Dr. Pierpont: “ISO acknowledges motion sickness from low-frequency oscillatory motion below 1 Hz”

5 thoughts on “Dr. Pierpont: “ISO acknowledges motion sickness from low-frequency oscillatory motion below 1 Hz”

  1. Thank you Calvin Martin !!! WE are now in the remedy phase of the proposed windfarm in Clearview! We won at the ERT on both danger to pilots and danger to Little brown bats. Now wpd is trying to come in a back door! This news will help us .


  2. This is affirming what residents in Huron County have been experiencing and reporting as they’ve been pleading for protection.
    Combine this information with the recent proof of correlation out of Sweden: https://stopthesethings.com/2017/05/21/swedish-study-proves-pulsing-low-frequency-wind-turbine-noise-causes-sleep-deprivation/
    – as well as the results of research done in France and the results of effects on the brain, done by German researchers, both of which I will link below, it shows clearly that the Health Canada study was woefully inadequate.
    How can the Ministers of Health, both federally and provincially, continue to allow these turbines to keep running? How can the Minister of Environment and Climate Change continue to ignore the reports of harm? How can the Premier allow all of this to happen?

  3. The French Academy of Medicine confirmed that wind turbines cause a disease named: “Wind Turbine Syndrome”

    It is characterized by a visual, sonorous and psychological impairment.

    The French Academy of Medicine heard the Fédération Environment Durable which had publish a report gathering a sample of hundreds of testimonies of French residents showing major symptoms of disorders as well as an international synthesis report on health studies and risk assessments concerning this phenomenon.
    In its report published on May 9, 2017 (1) The French Academy of Medicine has concluded that wind turbines seriously affect the well-being and health of the inhabitants.

    – Hearing disorders: the noise generated by the wind turbine consists in part of infrasound. Inaudible by the human, these make no more noise than the beating of the heart transmitted in our body by the inner ear. But by causing “phenomena of resonance in the thoracic cavities or of the pulsations felt,” this infrasound may be translated into vibrations, which are constant and therefore irritating;

    – Visual fragility: Fractional light stimulation due to the rotation of the blades can induce an
    Epileptic risk. The flashing of traffic lights also disrupts the visual comfort of frail people;

    A psychological sensitivity manifested by the deterioration of the quality of sleep, episodes of stress, depression, anxiety, memory problems, loss of interest for others, a decrease in professional performance.

    By urging immediate action to protect the residents, the Academy also proposes to launch a national epidemiological study on the listed nuisances in order to study the impact of this “wind turbine syndrome” on a large scale.

  4. And one more paper that is well worth reading to affirm the need for greater setbacks than what people in Huron County are living with.


    We can no longer let government agents respond with their ‘canned’ repetition that they are examining relevant information and they are convinced that people are not being harmed. This has to stop. We have a serious ethical crisis in Ontario!
    Anyone who thinks that the it is okay to ‘take advantage ‘ of people being harmed by doing ‘studies’ or ‘projects’ using these people is a proponent of the wind industry.

  5. Sommer, thank you for articulating about the damage caused, the ethical crisis, the public health disaster of wind turbines built and operated too close to persons including children.

    And you should be recognized, not just for your dedication, also for the strength of your character, your moral sensibilities and obvious wisdom regarding the difference b/w right & wrong.

    Keep it up!

    Thanks again, and on behalf of our children and grandchildren.

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