Wind Turbines: Malfeasance and Breach of Contract

Nov 29th; 10:24am

Dear Honourable members of the 42nd Parliament of Ontario;

I am writing to urge you to cancel all wind turbine contracts in Ontario immediately and I hereby provide you with reasons for doing so.

First; introducing myself. I am a Professional Engineer having been schooled in Ontario and worked and payed taxes in Ontario all of my life. I have a B.A.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo in 1976, and a Master of Engineering degree in Chemical and Nuclear Engineering from the University of Toronto in 1992. I have worked for Ontario Hydro, now OPG, for 31 years in positions of engineering and management, and have spent the past ten years teaching nuclear and other engineering courses at Georgian College, UOIT, including eight years of teaching engineering at the University of Toronto. For example my teaching duties at the U of T include teaching in classroom as well as oversight of senior year student capstone engineering design projects. From my perspective of over 40 years of work in industry and academia, I find that the most important aspect for success of students, corporations, and members of government, and collectively the government is making science based decisions, creating trust, and being ethical. Engineers need to write an exam on ethics. What other groups of people are required to write an exam on ethics? It is from this point of view that I feel well justified to write this email to be submitted to you the Honourable Members and to the public for consideration.

The Green Energy and Economy Act of 2009 was at that time touted to be the panacea and growth opportunity for Ontario in terms of jobs and quality of life and a future for the children of all citizens. In fact, and as you all, and we all know, after ten years of ‘implementation’ the GEA has been a dismal failure and created the opposite of what was intended; eg. high hydro rates, loss of jobs, businesses closing and businesses moving south, astronomical provincial debt, bleak future for students graduating year after year, life has become much harsher for the average person, and for some in rural areas where turbines are being built and operating, life is impossible due to high energy low frequency noise/acceleration of structures including skeletal and inner ear structures, not just adults, but infants, dogs, cats, cattle, and the other issue is the adverse impact on water quality caused by recent turbine construction involving pile driving and disturbing the ground from which residents need to draw water for themselves and for farming, the water in some of the wells have become brackish and undrinkable and requires expensive filtration systems to be installed, paid for the affected residents. Please see jpeg file of a sample of water. The residents have brought this to the attention of their MOH, and the MOH’s involved are discounting this as a non-issue.

Another issue: This link describes cardiac instability. Of course cardiac instability is high concern for cardia arrest, ie. death. This should come as no surprise that infrasound is dangerous as the military has done experiments on how infrasound may be use as a weapon. The attached JPG file lists some of the links that provide evidence of harm from infrasound.

How did we get into this mess? I have been following the implementation of the GEA since its becoming law in 2009 and have written many submission to ERT’s. Some of you MPP’s also know about this since the beginning. Some of you are just now coming up to speed as the 42nd government. As to how this mess got created, Hansard is the official record of Parliament, and key snippets are presented here in this link.

From the Hansard recording, we observe this was un-parliamentary and involved an incestuous and salacious relationship between the proponent and the government, so much so, that the government actually became one with the proponent by eg. waiving the “Precautionary Principle” that is generically in all legislation where there is introduction of new processes into the public domain. The precautionary principal requires the proponent to bear the burden of proof of ‘no damage’. Waiving of the precautionary principle de-facto requires anyone who is damaged to bear the burden of proof of the damage. This has caused each and every Environmental Review Tribunal to be a failure, a farce, and a ‘kangaroo court’ in favour of the wind turbine developers to be allowed to supersede the rights of citizens, so much so, that Municipal Planning was legislated to not be allowed to be involved in turbine location planning. Another example of adverse impact is turbines placed at the ends of airport runways and pilots being told to fly around as they take off and land.

From the Hansard, we observe the self-dealing by liberal party members accessing the blank cheques of the liberal government, while the government turns more than just a blind eye but actively intervenes to disallow the voice of concerned citizens.

Two additional points; in the attached pdf files, one documents what we knew about adverse health effects of wind turbines in 2009. Please read that and compare to the pdf file HGC report copied from the MOEE website originally published in December 2010 by the principal engineering firm HGC commissioned by the government. HGC is a member of CanWea. For your convenience I have commented on just the Executive Summary showing that this report is not a very good work of engineering, but a report slanted to the needs of the client and the industry represent by the author. Such a report, if produced by a student, would be given a Fail if that occurred in my classroom.



And speaking of classrooms. A student design team did a health study in 2014 that was ignored by the government and the wind industry…actually this piece of student work was well received by Faculty, and then it was squashed and never made it past the walls of the university. Please see attached pdf discussing the results of that study. The message given to students by government and industry is disrespectful and inappropriate. The message that was sent by government and industry was that this project result was not politically correct and therefore invalid and not to be used. As a professional engineer I am outraged. As an educator, I am outraged that government is squashing the freedom of thought, idea exchange and speech because it does not fit the government agenda. Ah yes, examples of this has also been in the news at other universities across Canada.


Wind turbines are insignificant to the overall power needs of Ontario only exist because of a subsidy. I do not subscribe to the theory of global warming requiring reduction of carbon dioxide requiring taxes to supposedly control the thermostat of the earth. That is another topic I am prepared to speak to again in the future. The people who believe wind turbines are a necessary solution to reduce CO2 are wrong based on real data, eg. gas turbines back up wind turbines in Ontario, and coal plants back up the wind turbines in Germany, and not including the CO2 produced by manufacturing the steel and concrete for the wind turbines, wind turbines will never be zero carbon nor environmentally friendly due to the very hazardous chemical processes for mining, refining and manufacturing the rare earth for electronics and magnets for the generators. The wind industry has not created any sustaining jobs, in fact the opposite, closing at least one wind turbine manufacturing facility; but in the bigger picture, the high cost of hydro due to subsidy to wind developers is certainly a factor in closing the General Motors plant in Oshawa as announced this week.

In summary, the wind turbines and their contracts are a house of cards propped up by non-science, miss-information, political correctness, malfeasance and a subsidy via the FIT program to achieve a certain ideological and bigoted feel good feeling about the environment.

After almost ten years now we observe failure and a certain breach of contract to deliver electrical power economically competitively by wind turbines, especially breach of social contract by the previous government in collusion with the wind industry.

In light of the recent announcement by General Motors, high costs has certainly been a factor in the irreversible decision to leave Ontario, Ontario needs to swiftly curtail any further losses.

Of course cancellation will stir up emotions and ire of many. The response to all in this light, this is my recommended response. that they need to:

  • review Hansard ie. history
  • review the interaction between government and industry
  • review the gap between actual vs expected performance of the GEA
  • review the health impacts, ie. actually listen to citizens

Actions that I recommend for the Minister of the Solicitor General is to communicate with the Professional Engineers of Ontario organization to initiate an engineering investigation into, for example the errors and omissions of the HGC report that I observe is the underlying instrument for the forced installation of wind turbines and the systematic program to ignore citizen complaints.

Another action I recommend is on the Cabinet Ministers for Health and also MOEE, and perhaps in conjunction with the Ontario Medical Association to review culpability of some of the Medical Officers of Health particularly those MOH’s who received complaints for not responding appropriately, ie. what was their response, and was their response appropriate.

And finally, to answer some of the media reporters ‘whinning’; they may be sent away by simply asking them how much money have they accessed from the Trudeau announced $600 million subsidy for ‘trusted journalists’ that would pay them to ask their questions and then write their articles. One of the worst things that the federal liberal government has done is to undermine the independence and credibility of those media who participate in the subsidy and I think we have a good idea of who those are or might be. If those media drown, it is because it is self inflicted. To bad, it becomes so necessary to deal with corruption, and this email about the GEA points to corruption that must be undone, and be undone quickly.

I provide my views for th public good and for the public record. Be advised that for privacy reasons I have also sent blind copies to various folks whom I know are like minded and would support this government in cancelling the contracts for the wind turbines.

Fair notice to all who stand in the way of shutting down the turbines, you are aiding and abetting the continuation of harm.

Eric Jelinski M. Eng. P. Eng.
11450 Simcoe County Road 10
RR1 Stayner Ontario
416-697-9965 cell

“The Future is Nuclear”

“Knowing is easy; it is the doing that is difficult. The critical issue is not what we know but what we do with what we know. The great end of life is not knowledge, but action.” Admiral Hyman Rickover

71 thoughts on “Wind Turbines: Malfeasance and Breach of Contract

  1. Thank you Professor Jelinski for your assessment of this travesty of justice.
    Your summary says it all.
    “… the wind turbines and their contracts are a house of cards propped up by non-science, miss-information, political correctness, malfeasance and a subsidy via the FIT program to achieve a certain ideological and bigoted feel good feeling about the environment.”
    Please let us know how this government responds to your letter.

  2. Thank you sir. Solid assessment of one of the worst cases of political malfeasance I’ve seen in my life time. In my view at least two of those politician above should be considered criminally culpable. Some clever Liberals saw this as the ultimate kick back creator for party coffers. And it worked well for too many years.
    From an environmental perspective its also hard to find a more destructive piece of legislation. The legacy is a less efficient and more costly electrical system with a footprint well beyond where Ontario was heading with its ’09 Long Term Energy Plan. That plan was actually designed by engineers. Instead we allowed grifter politicians and Environmental NGO’s, that couldn’t explain Ohm’s Law, to design energy our future.
    After being a renewable energy advocate and user for many years I’ve grown to have much respect for those great minds that gave us our CANDU nuclear fleet and recognize that yes Prof Jelinski, the future here is, or at least should be nuclear.

  3. ..Prof Jelinski… the 18 gates of the “INTL Control Dam” above Niagara Falls are Mainly “Open” letting the cheapest, cleanest, renewable source of energy go over the FALLS as > Wind & Solar have >>”1st Provider Status” >> choke > due to the rotten deals.the Libs signed >> Yess >> under the table deals &> $$$
    had a lot to do with it>> Politics & Science don’t Mix well >> Heads shud Roll >>

  4. Barbara, you might find it very interesting to watch David Hawkins ‘reverse engineer’ the global warming/ climate change deception with Jason Goodman on ‘Crowdsource the Truth’.

    You might also find episode 1014 on ‘Caravan to Midnight’ very interesting, where an undercover RCMP agent living in Hong Kong, exposes a long list of players, starting with Maurice Strong and explaining how he orchestrated the U.N’s involvement with the financial aspects of the global warming/climate change deception. He names names.
    Both are recent and the ‘reverse engineering’ work of David Hawkins and Jason Goodman is ongoing.
    This is all in the public domain and available for everyone to see.

  5. Will people read this extremely well written article?

    So many people who live in rural Ontario have had to deal/are dealing with the distress caused by industrial scale wind turbines surrounding their homes, because the ‘collaborators’ who carried out the financial schemes rationalized by the global warming/ climate change alarmism deception, participated/are participating willingly. Some were/are mere ‘order followers’. All of these people consciously chose/are choosing to be complicit.
    “Fair notice to all who stand in the way of shutting down the turbines, you are aiding and abetting the continuation of harm.” (Professor Eric Jelinski)

  6. Thank you Eric! For our family we appreciate all your hard work to deliver this message of full disclosure . It has been a very long hard journey for us coping with negligence,ignorance and many other words that apply to people in government that are aiding and abetting in this crime syndicate mafia of just making $ for there own benefits.
    I have learned from all this that these representatives do “NOT” work or help re presenting us the living flesh blood flowing [wo]man but use us as corporate dead fiction citizens with no inherent rights. If you have not received the memo on this,it is highly important for you and your family and especially your children’s future to under stand this and then over stand your public servants to do what is good . This is why governments and politicians get away with these issues that do not get movement to actually force change what is ailing and harming us to be better healthy communities. With these turbines in our community it has turn our lives upside down with trouble and harm in many ways and this has been a learning curve/process for me personally and has led to many more troubles to say the least. This cyst em is very corrupt and it continues to be that way because we have not learned there tricks and traps and without full disclosure from the day we were born/birth/berth into this earth.They have corrupted and misused us without out our full consent and kept things secret for there benefit. And that is and continues to be unlawful to the highest degree. Proof is all there if your willing to do your own due diligence but sadly most cannot handle the truth. Again thanks Eric.

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