examples come readily to mind:

    The National Society of Professional Engineers (USA) states “Engineers, in the fulfillment of their professional duties, shall: Hold paramount the safety, health, and welfare of the public”.

    Professional Engineers Ontario states: “A practitioner shall, regard the practitioner’s duty to the public welfare as paramount”

    I believe as scientists and researchers, while we were not actually required to pledge to such an oath, we certainly have a basic moral obligation when we choose to interact with people who are suffering.

    At a minimum, this should be to clearly point out both the risks and benefits of interacting with us and to provide referrals to resources and other help related to their suffering. This should be the core principle of any such undertaking and certainly a legally mandated one by any board of health.

    Thank you again for taking the time to talk with me and if I can be of any help going forward please don’t hesitate to contact me.


    Richard Mann
    Associate Professor
    School of Computer Science
    Faculty of Mathematics
    University of Waterloo

  4. Accepting payment to ignore the harm means that these people believe in the inequality of rights.
    When did the people of Ontario authorize our paid and elected leaders to wilfully ignore that their policies are causing harm?

  5. Can 2 million dollars be considered the value of peoples’ health that has been harmed by low frequency noise as described clearly in this video.

    Please circulate this information to all who are responsible for the risks and harm that residents face because of these industrial scale turbines.
    We do not need any more people leaving their homes because of the harm. That is what the agenda of putting industrial scale turbines near homes was meant to do. What is needed is a breakthrough on the moral crisis these turbines near peoples’ homes pose.
    We don’t need this breakthrough in two or three years, once the damage is irreversible.
    We need it now!

  6. How do you explain something that is not explainable?

    ‘[excerpt] They cling fiercely to the last strands of hope. Amherst Island residents opposed to industrial wind development still believe they can stop 29 massive (50 – storey) machines from permanently scarring their pastoral skyline from end to end of this tiny (20-km long) island. They believe they can protect endangered birds, bats and animals from the 25 kilometres of new service roads being carved into the agricultural landscape. They believe they can stop 44,000 truckloads from crossing the narrow passage between Amherst Island and the mainland.

    Time, however, is running out…

    According to Michelle Le Lay, the developer has handpicked a Community Liaison Committee, all but one of whom has a direct interest in the project. Other residents are permitted to attend the quarterly meetings but prohibited from asking questions or making comments.

    “No one else is allowed to participate,” said Le Lay. “It is a total farce. Its insulting.”

    “It is beyond reason,” says Le Lay.

    “How do you explain something that is not explainable?”‘

    • No questions or comments allowed. Then this is not a valid process.

      Is this legal?


      A look behind the scenes:

      CBC News, March 5, 2016

      ‘Patrick Brown says he supports putting a price on carbon’

      ‘Climate change is a fact. It is a threat. It is man-made,’ Ontario PC leader says at annual party convention.

      Read at:

      • This then becomes a situation where what takes place at the liaison committee is the word of one person against the word of the others. What a set-up!

  7. These political ‘leaders’ are ill informed. Is it our task to force them to do the necessary research on this subject of climate change mitigation?
    This information is available for everyone to see on the internet and it has been available for many years now. Here’s a recent article to send to them.

    Be sure to also take a look at the video interview with Dr, Judith Curry in one of the comments.
    Ontario is being laughed at by people who are aware of the false information that led us into this mess.

    • Sounds like what is happening here in Ontario,
      Electricity being shipped to Ohio and Michigan for cents on the dollar.
      Which is costing Ontario ratepayers millions of $$$$$$.

      • In case readers didn’t see this:

        Take a look at how Lord Monckton clearly suggests that anyone pushing for carbon taxation should be tried in criminal court for “genocide”.
        He can see the craziness of all of this at a global level because he knows the IPCC data was flawed. He found the fatal flaw and has submitted his paper on it recently. He even called our Prime Minister an ‘idiot’.

    • POWER Engineering, June 2, 2015

      ‘Arizona Public Service to participate in California ISO energy market’

      Re; EIM/Western energy imbalance market starting Oct.1, 2016

      Scroll down to:

      “Last November, the Cal-ISO launched financially binding EIM operations with PacificCorp as the initial participant. NV Energy plans to begin EIM participation in October, …”

      “PacificCorp and NV Energy (NYSE: NVE) are units of Berkshire Hathaway.”

      Warren Buffet and EIM?

    • Ella: FYI

      Category: How things are supposed to get done.

      ScienceDirect, September 2016

      ‘Electricity governance and the Western energy imbalance market in the United States: The necessity of interorganizational collaboration’

      “In the Western United States, widespread growth of wind and solar resources is putting pressure on state policy makers, electricity system operators, and utilities to integrate renewable resources into the grid, while maintaining reliability, affordability, and improving efficiency.”

      Read at:

  8. I believe voter apathy in municipal elections is a factor here; People do not insist that industrial wind development is a major issue come election time. In the nearby township of AWC home to the giant K2 development the last election saw the reeve and one councilor from the Asfield ward both signed on with the wind company.. Such a blatant conflict of interest should be illegal but isn’t, indeed the voters saw nothing wrong with it. They can absent themselves from the table and go to the bathroom when council discusses issues involving K2, but that leaves no one to represent the interests of the ward. And an industrial development the size of K2 affects practically everything a council deals with, roads, taxes, building codes and so on. Conflict of interest, never a good idea.

  9. Is the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, “Right Honourable”
    having an “Open Meeting” in London tonight?

    What will be the outcome of next week’s court hearings
    about our rights?

    And as we speak, people including children are exposed
    to known toxic emissions of industrial wind energy facilities,

    and there is a simple, cost-effective measure to prevent the harm:

    Stop the wind turbines.

  10. Details for the meeting tonight.

    Proposal for Friday the 13th: Trudeau on Trial
    Trudeau Vs The People of London

    So Trudeau is coming to town, and he was kind enough to give us a whopping 48 hours notice…
    Typically I would suggest barging in there, taking over, making noise, and basically hijacking the event but this time I think we need a different approach. We want the public to view We Own It as a positive campaign, an ally, a campaign who represents everyone’s best interests. We want to be taken seriously and respected, and we don’t want the public to feel like we’re monopolizing the meeting or squashing their opportunity to be heard.
    Here’s the plan:
    RSVP online to maximize your chances of being permitted in the building
    Arrive early – space is limited and it is highly likely the room will reach capacity and people may be turned away
    Go in as “We Own It”, everyone participating in our plan can wear the We Own It shirt, or button.
    There will likely be mics set up around the room for citizens to ask questions. I recommend we split up and swarm the mics, ensuring We Own It participants are having several opportunities to speak
    We will have questions for Trudeau prepared in case some people are unsure what to ask
    I suggest people introduce themselves at the mic as “My name is ______, I’m a member of the We Own It Campaign.”

  11. Yvonne, would you give us a report on how it went?

    We need to make public his response to crucial questions on the ethics of allowing people to be harmed by industrial wind turbines.

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