Wind still fills sails of Wynne arrogance

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Only in Kathleen Wynne’s Ontario would we still be spending money we don’t have, to build wind farms few people want, to generate electricity we don’t need.

And yet that’s exactly what’s happening six months after the government halted its green energy policy. Planning for five new wind turbine developments continues despite admission from the Wynne government that Ontario won’t use the electricity these turbines will generate.

Indeed, if history is any indication, the excess electricity generated from turbines yet to be built will be sold at a steep discount, probably to American states that already offer electricity cheaper than Ontario’s, states that in some cases are using cheap electricity to lure away Ontario business.

The Ontario government says it’s contractually obligated to allow the last of these wind turbine developers to bring their plans to fruition. A sensible response would be to cancel the contracts and pay whatever legal penalties might follow. But no, the Wynne government will stoically follow through. Read article

14 thoughts on “Wind still fills sails of Wynne arrogance

  1. After hearing what Carmen Krogh had to say last Wednesday at an open presentation at the University of Waterloo,organized by Professor Richard Mann, news that any further projects will be turned on and potentially harming even more people with noise, low frequency noise modulations and infrasound radiation is ethically outrageous!
    If the people of Ontario submissively allow this to happen, then it’s clear that they have forfeited their birth right to use their free will and act out of conscience to stop this harm to rural residents who have every right to stay in their homes and experience the safety, security and pleasure of their homes. Forced relocation is unacceptable.
    Please listen to and share the link to the livestream with everyone if you were unable to attend that event.

  2. If we all send this story to our political ‘leaders’ we might see the prospects for ‘political will’ to make the necessary changes sooner than later.

    This is Millie Weaver, a professional journalist, exposing the wind industry in Texas. It all sounds extremely familiar.

    • This is an amazing investigative report on wind turbines and human health. It exposes the sham of Canada’s own “paid goon” “Dr.” Chris Olson (Dr. of Philosophy) who testifies worldwide about health and IWT. when he has NO background in health! It exposes Nextera etc, etc. It is a MUST watch especially beginning at about the 10 minute mark! EXCELLENT!

  3. The first 10 minutes reveal the level of ignorance of people who live in urban centres, so one realizes the knowledge gaps that exist. Most people who learn somehow about the harm these turbines cause, begin to realize what a huge mistake this government has made in Ontario. There will always be intransigent people who for some reason lack the ability to go outside of themselves and relate to the suffering of others. There will always be ‘order followers’ who, even though, at some level, they realize that by not speaking out, they are causing harm to others, they choose, by their own free will, to be complicit. This submission to authority, even when the authority is evil, has been demonstrated through psychological experiments.

  4. Here’s a link to an article on the famous Milgram experiment. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s worth reading.

    In Ontario, the people who are responsible for the harm from industrial scale wind turbines having been sited too close to people’s homes, have been informed by many many people who have directly experienced the harm or by people who have advocated for them, so, clearly, the fact that the turbines have not been turned off indicates that they are choosing to over ride their conscience. If they followed their conscience, they would speak out loudly and clearly to their authority figure and demand that the harm be stopped…not just studied or observed.

  5. As my friends observe…
    (go to min. 3:22)

    On April 12, 2017, MPP Lisa Thompson questioned “The Minister of the Environment and Climate Change” about IWTs operating NON-COMPLIANT with noise limits.

    Minister Glen Murray responded: “But, Mr. Speaker, it is passing strange to me that I never get a question when they were in power about Mercury in “Grassy Narrows” and I never get a question about nuclear power and I never get a question about Coal Plant Pollution.”

    Is Glenn Murray comparing the long term health impacts/ human cost of mercury pollution, radiation poisoning and coal pollution to that of infra-sound pollution?

    Are the liberals implying it is okay to repeat the mistakes of the past? Are the liberals justifying not doing the right thing because others did not do the right thing in the past? Do they not understand that two wrongs don’t make a right?

    Why is Glenn Murray, the MOECC and the liberal government moving full steam ahead with this failed energy policy when they know people are suffering? Why is the liberal government putting politics before health?

    Why is Glenn Murray acting as if he is completely unaware of the many, many letters of complaint about harm from noise, including modulating low frequency noise and infrasound, when those letters were sent to his office and the offices of so many fiduciaries within his ministry and others?

    • Because he wants to appear on the world-stage on energy policy issues and so does the Premier for the same reason.

    • Because he doesn’t give a rats butt about people ….unless those PEOPLE can keep the liberals in power and make his wealthy friends richer. He’s playing games with human lives. Years from now, politicians will USE the victims of misplaced industrial turbines in the same sentence as “Grassy Narrows”….IF it fits their narrative! Glen Murray should be ashamed of himself. He’s putting politics ahead a human health!

  6. Surely we can’t continue to let him ignore the letters that have come/are coming to his office from people pleading for him to make the necessary changes. These turbines and their infrastructure have ruined peoples’ environment. The irony of this situation is so damaging to the credibility of the Ministers of the Environment…both provincially and federally.
    When all efforts at using proper protocol fail, the citizens are forced to take drastic actions to protect themselves, their families and their communities.
    Who would have ever thought this could happen here?

    • The views of the “elite” are more important than the views of ordinary people who have to pay for these kinds of activities.

      Rural Ontarians are just collateral damage.

      This has been imposed on the people who could not even vote on these issues.

      People don’t even recognize a set-up when they see what’s taking place in Ontario and the rest of Canada as well.

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