Why wind turbine sounds are annoying, and why it matters

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9 thoughts on “Why wind turbine sounds are annoying, and why it matters

  1. Someone asked, is it true, Mr. Palmer, a licensed Professional Engineer in Ontario published a report about the University of Waterloo’s rPhil Bigelow, among others, getting caught misrepresenting their own research results?

  2. Green-minded debunkers are a dime-a-dozen. Do they know that there are over 850 filed noise complaints in Fairhaven, MA alone that are being ignored by their officials? The debunkers should be asked if they have spoken to any of the residents who are forced to live near the wind turbines. What have those people been going through?
    Why have their lives been turned into a nightmare? To satisfy your need to charge up your cell phone and your portable computer?

  3. For people who do not understand the basic physics of sound and how it has been used and is being used to manipulate comfort levels, here is some information to fill the knowledge gap.

    Bill Palmer’s paper speaks to the averaging of noise level irregularities ( a tactic used by the MOECC’s and the wind companies assessments of sounds registered during onsite, long term acoustics testing). Using this tactic provides them with a way of delegitimizing the day to day real life disturbances that residents are forced to cope with. This is unfair and this tactic needs to be exposed fully. The person within the MOECC who is responsible for creating this ‘policy’ needs to be named. The responsibility of all government agents in this country is to protect all citizens.
    Thank you Bill Palmer for your enormous effort and for your sincerity and respect toward people who are enduring the torture.

    • Professional Engineers Ontario
      Directories of Practitioners

      License Holder/Engineering Intern Profile
      If information is inaccurate or missing, contact PEO’s Document Centre

      First Name: Victor
      Last Name: Low
      Licence Number: 90333881
      Licence Type: Professional Engineer (P.Eng.)
      Practising Status: Practising
      Licence Status: Current
      Date of licensure: Dec 14, 1993

      Chapter Profile
      Primary Chapter: West Toronto, West Central Region

      Employment Profile
      Employer Name: United Nations Environment Programme
      Business Address: 15 rue de Milan 75441 Paris CEDEX 09
      City: Paris
      Country: France
      Phone Number 144377629

      Academic Profile
      Academic Discipline(s): Chemical Engineering
      Degree: Bachelor of Applied Science
      Institute Name: University of Toronto
      Country: Canada
      Date of Graduation: Jan 06, 1990


      “How the Wind Industry Rigged Noise Rules to Get Away With Murder”

      StopTheseThings dot com

      • But evidence remains from 2009 when Mr. Victor Low, P.Eng., was a fiduciary for Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment, as it was known then.

        Following is a string of correspondence between Mr. Victor Low, Mr. Gary Tomlinson, Ms. Jane Glassco, Mr. Bill Bardswick and Mr. Ian Greason from some 8 years ago. Believe it or not, the underlying issues are not resolved yet. And if there had been, for example, a Health Protection and Promotion Act Investigation, many of the projects plaguing persons today would not have been constructed.

        Don’t be fooled. While these public servants paid for by taxpayers purportedly exist to protect the people of this great nation, early on they found themselves accused of gross negligence and fraud and all ’round shameful behaviours they try hard every day to ignore, cover-up, deny and pretend haven’t happened. They have been pre-meditating their Defense strategies all along, raping as much cash as they can for now and hoping they’ll succeed at laundering the offenses they committed. They are betting against human ingenuity, and treating you like you’re stupid.

        Try to comprehend that Ontario’s Ministry of the Environment was approving industrial wind energy projects in residential neighbourhoods, knowing they were unable to enforce non-compliant operations. They lied and said “the state of the science” didn’t permit them to be able to determine whether projects were compliant or not. So then, one wonders, how could they justify inflicting such risks on the environments including persons including children?

        Hence, “the sky is falling” narrative, pumped up by United Nations & company. They “couldn’t afford to wait to sort out the science.” “Full steam ahead or we’re all gunna die!” They are desperate to con vince the reckless risks they took were reasonable in such “dire” circumstances……

        Do fear-mongers bug you? Did you know, the Criminal Code of Canada defines that acts intended to alarm Her Majesty or break public peace are Crimes in Canada.

        “49 Every one who wilfully, in the presence of Her Majesty,
        (a) does an act with intent to alarm Her Majesty or to break the public peace, or
        (b) does an act that is intended or is likely to cause bodily harm to Her Majesty,
        is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding fourteen years.”

  4. Here are video recordings of the Oct 26th 2017 meeting at Huron County Health Unit.

    Dr Bokout (MD) and Dr Erica Clark (PhD) explain to the citizens of Huron County how they will continue to study the already documented health harm. Further they tell the citizens that the Huron County Health Unit lacks the authority to turn off wind turbines.

    The video is in four parts (remove spaces from links):
    cs. uwaterloo. ca/~mannr/ Oct26-part1.mp4
    cs. uwaterloo. ca/~mannr/ Oct26-part2.mp4
    cs. uwaterloo.ca/~mannr/ Oct26-part3.mp4
    cs. uwaterloo.ca/~mannr/ Oct26-part4.mp4

    Richard Mann
    Computer Science
    University of Waterloo

  5. UN IPPC / (SRREN) Report published, Jan. 2012

    By Chapter: Select any chapter you want to read including the Annexes.

    ‘Special Report on Renewable Energy Sources and Climate Change Mitigation (SREN)’

    Has a chapter on “wind” which includes birds & bats and “human health” studies.


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