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  1. It is plain and obvious that the government has no respect for the people that elect them. Very sadly we keep electing these people who care NOTHING for us.
    These elected officials are real life monsters
    – what else can you call someone so willfully blind?
    – so willfully callous and morally corrupt?
    Who are the people that elect these real life monsters?
    Who are the people willing to be associated with these real life monsters?

    • Look at all of the IWT news items that are posted everyday on the right sidebar.

      There are those who still think nothing bad will happen to them. Or think everything can be mitigated.

    • And yet we’re told that ‘political will’ is the only way out of this outrageous human rights violation.

      • Nothing can be proven until something happens to prove otherwise.


        Health issues
        In Tornado Alley
        One of the lighting capitals of the world
        IWT icing & ice throws
        Weather radar interference
        Seismic activity
        Well water problems
        And more

        And residents concerns about IWTs have been ignored.

      • Ontario ” Spider Lightning”

        Also known as “anvil crawlers”

        Google has many Ontario photos of “spider lightning”

        The bright spots in the photos are named the “spider body” and the branches are named the “legs”

        More articles and images on the internet on this type of lightning.

      • Google Images

        Ontario “Anvil Crawler” Lightning

        Anvil Crawlers are horizontal, tree like, in-cloud lightning.

        More on the internet on Anvil Crawlers.

  2. This whole situation has been an opportunity to observe the malfeasance of this government. What a shock it’s been!

    • Shock indeed.
      Some consolation is the ZERO PROJECTED seats
      Years of Liberals have left a HUGE DEBT
      If the NDP get in our kids will inherit more than just Windmills

  3. According to an article posted on the right sidebar today, a Calif. wind project has an underground cable problem that has knocked the project off line for the past two weeks.

  4. “Ex-VW CEO Winterkorn Charged by U.S. in Diesel-Cheating Case”
    Bloomberg | May 3, 2018 | Tom Schoenberg
    With assistance from Ryan Beene and Christoph Rauwald

    Volkswagen AG’s former Chief Executive Officer Martin Winterkorn was charged in a Michigan federal court with conspiracy and wire fraud in relation to a probe into the German automaker’s efforts to cheat U.S. diesel emissions testing, according to an indictment unsealed Thursday.

    Winterkorn, who stepped down from his role as CEO days after the scandal was revealed, is accused of conspiring to defraud the U.S. and violate the Clean Air Act. The carmaker didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment. He is the highest-ranking person to be charged in the matter.

    VW admitted in September 2015 that it outfitted about 11 million diesel cars worldwide with a defeat device, embedded software that allowed the vehicles to recognize when they were being tested in laboratory conditions, and to reduce emissions to meet acceptable levels. According to the indictment, Winterkorn was briefed on both the emissions issue and how U.S. regulators were threatening to delay certifying 2016 cars for sale, at a July meeting in Wolfsburg, Germany, where the company is based.

    The carmaker pleaded guilty in January 2017 to using false statements to import cars into the U.S. and to obstructing investigations, and paid $4.3 billion in penalties. Two other employees have pleaded guilty over their role in the affair, and five other executives have been indicted by the U.S. and remain in Germany, avoiding arrest. They include executives who led engine development as well as the failed efforts to design a diesel engine that would meet the tougher emissions standards the U.S. adopted for 2007, as well as another liaison to U.S. regulators.

  5. UPDATE: Private Prosecution of Ontario Minister of the Environment and Climate Change
    Judge allows Crown another 60 days to review evidence of the last decade……

    Do you know what 60 days of sleep deprivation will do to “the average person” including children?

    • This is a stalling tactic used to get the government through to the election without having this story hit the headlines…so obvious how these stalling tactics are being used.
      This government does not care if people are harmed for another 60 days. There’s plenty more than loss of sleep.
      People need to go to the Waubra Foundation website to get the full list of symptoms.

    • On the topic of Stall Tactics:

      Don’t be fooled.

      The Huron County Health Unit Alleged “Investigation” of Wind Turbine Complaints is NOT a real “Investigation”.

      • The “Investigation” is mandated by the law, the Ontario Health Protection and Promotion Act (“HPPA”), Section 11:

        “Where a complaint is made to a board of health or a medical officer of health that a health hazard related to occupational or environmental health exists in the health unit served by the board of health or the medical officer of health, the medical officer of health shall notify the ministry of the Government of Ontario that has primary responsibility in the matter and, in consultation with the ministry, the medical officer of health shall investigate the complaint to determine whether the health hazard exists or does not exist. ”

        The HPPA also states at Section 61 that the local Board of Health “shall superintend and ensure the carrying out” of the Investigation part of the Act.

        This writer is not aware of anything in the Green Energy and Green Economy Act nor any other legislation in Canada that exempts these fiduciaries from their Investigation responsibilities defined in the HPPA.

        Over the course of the last decade, citizens in Huron County, Ontario and elsewhere have insisted on the carrying out of the HPPA Duty to Investigate their Complaints about harm caused by newly-developed industrial wind turbine projects.

        In Huron County, Ontario, Dr. Erica Clark (Ph.D.) conspired with the local Medical Officer of Health, the local Health Unit and the local Board of Health, to design a process purporting to be a HPPA “Investigation”.

        They consumed local Health Unit resources intending to study Complainants who reported being harmed. The process was designed to take many months, stretching into years, even though it is known that the effects of exposure to these industrial emissions are cumulative; that is, the longer they go on, the worse it becomes.

      • If any IWTs have to be shut down, money will be lost?

        In the meantime, we watch the “march” of the IWTs across North America.

      • If IWTs have to be shut down because it’s acknowledged they’re harming people including children, maybe it’s better to think of any revenues not realized as “money they had no right to earn”?

        However, if restitution must be paid to victims because profit-seeking, industrial operations caused unmitigated damage, this could be regarded as “money lost”?

        A multi-billion-dollar, international tragedy propagated because a local health unit failed to properly investigate?

      • There won’t be any real IWT heath studies done anywhere as long as the IWT food-chain has a hand in this?

      • Real IWT health studies have been done but too often the results are covered up and misrepresented.

        For example, notice the mangling of Health Canada’s “Wind Turbine Noise and Health Study” in this “news” article:

        “Interim report expected for Huron wind turbine study”
        By Fadi Didi | Bayshore Broadcasting | June 15, 2018 | www .bayshorebroadcasting.ca

        “About a hundred people have, so far, taken part in an ongoing study about the health effects of wind turbines in Huron County.

        The study will examine reported negative health effects associated with turbines, including noise, vibration and light.

        Epidemiologist Dr. Erica Clark says anyone living in Huron County within 10 kilometres of a wind turbine is eligible for the study.

        Clark says an interim report is in the works, detailing some of the results gathered at this juncture in the study.
        Those include the process for recruitment, how many people are taking part, and preliminary results from the registration survey.

        Clark is encouraging those with summer homes near wind turbine sites to take part in the ongoing study.

        In late 2014, Health Canada released the results of a study, which found no link between wind turbines and adverse health in those living nearby.

        The study did, however, link turbine noise with increased levels of annoyance of nearby residents.”

      • The Ontario Public Health Standards define legal responsibilities of the local health units. For example, here an excerpt from the OPHS:

        “Health Promotion and Policy Development

        3. The board of health shall increases awareness of health risk factors associated with the following health hazards: indoor air quality; outdoor air quality; extreme weather; climate change; exposure to radiation; and other measures, as emerging health issues arise.
        These efforts shall include:
        a. Adapting and/or supplementing national and provincial health communications strategies; and/or
        b. Developing and implementing regional/local communications strategies. […]

        “Health” is “the complete state of physical, mental and social well-being …” so a reasonable person would wonder what those people think “annoyance” means …

      • The Health Protection and Promotion Act defines HEALTH HAZARD:

        “(a) a condition of a premises,
        (b) a substance, thing, plant or animal other than man, or
        (c) a solid, liquid, gas or combination of any of them,
        that is likely to have an adverse effect on the health of any person.”

        Being located within the impact zone of radiation-emitting industrial wind turbines may be a condition of a premises.

      • The Ontario Public Health Standards can be used to evaluate whether or not local health units and boards of health have fulfilled their legal responsibilities.

        You be the judge…

        In the “Health Hazard Prevention and Management” section of the OPHS, the stated Goal is:

        “To prevent or reduce the burden of illness from health hazards in the physical environment.”

        “Societal Outcomes” to be achieved are listed:
        ” – There is a reduced incidence of adverse health outcomes from exposure to chemical, radiological, biological, and other physical factors in the environment
        – There is reduced public exposure to health hazards.
        – There is increased capacity on the part of the public and community partners to address the risk factors that reduce health hazard exposure and diseases. ”

        “Board of Health Outcomes” are identified:
        ” – The board of health achieves timely and effective detection and identification of exposures of human health concern and associated public health risks, trends and illnesses.
        – The public and community partners are aware of health hazard incidents and risks in a timely manner.”

      • If studies such as Dr. Richard is proposing are done, then the IWT saga/era will likely be over. Not only here but in other places as well.

    • Sleep disturbance and sleep deprivation are dead easy to understand.

      And Sommer is right: the harm caused by acute and chronic exposure to industrial wind turbine operations include many other very serious, debilitating health impacts.

      For example, at Clear Creek in Norfolk County, Ontario, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment’s Officer Tim Webb, Badge #125 was on-site at victims’ homes in 2010, responding to complaints of harm being caused by the recently-constructed wind turbines.

      While in the wind turbine zone, Officer Webb had admitted to sensing some of the adverse effects. Following-up, the complainant asked Officer Webb to describe his experience.

      Here is that series of correspondence dating back to October 2010. Readers are encouraged to consider that Officer Webb’s exposure was very brief, accumulating, maybe, to a few hours — he was not attempting to live [die] there as most victims were.

      Sent: Thursday, October 14, 2010, 2:36pm
      To: Webb, Tim (ENE); McConnochie, Martin (ENE)
      Subject: Vibration

      Hi Tim,
      Could you please describe, in your words the vibrations that you sensed at our house last week at Clear Creek. I was trying to describe those vibrations to friends last weekend in my words. The noise/vibration were not present last weekend.

      Subject: RE: Vibration
      Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2010 16:10
      From: Tim.Webb@ Ontario .ca
      CC: Martin.McConnochie@ Ontario .ca

      I would describe it as a sensation that was neither a discernable sound nor a detectable vibration, but somewhere between the two. Definitely more felt than heard. If I concentrated very hard, I could sense something below the hearing threshold, but above what can be felt as a vibration. I have to say, though, that it takes an unusual amount of concentration to even notice it.
      Tim Webb
      Provincial Officer #125
      Hamilton District Office
      Ontario Ministry of the Environment
      Tel: (905) 521-7727
      Fax: (905) 521-7806
      Spills/After-Hours: 1-800-268-6060

    • “Interim Report for Huron County Wind Turbine Study about Noise, Vibration and Light, July 2018” released today.

      The “Interim Report” omits to mention the basis of this Huron County Health Unit allocation of resources is the Health Protection and Promotion Act Duty to Investigate.

      The “Interim Report” erroneously states: “In Ontario, wind turbines must be at least 550 metres from a private dwelling.”

      There are many documented examples of wind turbines that were constructed and are operating closer than 550 metres from the homes of non-consenting persons.

      The “Interim Report” states: “Approximately 30,000 Huron County residents are eligible to participate in the study. […] To date, 105 eligible Huron County residents have signed consent forms to participate in the Huron County Wind Turbine Study about Noise, Vibration and Light. Of those, 40 have completed the Registration Survey and 35 have been providing information through the Observation Diary. Of the 40 people who have completed a Registration Survey so far, half are male and most are not leaseholders for a wind turbine company.”

      Leaseholders are biased in that they may have contracted to limit their rights to complain, and may be liable for any damages that are caused from something that occurs on their property.

      The “Interim Report” repeats the unproven, misleading and possibly negligent contention: “Further, the Medical Officer of Health does not have the authority to write an order under section 13 of the Health Protection and Promotion Act to curtail or shut down wind turbines.”

      To make such an allegation may reveal the Investigators are biased in favour of allowing wind turbines to continue harming persons including children.

      The “Interim Report” finds: “Approximately 60% of respondents reported they have been bothered, disturbed or annoyed by noise, vibration, light and/or sensations from the wind turbines. Noise was most commonly reported.”

      This finding supports the conclusion of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment’s commissioned expert, licensed professional engineer, Mr. Brian Howe, HGC Engineering, who reported in 2010:

      “The audible sound from wind turbines, at the levels experienced at typical receptor distances in Ontario, is nonetheless expected to result in a nontrivial percentage of persons being highly annoyed. As with sounds from many sources, research has shown that annoyance associated with sound from wind turbines can be expected to contribute to stress related health impacts in some persons.”

      • The Huron County Board of Health, taxpayers, persons affected by the IWTs and anyone concerned about justice in Canada should be demanding to know what is the purpose of this exercise designed and being carried out (at significant expense) by Erica Clark on behalf of the Health Unit?

        The Ontario Health Protection and Promotion Act which mandates the Investigation “to determine whether a health hazard exists or does not exist” defines “Health Hazard” to include a condition of a premises (ie – proximity to IWTs) “that is likely to have an adverse effect on the health of any person.”

        It is already understood that exposure to industrial wind turbines can have an adverse effect on the health of persons. The Interim Report acknowledges this.

        Based on what is already known, the Health Unit should declare the IWTs are a “Health Hazard”.

        They should be increasing awareness of health risk factors; adapting and supplementing national and provincial health communications strategies; and developing and implementing regional/local communications strategies, such that there is a reduced incidence of adverse health outcomes from exposure, there is reduced public exposure to the health hazards, there is increased capacity on the part of the public and community partners to address the risk factors that reduce health hazard exposure and diseases, and that the public and community partners are aware of health hazard incidents and risks in a timely manner.

        But this Health Unit is not doing that. Instead they are perpetuating the misconception that “One of the contested issues regarding wind turbines is WHETHER they cause adverse effects on human health at the setback currently mandated by the Government of Ontario.” (page 3 of the Interim Report, emphasis added)

        This misleading approach deprives affected people of vital information that they need to be able to protect themselves and their families and communities.

        Going forward in this exercise, taking the position that we need to study these people so that we can better understand exactly how wind turbines negatively effect people, while omitting to state it has already been determined that wind turbines ARE a Health Hazard, can be interpreted as human experimentation on non-consenting persons.

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