Ministry of Environment did not investigate over 68% of wind turbine noise complaints received

Brian Hill, Global News
Excerpt: “Over the past two years, officials from the ministry have measured violations of the province’s noise limits at the couple’s home on two occasions, first in August 2015 and again in March 2017. Despite these violations, the couple says the government has done nothing other than order more tests.

The Stachura’s complaints of government inaction are not unique. In fact, Global News has learned that Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change does not respond to the majority of complaints made by residents concerned about wind turbines.

Documents released through Ontario’s Freedom of Information Act and obtained by Global News reveal officials from the Ministry of Environment chose not to investigate or deferred responding to – meaning they did not make immediate plans to investigate – roughly 68 per cent of all noise and health complaints lodged against wind turbine operators in the province between 2006 and 2014. This represents nearly 2,200 individual complaints.

The documents also show limited resources sometimes prevented the ministry from responding to complaints.”  Read article

Unaddressed Wind Turbine Complaints Anger Local Group
A local group opposed to wind turbines is once again calling on the province to put a stop to the controversial wind power projects, after a new report found many noise complaints related to the turbines are being ignored.

Dutton Dunwich Opponents of Wind Turbines (DDOWT), a group made up people from the rural community southwest of London, has written to Ontario Minister of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) Glenn Murray demanding he stop any new wind turbine approvals.

Their demand comes in light of documents obtained by Wind Concerns Ontario under the Freedom of Information Act. The documents show the Ministry of Environment chose not to investigate or deferred responding to roughly 68% of all noise and health complaints made against green energy operators in the province between 2006 and 2014.

A list of 3,180 complaints is included in the documents. Of those, more than 1,700 were not investigated by the ministry. In another 446 of the complaints the ministry deferred responding. Complainants reported sleep disturbances, headaches, and dizziness from the wind turbine noise emissions. Read article

39 thoughts on “Ministry of Environment did not investigate over 68% of wind turbine noise complaints received

  1. It’s time for open letters to be written to Minister Glen Murray, from all of the communities where harm is still being experienced from turbines near homes and farms. These open letters need to be circulated widely so that the people of Ontario will no longer be deceived. These letters need to contain concise statements regarding the truth about the harm being experienced because the MOECC has failed their duty to protect rural residents.
    Now is the time….

    • Mr. Glen Murray:

      We believe that you are dishonest
      or recklessly not competent
      or dishonest and recklessly not competent.

      Here is the simple definition of “CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE”
      from the Criminal Code of Canada:

      Criminal Code (R.S.C., 1985, c. C-46)

      Criminal Negligence
      219. (1) Every one is criminally negligent who
      (a) in doing anything, or
      (b) in omitting to do anything that it is his duty to do,
      shows wanton or reckless disregard for the lives or safety of other persons.
      Definition of “duty”
      (2) For the purposes of this section, “duty” means a duty imposed by law.

      • It has been many weeks since the noise testing results were announced to the public. It’s been much too long since the circus at Queen’s Park occurred. And now there is silence, both from the media and from the MOECC.
        The turbines are still running.
        What’s happening?

  2. Seems to me lots of people have testified (under oath) at the many ERTs about the harm being done to them by wind turbines…. doesn’t the minister have access to any of that??????

    • You’re right. Those who testified thoroughly at ERT’s told their truth. Minister Murray might use some excuse for not even bothering to look at these records.

      Right now we have an opportunity to amplify and support the courageous people who told their stories to Global News.We also have an opportunity to show people in Ontario that the MOECC was neglectful of their duty to protect under Minister Glen Murray.

  3. “Nothing brings me more happiness than trying to help
    the most vulnerable people in society. It is a goal and an essential part
    of my life, a kind of destiny. Whoever is in distress can call on me,
    I will come running, wherever they are.”


  4. Check out today’s Google Canada homepage.

    Today’s picture contains a Maple Leaf on a light bulb and what appears to be an IWT among the Letters.

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  6. It has been many weeks since the noise testing results were announced to the public. It’s been much too long since the circus at Queen’s Park occurred. And now there is silence, both from the media and from the MOECC.
    The turbines are still running.
    What’s happening?

  7. The length of time that people are being forced to wait until action is taken by the MOECC speaks volumes to why so many people have lost faith in this ministry. The MOECC did not respond to over 68% of reports of harm. Do we have any way of knowing what came of the other 32%? Did the MOECC actually protect anyone? The circus at Queen’s Park took place almost a month ago and the turbines that were found to be ‘out of compliance’ and emitting tonal noise are still running.

  8. Thank you, Barbara. Would you please explain in layman’s language what is in those documents that answers my question regarding the lack of protection by the MOECC, after they recorded noise from turbines that are ‘out of compliance’ and recorded tonal noise ?
    How do we renew peoples’ faith in this Ministry to protect the environment of residents of rural Ontario who have been forced to have industrial wind turbines sited too close to their homes?
    Forced relocation is not acceptable in Ontario. Is there something in those government documents that says it is?

  9. Carmen Krogh made a statement at the end of her presentation on harm to humans from industrial wind turbines, which she gave at the University of Waterloo in March, 2017. She said that ‘political will’ was the main obstacle we face in Ontario. As much as one might wish that this industrial wind turbine debacle was not a ‘political football’, especially knowing how governments can make promises and then fail to deliver once elected, it is interesting to see that finally Patrick Brown has acknowledged the mess we’re in.
    Now he must be forced to fully understand that turbines need to be turned off immediately, to protect people being harmed. We need to hear statements about this, in no uncertain terms.
    Reports of harm should be sent to him as well as to the long list of all who are responsible for the harm.

    • Documents such as this help to explain the nation-wide effort to comply with the UNFCCC frame-work.

      Renewable energy is needed to comply with the UNFCCC frame-work. Shut down the IWTs and Canada can’t meet its pledge to reduce green house gas emission goals.

      Agenda 21 and Energy

      Energy and Sustainable Development
      “Canada-energy in the context of Sustainable Development’, c. 2005, 38 pages.

      Also has the role tax benefits play in renewable energy development.

      This “paper” itself goes back a dozen years. The present situation has been years in development.

  10. For a wide variety of reasons, the tides are turning.
    Read this article and the comments:
    The government in Ontario would be wise to avoid as many lawsuits as possible. People have evidence compiled, if the MOECC fails to protect residents from noise and if the Ministry of Health continues to neglect its duty to protect people from low frequency noise modulations and infrasound radiation.

  11. “What’s happening?”

    1. Human disruption, sleep disturbance, annoyance, distress, etc. have been known to be caused by exposure to horizontal-axis wind turbines, for decades. The Ontario Ministry of the Environment approved and purports to regulate wind turbine projects using standards which are known do not protect human health, and they refuse to admit this. Some people estimate this as “reckless disregard for lives and safety.”

    2. An unrevealed number of persons in Ontario have filed complaints with the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, then the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, also to the federal government, the local health units and boards of health, and police agencies, about harm caused by wind turbines.

    • 3. Wind Concerns Ontario Inc. is a corporation.

      4. WCO collects donations from victims and other philanthropists to carry out some agenda.

      5. WCO filed a Freedom of Information request with the MOECC to obtain records about complaints that had been reported. According to WCO, the Ministry took a number years to process the FOI request.

      6. The cost of the FOI was paid for using WCO funds.

      7. WCO chose to not release the FOI documents to the public, and brokered a deal with Global News (a private corporation) to not release the FOI documents until Global did something.

      8. At the end of April (2017), WCO advertised that Global would be reporting on the FOI documents “next week”. A month later, and Global still had not reported on the issues, allegedly citing they had “concerns” about the content.

      9. On the second last day before the Ontario Legislative Assembly vacated for the summer, Global aired a short piece profiling some of the damage. Since then, turbines in Ontario have continued operating unabated, WCO has not released the FOI documents to the public, and the confusion has compounded.

      • 10. University of Waterloo Vice President George Dixon was made aware of ethics issues about the harm caused to humans by industrial wind turbines more than five (5) years ago. At that time, Dixon assured victims (ie – legally) that everything was ‘just as it oughtta be’. He was wrong.

      • Your comment raises so many questions.
        Why has it taken a decade to get this government to protect rural residents from these turbines? Seeing the ever changing photos on the banners above the articles on this site and at windconcernsontario, one realizes how many innocent men, women and children have had the safety, security and pleasure of their homes threatened and ruined by these turbines. Surely this is not going to go on much longer!
        What exactly is happening behind the ‘curtains’, that is preventing the necessary changes from being made? Until this is fully exposed, forced relocation and psychological and physical harm to innocent people will continue. This is Ontario, Canada in 2017. This has to stop now!

  12. There is a very revealing video circulating that everyone needs to watch. It is live footage providing information on climate change deception.

    • Information from government sources and the UN is public information.

      At least people could copy information and keep it for future use.

      Yet, people will not talk about the present situation.

    • It’s not surprising that this is no longer available on youtube. It was amazing it was published. The raw truth was revealed in a highly credible context. I hope lots of people saw it.

  13. Why won’t people talk about the present situation? This is so crucial to our collective future on so many different levels.
    If people are truly concerned about their children and grandchildren, then silence is not a solution.

  14. Has anyone heard back from the Huron County Health Unit?

    The investigation was initiated in March 2016. (Ontario’s HPPA, Health Protection and Prevention Act). Since then we have had one delay after another, and still no remedy for those living under turbines.

    As of July 4th, 2017, Erica Clark informed me they have heard back from University of Waterloo ethics and are now planning yet another ethics application to address concerns raised.

    Meanwhile I have been told that all communication of the ethics board, including the names and positions of the applicants, is confidential.

    Richard Mann

  15. What has come of the noise testing report of the UNIFOR turbine? The MOECC was given until June 30th and it is now July 10th?

  16. The Global story above starts with a suggestion that these turbines might be good for the planet’s well being.
    People in Ontario need to be educated on the truth of this matter.

    • We like Allan Carter. And we know he doesn’t write all his own script.

      For example, in the segment above, Allan begins:
      “There are hundreds of them dotted across the Ontario landscape, the wind turbines that churn out electrical power. They may be good for the planet’s well-being, but some people living nearby claim they are paying the price by their own health…”

      We know (and so should Allan) that wind turbines ARE NOT “good for the planet’s well-being”, but Allan perpetrates the myth that they “MAY” be. Hand-in-glove with this industry defense mechanism.

      Allan is one of an increasing number of persons who, by reason of their employment and other contracts, are made to do and say things that they may not agree with, that they are uncomfortable about, and that may even be fraudulent, like wind turbines in Ontario.

      Some persons may be put under coercive (criminal) pressure, and threatened with retaliation. The perpetrators may be bona fide psychopaths. Behaviours lying somewhere on a spectrum.

      For example, back in 2004/5, when Dalton McGuinty was Premier, and Mike Crawley was the founding CEO of AIM PowerGen Corporation, some reported the municipal government in Norfolk County, Ontario was pressured to approve the Erie Shores Wind Farm, and its spin-offs, “OR ELSE!” This was long before the days of the Green Energy & Economy Act of 2009, back when municipalities could support OR reject wind power developments. In Norfolk (& Elgin), Zoning Amendments were required to permit the development of Industrial Electricity Generation Infrastructure on Agricultural/Residential lands. This was how we ended up with Industrial Wind Turbines built too close to our homes.

      The “or else” that was threatened included that the province would withhold and deny funding that was needed for other capital projects in the County.

      Ask Mr. Charlie Luke: he is the Mayor of Norfolk County now, and the Chairperson of the Haldimand-Norfolk Board of Health, but then he was a Councillor. You may be shocked by what Mr. Luke considers is “business as usual”. It is worth considering that had they done proper due diligence then, many later projects would not have been built.

      • This might explain why we elected a Councillor in ACW, who we truly thought would protect our rights/would protect us, and yet over time he has become a complete disappointment..even delivered a congratulatory speech at the ribbon cutting ceremony on the opening day of the wind project that surrounds the homes of some of the residents in the Global News story.

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