What’s 64 stories tall? 4.2MW wind turbines planned for Wallaceburg!!

David Gough, Chatham Daily News
The 12 wind turbines that are proposed for the Otter Creek Wind Farm, will be significantly taller than wind turbines already erected in Chatham-Kent. The wind farm, which is scheduled to be built north of Wallaceburg, will have Enercon E-141 turbines.

From the ground to the top of the wind blades, the proposed wind turbines at the Otter Creek Wind Farm will measure 195 metres (642 feet). By comparison, the world’s tallest wind turbine in Germany is just under 230 metres (754 feet). Initially 17-20 wind turbines were proposed for the wind farm project. It was scaled back to 12, which Otter Creek officials said was due to public concerns. Most wind turbines in Chatham-Kent are approximately 155 metres (510 feet) from ground to the top of a blade’s tip.

“The reason why these turbines are a little bit higher and a little bit wider in diameter, is to effectively reduce the use of the number of turbines,” said Adam Rosso, who is Otter Creek Wind Farm’s director of development. Rosso said by using fewer turbines it will reduce the visual impact, as well as other impacts. Read article

13 thoughts on “What’s 64 stories tall? 4.2MW wind turbines planned for Wallaceburg!!

      • I have some article that most of the people who near wind farm have complain.

        Yeah, it’s eco-friendly but not human friendly because wind farm gives more stress to residential area.

        In the 1st place, why are they installing wind in residential area? They can’t sleep because of noise and light reflects from propeller.

        Supposedly these wind farm should install in non-residential area, that wouldn’t compromise to other people.

        Wind farm isn’t bad but should install in a right place.

  1. A LITTLE bit taller and a LITTLE bit wider, in order to eliminate some turbines because of public concerns. Who the hell are they trying to kid????
    This has gone to the absolute stage of ridiculous.

  2. OK, so I guess I haven’t been paying enough attention. I thought the Wynne gov’t had put a moratorium on approving more wind installations; yet this news article notes that “Boralex will submit the REA application to the province in the next month or so with a targeted approval for fall of 2017. If the REA is approved, construction would begin in 2018 and commissioning in 2019.”

    Are applications for new installations still being considered or not? Please enlighten me.

  3. Sustainability provides an excuse for using/employing demand side management and demand side management controls people.

    As an example of this, Ontario uses demand side management for its electricity sector.

  4. “”Rosso said by using fewer turbines it will reduce the visual impact, as well as other impacts””

    Yes by all means who will be able to see a giant turbine? Really??

    So they’ll work better too? Oh like the scumcors ones that they never turn off because their bigger and it’s harder for them to ramp up every time there’s no wind. So they just run them on fossil fuel so they always turn. We pay for them idle or not either way.

    I can’t believe people are still out there buying what these weasels are selling. Here’s a tip if their mouths are moving you can bet it’s a lie.

    Winds on hold make no mistakes the fiberals aren’t going to let this cash cow die.

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