Lower electricity rates? Don’t fall for Premier Wynne’s power move

The Globe and Mail
The rise in the cost of electricity in Ontario over the Liberal Party’s time in office has been staggering, and painful. Here’s just one example of how it has gone up:

In November, 2007, the highest rate for households, during peak hours, was 8.7 cents per kilowatt/hour. Less than a decade later, it’s the lowestrate – the one you get for using your dryer at midnight. The highest rate, for use during peak hours, is 18 cents per kWh.

That 107-per-cent increase in the peak rate is roughly six times the rate of inflation over the same period. The province’s manufacturing sector, meanwhile, has been walloped by the highest industrial rates in Canada, and among the highest in North America, according to the Association of Major Power Consumers in Ontario.

The blame for this falls squarely on the consecutive Liberal governments of former premier Dalton McGuinty and his successor, Premier Kathleen Wynne, in power since 2003. Their mismanagement of Ontario’s power system has led to today. Read article

2 thoughts on “Lower electricity rates? Don’t fall for Premier Wynne’s power move

  1. “Basically, a Liberal premier has found yet another way to make Ontarians pay more for electricity, but this one is selling it as the act of a thoughtful government coming to the aid of consumers beleaguered by high electricity generation costs that somehow, gosh, just got that way on their own.”

    It’s unlikely that people who have directly or indirectly experienced this Liberal premier’s refusal to work with all who are responsible to address the harm that industrial wind turbines and their infrastructure that were/are placed too close to peoples’ homes and barns have caused/are causing, will ever consider this to be “a thoughtful government”.

    The word ‘cruel’ seems more appropriate.

  2. FREE ENERGY is not so “FREE” as has been learned by one and all in Ontario and in Germany previously. The concept of windmills, as abandoned by our fore fathers, has gone down in history as UNRELIABLE, UNPREDICTABLE AND SPORADIC.
    Yet the “FREE” has caught the attention of most people who has ignored history and have tried to resurrect it and are now finding out that history and our fore fathers were right. The horrendous cost to hydro users over the last ten or twelve years is the proof! All we can hope for is the newly elected leader next year has the will power to cancel ALL CONTRACTS upon election.
    Compare hydro rates of Ontario to Germany:- 13c to 40c and realise that they have been on the green road far longer than we have and their rates reflect this.
    Wind mills belong in front Don Quixote in a medieval novel!!

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