Wind turbines a government-backed Ponzi scheme

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All you people out there complaining about your hydro prices need to realize some important facts about the Kathleen Wynne government.

  1. The global adjustment charge on your hydro bill is to pay for the giant industrial wind turbines Wynne  has placed all  over rural Ontario.
  2. Wind turbines a useless technology that destroys our rural environment, ruins people’s health and poisons our drinking water aquifers.
  3. The only reason these turbines were erected was so Liberal insiders and their friends could get filthy rich.
  4. Wynne will not cancel the turbine projects or reduce the subsidies because the turbine lobbyists know where the political bodies are buried.
  5. Wynne has taken away the democratic rights of the people for her own financial and political gain.
  6. Wynne has sacrificed the health of rural citizens just so her friends can get rich.
  7. In a few year’s time, when it inevitably collapses, this wind turbine scam will be revealed for what it is: An enormous government-backed Ponzi scheme, founded on greed, corruption and stupidity.

Leonard Vandenbosch
West Grey, Ont

29 thoughts on “Wind turbines a government-backed Ponzi scheme

  1. FYI

    You can’t begin to count or imagine how much money has been spent on medical care for those of us whose houses are surrounded by [in our case] – 84 IWTs.

    I’ve been to Emerg ~ more than once a year with several hospital stays for as long as 5 days since the IWTs started affecting my head and inner ear [stuffed and loss of balance].

    After hours clinics, too, have been often attended because of nausea and vomiting.

  2. Renewable energy mandates enacted at the provincial/state level are another example of policy making at the sub-national level.

  3. Ok people I have endured these same complaints since 2004. The meetings, the newspaper write-ups, the lost time from work, the closing businesses, the fines, the police reports, the fund raisers, the lawyers retainers, the rallies, the ministry visits, etc., etc., all for nothing. The Dalton gang listen to no-one and even bypassing provincial and federal laws has created no ramifications towards the Liberals after multiple elections. The kickbacks, the patronage, the work camps, the cover-ups, environmental concerns, the child labour, all old news, real old, 10+ years.
    Many years ago the Green Energy Act was explained like this.
    Green, (money), Energy, (movement), Act, (from one place to another).
    Money moving from the many to the few!
    We need a new approach! Quickly!

    • Hello Mr. Thayer, If you don’t mind, I would like to get to know you, Do you have a CV you can share? Thanks very much, Eric

    • Alberta AESO appears to be aware of grid security issues. Read the Alberta presentation at the above FERC website.

  4. Re: The Ocotillo, Calif. wind project situation on the right sidebar.

    Would it be possible for Lakeshore, Essex County residents to contact Ocotillo residents regarding any documents they might be willing to share?

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