Huron County MOH suffers from cognitive dissonance when it comes to wind turbines

Below is a letter sent to a citizen in Huron County, from Dr. Maarten Bokhout, acting Medical Officer of Health from the Huron County Health Unit.

Everyone knows wind turbines are pummelling rural population’s health, but the only recourse offered anymore is through the courts… not an option for most unless you have a safe place elsewhere to live, bottomless pockets of cash, and decades left in life to fight.

From: Maarten Bokhout
To: Carla Stachura ; Erica Clark
Sent: Monday, September 16, 2019, 11:14:02 PM EDT
Subject: possible adverse health effects from wind turbines

Dear Ms. Stachura,
I am responding to your email addressed to Dr. Erica Clark, dated August 29, 2019. I have reviewed your correspondence of August 14 and Rick Chappell’s May 15, 2018 response to the article “Altered Cortical and Subcortical…(etc)”.

I offer the following:
Your concern is that the wind turbines in your vicinity are noncompliant with MOE noise regulations. The noise is tonal. This is significant, as the foregoing article suggests that “infrasound near the hearing threshold may induce changes of neural activity across several brain regions,some of which…are regarded as key players in emotional and autonomic control “.

I am sympathetic to your ongoing concerns suggesting that there is a link between wind turbine noise and your (and your partner’s) health and wellbeing. In part, it was your persistence in notifying us at the health unit of your concerns that led me to seek approval for a study to try to determine whether or not there were particular health issues which could be linked to wind turbine activity. The study was approved but we were unable to attract enough participants to do a quantitative analysis of the data gathered. We will complete a descriptive analysis in the next month or so, but this will, unfortunately, not give us enough information to be able to state whether or not not the presence of wind turbines have an adverse effect on the PUBLIC health.

There is enough anecdotal evidence to suggest that some INDIVIDUALS have trouble coping with the effects of active wind turbines (flicker, infrasound, possible stray electric currents). I note that the Madison county Board of Public Health recommends changes to the setbacks of FUTURE wind turbine projects.

Your best bet may be to seek redress in the courts. It is unfortunate that our study was not supported by enough residents of Huron County, some of which allegedly encouraged non participation in the study…

Maarten Bokhout, MD, etc. a/MOH

59 thoughts on “Huron County MOH suffers from cognitive dissonance when it comes to wind turbines

  1. The problem is not sound we can hear. The problem is INFRASOUND. which we cannot hear, but it insidiously upsets some of our organs. Read the documents on this and do testing around the sites. Ultrasound can cause permanent damage to peoples organs.

  2. Take a look at what Daniel Stapleton, Director of Public Health in New York State has said recently.

  3. This is a statement made by Dr. Alan C. Watts:
    “I have been medically involved with people suffering from the effects of wind turbines for a number of years. These people occupy a broad spectrum of society suffering a significant reduction in their quality of life and who are trapped in a situation beyond their control with little prospect of improvement. These people cannot be dismissed as simply suffering from “annoyance” and “anxiety”, and why should rural populations be annoyed or rendered anxious anyway? Where is their right to the rest, repose and quiet enjoyment of their property as prescribed in Australian law?”
    This is a human rights ethical crisis.

    • Companies/businesses employees are expected to follow company policies. And others just won’t or don’t want to look.

  4. Take a look at this website, Barbara.

    Notice this statement about Energy-
     “Energy, as a great deal of corruption is tied to oil and gas extraction and commodity trading as well as the push for renawables driven by illegitimate concerns”

    This statement on their website is fair warning.

    “Now is the time that forward looking leaders can begin to prepare, so you can honestly state that this is on your radar, and you are taking pro active steps to manage the situation.
    Whether you are an existing business owner or starting your career in an organization: you need to prepare now and you need to do it fast.
    There is ample evidence of this being very real and serious situation and to ignore it is irresponsible.”

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