Anti-turbine groups offering information on energy costs and other impacts

2013 MLWAG mapSarina Observer
A public town hall meeting that three area anti-wind turbine groups are holding July 31 in Sarnia will feature presentations on how wind energy impacts energy costs, as well as the people and wildlife living near them.

The 7 p.m. town hall meeting at Sarnia’s Imperial Theatre on Christina Street is being hosted by We’re Against Industrial Turbines — Plympton-Wyoming, Conservation of Rural Enniskillen and the Middlesex-Lambton Wind Action Group.

The agenda includes a video presentation by economist Ross McKitrick, as well as presentations by retired banker Parker Gallant, Orangeville area resident Barb Ashbee-Lormand and Esther Wrightman, a Middlesex County anti-wind activist being sued by Florida-based Nextera Energy. Read article

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Groups hosting information session in Sarnia

knowledge action powerDate: July 31
Time: 7:00pm
Place: Imperial Theatre, 168 Christina N, Sarnia MAP

Sarnia Observer
Activists fighting industrial wind turbine projects in rural Lambton County are taking their message to Sarnia residents at a public meeting July 31. Ingrid Willemsen, a member of We’re Against Industrial Turbines – Plympton-Wyoming (WAIT-PW), said it’s organizing the town hall meeting at Sarnia’s Imperial Theatre, 7 p.m., along with Conservation of Rural Enniskillen (CORE) and the Middlesex-Lambton Wind Action Group (MLWAG). Continue reading

Mothers Against Wind Turbines: Super Yard Sale in Smithville

June 28 (4-8PM) & June 29 (8AM-?)
Place: 7522 Silver Street (Reg. Rd. 65) Smithville, MAPyard sale

Environmental lawyer to speak at public meeting near Petrolia

Eric GillespiePaul Morden, Sarnia Observer
Turmoil left in the wake of the Ontario’s wind energy push is keeping environmental lawyer Eric Gillespie busy. His Toronto-based firm represents Plympton-Wyoming, a Lambton County municipality being sued by Suncor Energy over its wind bylaws, as well as other clients across Ontario involved in legal actions and environmental tribunal appeals.

“We could well have somewhere between 70 and 100 files open,” Gillespie said, adding there are times when as many as many as six lawyers in his firm may be working on wind-related issues. “The level of concern and legal activity that we’re seeing across Ontario appears to reflect, in many people’s minds, the fact that the government embraced wind energy before a thorough review of the issue,” Gillespie said.

He’s set to speak at a public meeting the anti-wind citizens’ group, Conservation of Rural Enniskillen (CORE), is hosting Saturday afternoon at Lambton Centennial Public School, located on Oil Heritage Road just south of Petrolia. Wind companies have been active in Enniskillen Township recently, approaching landowners with lease offers for wind farm projects being planned. Read article

Enniskillen Industrial Wind Turbine Meeting

enniskillen CORECORE Meeting Flyer
Date: June 22
Time: 1:00-4:30pm
Place: Lambton Centennial – 3823 Oil Heritage Rd., Petrolia MAP

Beef on a Bun Lunch :1:00pm – 2:00pm

Speakers: 2:00 – 4:30 pm
Eric Gillespie – Environmental Lawyer
Ron Hartlen – Audible and infrasound and power demand
Barbara Ashbee-Lormand – Personal Experience with IWT’s

South Kent Wind – Not a Willing Host meeting


C-K not a willing hostDate: June 17
Time: 7:00 pm
Place: Wesley United Church 2208 Bloomfield Rd, Raleigh MAP

A Message from Parents of Rural Children to the Wind Companies

mum march12Haldimand Cty – 5/27/13
We have come here today, as group of parents and grandparents, with their children, We are deeply concerned for the health and welfare of our children, and families, due to the proliferation of Industrial wind turbines in our communities.

We have spoken out publicly on many occasions, to demand health studies to be done on the victims who are already suffering from Wind Turbine Syndrome, and are begging for relief. The only time they are able to feel well, is when they are away from their home, or the turbines are shut off. We should not be forced to leave our homes, in order to be safe from harm.

We have demanded protection from our government; but because of wind industry lobbyists, all avenues of protection have been taken away. So we must demand that you behave as good corporate citizens, and NOT force these Industrial machines on unwilling communities.

We also demand that you acknowledge the many peer-reviewed studies that are coming out regularly, saying that there are indeed, negative and serious side effects from living too close to IWT’s. We also know that the setbacks and noise limits, are woefully inadequate to protect the health of homes located near the turbines. The present regulations were put in place to protect the Wind Industry, not the people who are forced to live near them, so we must insist that you do the only decent and moral thing.

Do not install your machines in communities where they are not wanted!

Meeting for neighbours of South Kent Wind

Are you going to be impacted by the South Kent Wind project (this is the one that is just beginning construction–laneways, etc now)??? If so… You are invited to join with concerned neighbours to discuss Working Togetheroptions at a meeting.  Time to work together to protect your community!
Date: Saturday May 25
Time: 9:00 am
Place: Wesley United Church 2208 Bloomfield Rd, Raleigh MAP

Save the Bornish Eagles! Community Awareness Celebration – May 25th

Eagle Celebration pdfeagle celebration
Date: Saturday, May 25
Time: 1:00-5:00PM
Place: West Williams Community Centre, 32217 Kerwood Road, Parkhill  MAP (right beside the eagle nest)
NextEra vs Eagles Video

ERT Hearings Resume – May 14th – 9:30 AM

Ostrander Point AppelAPPEC
The Ostrander Point ERT (APPEC) Appeal resumes on Tuesday May 14th – 9:30 AM – at the Sophiasburgh Town Hall in Demorestville, Ontario.
3 residents of Ontario, who continue to suffer the effects of Industrial Wind Turbines, operating too close to their homes, are scheduled to testify on Tuesday. Read article

Niagara/Hamilton/Haldimand: Watt’s Hidden in Your Electrical Bill?

Niagara West LincolnDate: May 13
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Smithville Christian District High School, 6488 Smithville Road, Smithville MAP
Everyone Welcome, free admission.Come learn how wind energy is fleecing everybody and costing us jobs!

  • Presentation by Parker Gallant, Retired Banker & Financial Post Guest Commentator
  • Watch the objective CBC Doc Zone documentary “WIND RUSH” & discover the startling conclusion. Continue reading

Lawyer urging caution with wind leases

no to wind leasesPaul Morden, Sarnia Observer
Petrolia lawyer Wallace Lang questioned the amount of money wind energy companies are offering farmers who lease them land to build turbines on. Lang told more than 200 people gathered Thursday evening at Lambton Centennial School near Petrolia that the wind leases he has read typically offer landowners $15,000 a year, per turbine.

He was invited to speak by Conservation of Rural Enniskillen (CORE), a citizens group that formed earlier this year to oppose plans by several companies to build wind farms in Enniskillen Township. “You really have to wonder if it’s a good bargain or not,” Lang said about the amount of money wind companies are offering landowners.“It seems to be kind of chump change, really.”

The agreements can run for decades and may include inflation clauses but the lease payments are taxable, he said. Lang told the crowd he believes more realistic compensation for landowners would be in the range of $50,000 to $100,000 a year for each turbine. He urged landowners to be cautious, saying wind companies are sophisticated organizations that know how to market the documents they use to sign up landowners. While they’re called option agreements, “it’s a final document,” Lang said. “Make sure you want to do it, before you sign it.” Read article

Rift between farm groups may surface at CORE meeting Thursday

prime-farm-landSarnia Lambton Independent
The rift in the farm community over wind turbines may be front and center Thursday as the anti-wind group in Enniskillen hosts another public forum. Conserve Our Rural Enniskillen – CORE –  was formed after wind energy companies started making the rounds in the countryside around Petrolia hoping to find farmers willing to sign leases to hosts wind turbines. In all, four companies have projects slated for Enniskillen with up to 51 turbines on the books.

CORE spokesman Chad Burke says 1,000 invitations have been sent out for the meeting scheduled for Thursday at 7 pm at Lambton Centennial School. One of the feature speakers will be Tammy VanTroost of the Lambton local of the National Farmers Union – a group which has voiced opposition to wind turbines.

That’s in stark contrast to the Ontario Federation of Agriculture which has laid out a series of recommendations to improve wind energy including allowing municipalities to have more control over the planning process and calling for the province to deal with the noise concerns of neighbours. Read article

Town Hall wind turbine meeting attendees encouraged
Two men received standing ovations from several hundred people attending a Town Hall meeting on the impact of wind turbines in the County, last week. The first was for County councillor Robert Quaiff, who last week sought support to declare the County is “Not a Willing Host’ for turbines. About 90 Ontario municipalities have passed or are reviewing the resolution. Last week he also spoke at Queen’s Park in support of the defeated Bill 39 “Ensuring Affordable Energy Act”.

The second ovation followed a presentation by Eric Gillespie, Ostrander Point Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) legal counsel for the Prince Edward County Field Naturalists (PECFN) and the Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County (APPEC). There are just two grounds for an ERT appeal of an approved wind project – proving serious and irreversible harm to plants, animals or the environment and proving seriousharm to human health. The PECFN has been supporting the former, APPEC, in phase two, the latter. Each group is fundraising to gain about $125,000 to fund its phase of the appeal.

Gillespie updated last week’s events and noted nine experts have testified for the PECFN. Gillespie said the ERT panel has accepted their presentations on the serious and irreversible harm of turbines to bats, birds, butterflies, turtles and the environment as “expert testimony” while noting a few of Gilead Power’s witnesses have “limited expertise” and the Ministry of Environment’s presentation “experienced” in reviewing reports. Read article

Public meeting leaves wind turbine detractors unsatisfied

no_wind_turbinesBy Stephen Pierce, Norwich Gazette
WOODSTOCK – A pair of public meetings has done little to ease the concerns of citizens who oppose Prowind’s plans for wind turbine development in the region. The two public consultations, held Tuesday at the Oxford Centre Hall in Oxford Centre and Wednesday at the Quality Hotel & Suites in Woodstock, are part of the approval process for the proposed Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm project in Norwich Township. Each meeting was attended by roughly 40 members of the public, with citizens taking the opportunity to call attention to a number of issues surrounding the project, particularly concerns over adverse health effects and a reduction in property values.

Prowind staffers were on hand to speak to these concerns, and the company brought in environmental scientist Dr. Loren Knopper to specifically address worries over potential health issues. Knopper is an employee of Intrinsik Environmental Sciences, a company that conducts human health and ecological risk assessments, and cited a number of American studies supporting Prowind’s claim that, appropriately placed, wind turbines will not result in health problems. “Overall, the findings of those government agency reports, many of them (show) that when wind turbines are placed properly, there will be no direct, adverse health effects related to the wind turbines,” Knopper said.

Joan Morris, on the board of directors of the East Oxford Community Alliance, remained unconvinced. “What I’ve found is that they haven’t included any of the peer-reviewed articles that show that there are adverse health effects,” said Morris. “They seem to hand pick their (studies).” Read article

Enniskillen Township citizens’ group spreading its message

enniskillenPaul Morden, Sarnia Observer
Chad Burke says he believes it’s possible to keep wind farms out of Enniskillen Township. Burke chairs the citizens’ group Conservation of Rural Enniskillen (CORE) that formed earlier this year after several wind companies became active seeking land to lease for turbine sites in the township. Some residents of other communities where turbines have already been built have said “they wish they would have gotten a head start, like we have,” Burke said.

“We’re feeling pretty good there’s a chance industrial wind turbines will not be in Enniskillen.” Core members will be handing out pamphlets and information at Saturday’s town-wide yard sale in Petrolia, and will have an information table May 1 at the Heidi’s Independent grocery store there. That will be followed by a community awareness meeting CORE has organized for May 2, 7 p.m., at Lambton Centennial School.

Lawyer Wallace Lang is scheduled to speak that evening about land leases and Greg Cameron will speak about insurance issues. Tammy Van Troost, president of the Lambton local of the National Farmers Union, is also expected to speak. Read article

Enniskillen Community Awareness Events

enniskillen COREC.O.R.E
Awareness Meeting
Date: May 2
Time: 7:00pm
Place: Lambton Centennial School, Petrolia MAP
Speakers: Wallace Lang, Greg Cameron, Tammy Van Troost Continue reading

Gunn’s Hill Wind Farm Final Meetings – April 23 & 24

event_iconGunn’s Hill Wind Farm – Prowind Canada Inc.   Project Documents
Date: April 24
Time: 6 pm to 9 pm
Place: Quality Inn and Suites, Vansittart Room, 580 Bruin Blvd, Woodstock Continue reading

Community groups organize “Town Hall” on Wind Turbine Impact – April 25

GONE-WITH-THE-WINDccsageDate: April 25
Time: 6:00 PM
Place: Regent Theatre, 224 Main St, Picton MAP

The County Coalition for Safe and Appropriate Green Energy (CCSAGE) has organized this event in response to increased public concern about the looming infiltration of wind energy projects in the County, beginning with a recently-approved nine-turbine project at Ostrander Point, an internationally-recognized Important Bird Area. Two groups are fighting that project at a costly and tedious Environmental Review Tribunal.  Meanwhile other County wind energy projects are in various stages of planning or development. Read article

More info and to donate @CCSAGE

Wind Turbine Info meeting in Ilderton – April 9

Ilderton meeting flyer
Date: April 9
Time: 7:30pm
Place: Ilderton Legion: 13152 Ilderton Rd, Ilderton MAP Continue reading

Dr. Jaegar and Dr. Bigelow to discuss proposed health study in West Lincoln

WLWAGDate: April 8
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Place: South Lincoln High School Gymnasium, 260 Canborough Street, Smithville

This is to advise that a staff report will be presented at the April 8, 2013 planning/building/environmental committee meeting regarding Niagara Region Wind Corporation’s (NRWC’s) response to the municipal consultation form.

In addition Dr. Valerie Jaegar, medical officer of health – Niagara Region & professor Phil Bigelow, University of Waterloo will be in attendance to discuss a proposed health study in West Lincoln. The above noted items will be discussed following four public meetings that will be held under the Planning Act.

Objection letters to be delivered to Suncor officials Thursday

suncorSarnia Observer
Ingrid Willemsen wasn’t sure what to expect outside the Camlachie Community Centre Tuesday night. A thousand copies of their objection letter had been printed, a map of Suncor’s planned Cedar Point wind farm had been hung up and dozens of signs were ready to be hoisted into the air. But would anyone stop to listen?

Within minutes of Suncor’s public open house getting underway, dozens of Plympton-Wyoming residents started gathering outside the community centre, picking up information sheets and filling out objection letters. “I think people feel they already know enough,” said Willemsen, a member of We’re Against Industrial Turbines Plympton-Wyoming (WAIT-PW). “They now want to know what action they can take.” Suncor Energy Products has proposed a wind farm stretching right across Plympton-Wyoming, Lambton Shores and into Warwick Township. Read article

Suncor Cedar Point Final Meetings

event_iconFinal Public Meetings
Project Documents – 62 wind turbines
Date: April 4
Time: 5:00 – 8:00 p.m.
Place: Centennial Hall, 101 Centennial Ave., Watford, MAP Continue reading

Wind Turbine Community Awareness meeting in Baltimore, ON – April 11

Time: 7pm
Place: Baltimore Recreation Centre MAP
Stuart Henry: Green Energy Act
Carmen Krogh: Health Concerns
Barb Ashbee: Will share her experience living near turbines
Heather Stauble: City of Kawartha Lakes Councillor
For information contact:  or 905 349-2221

Final Public Meeting: Cloudy Ridge wind development

event_iconDATE:   April 24
TIME:   6-9 p.m.
PLACE:   Osprey Community Hall  494196 Grey Road 2   Feversham  MAP Continue reading

Enniskillen Township is my Home!!

IMG_6049 zephyrTiffany Smale, London Free Press
Enniskillen Township is my home. My family is from Enniskillen Township. It’s where my husband and I grew up and where we had planned on building our home and raising our family. When my father in law was approached about the wind leases, we became concerned about what this would mean for our future home. We approached neighbours and were soon told that there was interest in our area and that some neighbours were considering signing leases for the potential revenue. We began researching and the more we read, the more we worried about possible impacts on our health, our pets and our property value.

Our family decided that we needed to make sure that our friends and neighbours had all the information before they signed. We began planning an Awareness Meeting with the hopes that our neighbours could hear first hand from those who already have wind projects in their communities. Our awareness meeting was held in Oil Springs on March 7th and it was a full house. There were four speakers who addressed various concerns and issues. It was a woman named Monica Elmes who resonated with me. Her community has been dealing with wind turbines for several years and it has effected their homes and health. Hearing her stories of how neighbours’ homes are no longer a safe place and of people being forced to spend time away from home in order to have peace shook me. As I looked around the room at so many familiar faces, I began to imagine what this would do to our community. Read article

Resident wants to send a message to Mayor

IMG_1719Jennifer Vo, The Sachem
At least 100 people packed the cafeteria of the Cayuga Secondary School to learn about how they could join in the revolt against paying taxes. Marnie Knight from Selkirk, a social activist in the county, led the public meeting on February 21.

The session started off with Knight trying to illustrate what she called council’s lack of integrity. “I’m a huge believer in integrity and I don’t see that happening,” said Knight. “Most of our politicians don’t even know how to spell the word.” She said she’s comfortable taking on the mayor and council to stand up for people’s rights.

The public meeting eventually turned into an information sharing session with members of the public taking over the microphone to talk about how they felt Rural Haldimand was being attacked including the installation of turbines, recent removal of the eagle nest in Fisherville and the increasing water and wastewater rates for bulk water users. Councillor Craig Grice, who attended the meeting just before his fire station meeting in Byng, spoke up and said the water rates affect all of the users equally. That comment stirred the crowd with members of the public standing up to challenge the councillor.

Knight brought the meeting back to order and said the most recent hit to Rural Haldimand included the possible closure of three fire stations. She ridiculed the $25,000 Pomax study and said that Mayor Ken Hewitt was “hiding” in the audience at the first fire station meeting held at the county administration building. “I don’t see our council standing up for anyone,” said Knight, adding that she felt council members had ulterior motives.

The session reverted back to its original intent when someone in the audience asked about the tax revolt. “For three years, they can’t legally touch your house,” said Knight about not paying property taxes. She suggested that everyone put a halt on paying their full taxes, but instead write the county a cheque for $10 a month, which “shows that the homeowner is genuinely making an effort.” Read article

Wind companies active in Enniskillen Township

enniskillenBy Paul Morden, Sarnia Observer
The “divisive” wind energy debate is heating up in Enniskillen Township, says Mayor Kevin Marriott. Representatives of several wind companies have been approaching Enniskillen landowners, Marriott said. “I would say there are three (companies) involved” with projects proposed for sites across the rural central Lambton County township that surrounds Petrolia, he said.

Wind farms were proposed for Enniskillen several years ago but the issue had gone quiet until recently, he said. “A year ago we thought we were lucky, and now we’re kind of right into the frying pan here.” Marriott said township council hasn’t taken a position yet on wind turbines, or been formally approached by any wind companies. “I’ve been told they are in the neighbourhood talking to landowners, trying to get a feel for what the consensus would be before they do actually approach council.”

Marriott is attending the Rural Ontario Municipal Association conference in Toronto this week where he said township officials are attempting to learn more about the issue. The recent Ontario throne speech, following the swearing-in of new Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne, promised communities would have a say in the location of new energy projects. “We don’t want to rush into a decision until we find out what the premier has up her sleeve,” Marriott said. Read article

Port Ryerse Wind Development Final Public Meeting: Feb 26

Port RyerseUDI Renewables Project Documents
DATE: February 26
TIME: 5:00pm – 8:00pm
PLACE: Norfolk Fair JR Farmers Building, 172 South Drive, Simcoe

Wind Turbine Port Ryerse
Cultural Heritage Landscape and Built Heritage Study

HMQ and K2 Wind Ontario Inc seek to strike farm couple’s Statement of Claim

sean trish drennanFalconer Charney LLP Injunction Feb 24 2013
February 25, 2013
Shawn and Tricia Drennan are landowners facing a pending wind farm project known as K2 Wind Power Project. The Drennans, supported by the community group S.W.E.A.R. (Safe Wind Energy for All Residents), on November 14, 2012, filed a Statement of Claim and commenced a motion for an injunction to restrain the Ministry of the Environment from issuing approval for the project until the findings of the Health Canada Study on the effects of wind turbines on human health.

HMQ and K2 Wind Ontario have brought a motion to strike the claim, trying to deny the Drennan’s the ability to have their claim heard in the Superior Court of Justice. The motion to strike will be heard at the Goderich Court house on Friday March 1, 2013 at 9:30am.
For further information please contact Odi Dashambuu at (416) 964 3408 (x 248)