David Colby’s Poached Egg

8 thoughts on “David Colby’s Poached Egg

  1. It is plain and obvious that the government has no respect for the people that elect them. Very sadly we keep electing these people who care NOTHING for us.
    These elected officials are real life monsters
    – what else can you call someone so willfully blind?
    – so willfully callous and morally corrupt?
    Who are the people that elect these real life monsters?
    Who are the people willing to be associated with these real life monsters?

    • Look at all of the IWT news items that are posted everyday on the right sidebar.

      There are those who still think nothing bad will happen to them. Or think everything can be mitigated.

  2. This whole situation has been an opportunity to observe the malfeasance of this government. What a shock it’s been!

    • Residents of both countries need to know where severe weather is located and in which direction severe weather fronts are moving.

    • The Watertown Daily Times, New York made it possible to bring up the IWT weather/storm related issues in Ontario and the rest of Canada.

      Thanks Watertown, N.Y. !

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