Suzuki full of false arguments

Keith Stelling, Owen Sound Sun Times David Suzuki’s recent column asks the question: are “turbine effects merely the power of suggestion?” His own dogma that “wind power installations are a necessary part of the shift from polluting fossil fuels to … Continue reading

Suzuki key note speaker for Manitoulin wind project grand opening…

Manitoulin Expositor EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is a letter to David Suzuki, who will be attending the connection of the Mother Earth Renewable Energy wind turbines in M’Chigeeng on June 15. Dear Mr. Suzuki: I understand that you will be … Continue reading

David Suzuki bats out

Welland Tribune I am absolutely amazed Canada’s self-proclaimed environmentalist-in-chief continues to publish articles that completely ignore the continuous and gratuitous environmental destruction legislated by those he publicly and vocally supports. Whilst few could disagree with most of the sentiments expressed … Continue reading

Suzuki: Going to bat for our furry flying friends (??)

SCIENCE: Fascinating creatures feast on insects By DAVID SUZUKI For The Daily Press Excerpt: “We also need to have proper environmental assessments before wind turbines are installed, to reduce harm to bats and minimize other environmental impacts. Scientists suspect that … Continue reading

Blizzard takes on David Suzuki

Christina Blizzard, Toronto Sun Tell us, David Suzuki.  Are you an environmental guru?  Or simply a political hack —kissing the right butts at the right time?  Because if it’s the latter, it brings into question the integrity of your charitable … Continue reading

Blizzard: Go caulk yourself, Dr. Suzuki

Christina Blizzard, Toronto Sun  Watch Video Tell us, David Suzuki.  Are you an environmental guru?  Or simply a political hack — kissing the right butts at the right time?  Because if it’s the latter, it brings into question the integrity … Continue reading

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David Suzuki’s being uncharitable

Send EMAIL: Urge charitable status be withdrawn from Suzuki Foundation (Reprint from July, 2011) Toronto Sun Editorial:    The rules at the Canada Revenue Agency seem clear.  A registered charity “cannot be involved in partisan political activities.”  Unless, apparently, you’re David Suzuki and the … Continue reading

Suzuki’s arguments on wind power are hot air In his article on wind power titled “When it comes to health, wind power blows away the alternatives” David Suzuki outlines the benefits of wind power as a clean renewable energy source.  I’m not so sure about that. Denmark … Continue reading

David Suzuki’s Brave Old World

If activists like Mr. Suzuki have an identifying trait, it’s the belief that something is true because they say it is. So, by constantly stating that there is a “green economy” out there waiting to be seized on, it becomes fact. … Continue reading

Here they are: Wind Turbine Bird/Bat Mortality Reports in Ontario to date

We did it! It’s hard to believe that most of these documents were kept from public view until now.  I think there are reports for 57 different wind project listed here in Canada. 170+ documents arrived two days ago. I’ve … Continue reading

Wynne’s green power blues

Lorrie Goldstein, Sun News Considering the albatross it has become around their necks, Premier Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals must be wondering exactly when their green energy program turned into a political disaster. No doubt they long for the good … Continue reading

Ontario endangered species changes spark controversy

Sun News TORONTO – Changes to Ontario’s Endangered Species Act have pitted environmental groups who accuse the government of gutting the legislation against municipal leaders and farmers who support the new streamlined rules. Natural Resources Minister David Orazietti said he’s … Continue reading

Disclosure Please

By Joan Morris Last week the Sun-Times published a letter to the editor by a ‘Doctor’ (of theology) Robert Oliphant, President and CEO of the Asthma Society of Canada, promoting wind energy and proclaiming “we cannot afford energy inactivity”.  A … Continue reading

Ontario Stargazing: open-letter to Government and Advocates

Ontario Stargazing Hello public information volunteer of the David Suzuki Foundation, Thank you for your reply regarding the massive wind turbine development along the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario. I must say I am a little disappointed with the David Suzuki … Continue reading

Trepidation over Island wind turbines

By Ruth Farquhar, The Sudbury Star Excerpt: However, one First Nations woman asked Suzuki if the turbines would make them sick. He replied with a simple, “no.” She went on the say that she had been reading it many times, … Continue reading

Manitoulin Wind Turbine Protest

About 35 attendees and many others coming and going. Over 140 honks of support and cheering from vehicles passing by. Representatives were from across Manitoulin including M’Chigeeng and Wikwemikong and as far away as Marmora, Montreal River Harbour and Peterborough. … Continue reading

MCSEA and Wikwemikong protest: June 15

Protest:  June 15 Place: at a house across from Paul’s corner store in M’Chigeeng beside the Lafarge cement plant on Hwy 540. Time: 10am Bring your signs and placards if available should you wish to join us. CSEA and Wikwemikong … Continue reading

How shit happens

The Plan – contributed by Paula Peel In the beginning was the Plan. And then came the Assumptions. And the Assumptions were without form. And the Plan was without substance. And darkness was upon the face of George Smitherman. And … Continue reading

Bill 55 amendments to Schedule 19 a license to kill The following schedule (19) being introduced by the Ontario Liberal Party as Bill 55: Strong Action for Ontario Act (Budget Measures), removes any legal impediments and prohibitions that Industrial Wind Turbine developers would have encountered (and should have in … Continue reading

Where did the money go?

by Bob Runciman, Toronto Sun TORONTO – There’s no question that the ORNGE scandal merits the concentrated focus of Ontario’s opposition parties and the creation of a select committee to thoroughly investigate what happened and why, and, if possible, recover … Continue reading

It’s not your place, Mr. Stevens

by Barbara Ashbee, Orangeville Banner I am following the letters from Kristopher Stevens, executive director of Ontario Sustainable Energy Association, a wind lobby group, to the mayors of Amaranth and Melancthon.  I recall there were a number of requests to … Continue reading

Blizzard: Tough tests not hugs for handouts

by Christina Blizzard, Toronto Sun TORONTO – Asking tough questions about grants to environmental groups is a bit like questioning motherhood and the sweet taste of apple pie.  Who doesn’t want a big hug from mother nature? Well, me actually … Continue reading

Liberals deserved to lose majority – Ruth Farquhar

by Ruth Farquhar, Sudbury Star Excerpt:  The Liberals’ Green Energy Act is a case in point. I wonder just how many rural areas in Ontario that went either NDP or PC have municipalities that are fighting the Liberals and their … Continue reading

Rebuttal of Liberals Energy Claims

By W. Dean Trentowsky, Owen Sound Sun Times The media reported on August 8th in Tillsonburg that Premier Mc Guinty stated that Ontario has some of the most aggressive standards when it comes to the placement of wind turbines. The … Continue reading

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Stop the insanity of Green Energy Act

Stratford Beacon Herald  The media reported on Aug. 8 in Tillsonburg that Premier Dalton McGuinty stated that Ontario has some of the most aggressive standards when it comes to the placement of wind turbines. The premier is quoted saying, “Our … Continue reading

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Premier likes to lecture

Expect Carbon Tax with if McGuinty Re-elected By Chris Vander Doelen, The Windsor Star The provincial election doesn’t officially kick off for another month yet, but it’s already running full tilt in Windsor and Essex County.  On Monday, while the … Continue reading

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McGuinty’s view of overburdened Ontario doesn’t travel well

By Craig McInnes, Vancouver Sun Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty’s re-election campaign took a brief swing through Vancouver this week under the cover of a premiers’ meeting. It started with a stroll through Stanley Park with David Suzuki, who warmly endorsed … Continue reading

Do you agree?

(Reprint from 2009) The dire need to stop global warming with an aggressive renewable energy plan for Ontario outstrips potential damage to sensitive environmental areas, says Marion Fraser, a founding member of the Green Energy Act Alliance.   The Sarnia Observer

Wilkinson says he will meet with some of the affected families in Amaranth

Mayor MacIver Letter to Minister Wilkinson from Mayor MacIver By WES KELLER Freelance Reporter (Orangeville Citizen) According to the Hansard record of May 5, Ms. Jones said in part: “you seem to believe that every problem resulting in the siting … Continue reading

Big dose of skepticism needed

Moore says the subsidies to highcost wind and even higher-cost solar power that Ontario and various European countries have adopted are unnecessarily driving up energy prices. And poverty, he notes, is the worst environmental problem of all. By Jon Ferry, … Continue reading