Obama’s counterfeit concept: U.S. president’s fake-work make-work jobs scheme a real bust for taxpayers

By Ezra Levant ,Toronto Sun
A shocking new study by the U.S. government’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory shows the Obama administration’s $9-billion solar power program created just 910 long-term jobs.

That’s $9.8 million per job created.

Even if you add in all possible “indirect” jobs that could be attributed to this subsidy flurry, it still works out to $1.63 million in subsidies per job created, according to the report.

Just to be clear, this isn’t some taxpayers federation or Republican Party group writing this scathing review. This is the U.S. government itself.

That $9 billion was taxpayers’ money — wrung out of the hides of Americans with real jobs. Or, to be more accurate, it was borrowed by Obama, from the Chinese government, and will hang around the neck of taxpaying Americans like an unpaid $9-billion credit card debt.

How many jobs will that kill?

Why are Obama’s fake jobs — in counterfeit industries, like solar power and wind power, that could not exist without handouts — more important than real jobs for which there is a real demand in the economy? Read article

Green energy leaves Windsor with broken promises

CBC News, 14 May 2012 ~~
The green energy sector has not delivered to Windsor the number of jobs several firms collectively promised during the last three years.

Through media releases, public announcements and media coverage of grand openings, CBC News has learned that eight companies promised they would fill up to 1,480 jobs in the alternative energy sector by the end of 2012. To date, three of those companies are operating in Windsor and employ approximately 262 people.

According to company spokesperson Patrick Persichilli, CS Wind currently employs 225 people. Schletter Canada, which manufactures solar panel mounting systems, employed 12 people in November of last year. It previously promised to hire 125.

Unconquered Sun confirmed Monday it has 25 employees but said in August 2011 it would double that number by the end of this year.

In an email to CBC News, Unconquered Sun CEO Sean Moore said he is in the process of hiring an additional 10 employees. “We have another planned expansion in July and will be hiring more at that time,” he wrote.

Moore’s company has diversified into manufacturing solar powered golf carts and pool pumps. “We’re not stacking panels in the corner and waiting for the phone to ring,” Moore said.

WindTronics, Siliken and Unisolar of LaSalle have closed up shop and left, leaving 480 promised jobs unfilled. Solar Source Corporation and Algatec were to collectively bring 400 jobs to the region but never came. read article

Another green energy firm closes in Windsor

CBC News
Siliken Renewable Energies closed its solar panel production facility Friday in Windsor. The company made the announcement almost one year to the day after it opened and on the very day it was revealed the city still has Canada’s highest unemployment rate.

“It’s disappointing news for this community,” Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan said Friday while in Windsor. Duncan compared the solar panel industry to the arrival of the auto industry, when there were several auto manufacturers fighting to enter the market.

“The strong competitive ones survived. Unfortunately Siliken couldn’t make a go of it,” Duncan said. “Market conditions have been bad for solar around the world.” Read article

Liberals’ vow of green jobs – How Stupid do they think Ontario is??

By Lorrie Goldstein, London Free Press
I have a business proposition for anyone who still believes Dalton McGuinty will create 50,000 green energy jobs by the end of this year, as he promised in 2009 when he introduced his Green Energy Act. My proposition is I have some ocean front property in Alberta I’d like to sell you.

In the real world, not even McGuinty’s own government is pretending this promise is based in reality anymore. Last week, on April 12, Ontario’s energy ministry announced a new “Clean Energy Economic Development Strategy,” including a new government task force and trade missions to Asia, the Middle East and U.S. Read article

Ontario company threatened by green energy policy

CTV News
TORONTO— One of the largest employers in North Bay says it could be forced out of business by the Ontario government’s green energy policies.  Fabrene Incorporated, which has 250 workers manufacturing polyethylene fabrics for industrial use, says rising electricity bills are becoming too much to handle.  Fabrene vice-president John Spencer says the Global Adjustment fee charged to offset the premiums Ontario pays for wind and solar power increased seven-fold in recent years to $1 million a year.  Continue reading

Green energy’s deadly doldrums

By Richard Blackwell, Globe and Mail
In late 2007 and early 2008, the global renewable energy sector seemed on the cusp of a golden age, as investors pushed the price of big, multinational players in the green-tech space to record highs. Four years later most of those large companies – mainly solar cell makers and wind turbine manufacturers – are trading at a fraction of their peak levels. A perfect storm of bad news has sent even the most solid stocks into the doldrums, and there seems to be little prospect they’ll soon recover their earlier heights.  Read article

Jobs focus has kept Ontario’s green energy plan alive

CTV News
TORONTO — The Ontario government has been able to stick by its green energy plans amid a looming recession by making the project about jobs, but its biggest challenge may be one of public relations, not finance. The focus on green energy has come at a political cost, with the Liberals losing their majority mandate after this fall’s election. That result ushered in a precarious new term that some worry could lead to an overhaul of the green plans if the Liberal government falls.  Read article

McGuinty Liberals will bankrupt us

By Robert De Verteuil, The Windsor Star
I see that Dalton McGuinty was at CS Wind again recently to announce their opening. This is the third time this year he has visited CS Wind, which means they have now been opened by the premier more times than they have produced any wind towers. No doubt he was trying to distract the public from the auditor general’s recent findings, which show that the Liberals’ claims of 50,000 jobs from their Green Energy subsidy program was nothing more than hot air. Continue reading

Wind benefits don’t add up

by Brian Drouillard, Windsor Star
Re: Benefits of wind power, guest column, by Chris Forrest, Nov. 12.
I read today a guest column by Chris Forrest, the vicepresident of communications at the Canadian Wind Energy Association, on the subject of the benefits of wind power. As I read the column, I was interested to see the following numbers: 1,388 megawatts of new wind capacity electricity projected to come online in 2011, almost $3.5 billion of investment represented by this new capacity and 13,500 person/years of employment created (not projected). Continue reading

McGuinty’s “Solyndra II” poster child starving for work

by John Ivison, National Post
OTTAWA — The solar energy company touted this week by Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty as a flagship of the province’s clean energy economy has halted production because of slow demand.

Mr. McGuinty was flanked by Eclipsall Energy Corp.’s workforce when he visited its Scarborough solar panel plant Tuesday, but there was no mention that the production line is temporarily shut down. When my colleague Tamsin McMahon visited the plant she found the reception desk was empty, the cafeteria was closed and only a handful of employees milling around inside the sparsely furnished building.  Read article

Dalton’s ‘green’ jobs a myth

Toronto Sun Editorial
Premier Dalton McGuinty recently challenged PC Leader Tim Hudak to look green energy workers “in the eyes” and tell them “I’m killing your future.” We, challenge McGuinty to do this: Look all Ontario workers in the eyes and tell them why you’re killing three times as many of their jobs through your reckless public subsidy of green energy. Continue reading

Lost green jobs small price for cheaper hydro, Hudak says

by Rob Ferguson, Toronto Star
LONDON, ONT.—Lost green energy jobs are a small price to pay for cheaper electricity bills, says Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak.  Hudak has been campaigning for the kind of jobs “you can buy a house with” but was unapologetic Tuesday when he said he’d kill the Liberal government’s $7 billion, 16,000-job green energy deal with Samsung — and 200 local jobs along with it. Continue reading

Professor challenges Liberal job numbers

Professor Miljan

CBC News Excerpt:  Lydia Miljan, an associate professor of political science at the University of Windsor, says green energy has the potential to define the election.

“The problem is, is that we actually have surplus electricity,” Miljan said. “We’re giving away our electricity to our neighbours and at the same time we are going to be charging individual Ontarians for their own power at a higher rate than they had before.” Read article

Message to McGuinty: Most green-job schemes have been miserable failures

by Margaret Wente, Globe and Mail
Dalton McGuinty has hit the campaign trail, and he’s paving it green. Earlier this month he announced that Ontario will pump $80-millioninto building charging stations for electric cars. “They are peppy, they are quiet, and the thing that I like best as a father, and ultimately a grandfather, I would hope, is that they’re clean,” he said. By 2020, he hopes, one out of 20 cars in Ontario will be electrically powered.  Read article here

Ontario green jobs blowing in the wind?

By Toby Barrett, Tillsonburg News

Following recent weeks of wind powered photo-ops and measures to further entrench unaffordable wind and solar power contracts, it’s clear government is refusing to listen.  In the face of protests, petitions and at least 80 municipalities demanding a wind energy moratorium – a moratorium we in Opposition have advocated in the Legislature – government has gone to great lengths to trot out green-powered pronouncements of job creation and environmental stewardship. Continue reading

Green energy jobs too expensive

By Richard Scratch, The Windsor Star

Dwight Duncan and Sandra Pupatello have lately stated that the Green Energy Act is a victim of its own success. This is political spin to cover up the Liberal’s total failure to either anticipate or plan for the artificially created demand they created with such high feed-in rates. As a result, there is nowhere to hook up all the power being contracted. Continue reading

Critics say outdated system puts green energy jobs at risk

CTV Toronto

Ontario companies are losing out on opportunities to create jobs despite the government’s push for green energy because there isn’t a proper system in place to deliver on their ambitious plans, opposition critics said Friday.  The Tories and the NDP were quick to point to layoffs at a Windsor solar panel plant Friday, announced as the government touted an increase in jobs from Statistics Canada. Continue reading

‘Green’ jobs: Shrewd PR, bad economics

by Stephen Gordon, Globe and Mail

A common feature of many environmental programs is the idea of “green jobs”: the employment opportunities generated by a given set of proposals are presented as an additional benefit of the policy agenda. This is also a common mistake.  Read article here

I guess tattooing IS a green job after all?

McGuinty government boasts on their job creation program
Ontario is helping Eikon Device Inc., a Kingston based art equipment manufacturer, create 10 (ten) new jobs! With support from the province, Eikon is expanding its facility. The company developed special digital technology that helps tattoo artists to better monitor their equipment. This has changed industry standards and positioned Eikon as a global leader. Continue reading

Green Energy Act didn’t create jobs

By Eric Renaud, The Windsor Star

Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak pledged to end key provisions of the Ontario Green Energy Act. This is a strong statement that deserves to be applauded.

Tim Hudak’s decision will likely spark debate heading into the October election. The GEA was proposed as both an environmental policy and a job creation policy, under the Liberal government. It is misguided on both scores. Continue reading

Subsidizing green jobs is dumb economic policy

by Jerry Agar, Toronto Sun

In a fit of whimsical agenda over serious practicality, Green Party leader Elizabeth May told me recently we need more green jobs.

Premier Dalton McGuinty, as we all know, worships “green power.” That sounds caring and all, until we read up and learn that what we are getting for this massive, job-killing cost to the economy is a negligible improvement in air quality and greenhouse gas emissions. Continue reading

Economic model underlying green energy not sustainable, says Guelph economist

“The theory is that if new industries that are not competitive are subsidized they will eventually mature and be able to function on their own.   The problem with that theory is that kids never grow up and leave home.” ~Dr. Glenn Fox

By John Phair, Today’s Farmer
GUELPH – An economist at the University of Guelph says if Ontario’s experiment with green energy is similar to what’s happened in the European Union (EU), the province can look forward to higher taxes, a net loss of jobs, and little difference in terms of green house gas emissions.

Speaking at the Canadian Association of Farm Advisors’ annual conference on June 2, Dr. Glenn Fox said the economic model for Ontario’s Green Energy Act is not sustainable and has many implications for rural Ontario.  Read the entire article here

There are savings in saving jobs

By Jim Merriam, Owen Sound Sun Times

I ‘m not against green energy. My various rants about wind turbines in this space have led some folks to believe that I’m some kind of cloak and dagger lobbyist for the coal industry.  You know, stop the wind turbines in favour of coal-fired power plants. Not so.

I support efforts to reduce greenhouse emissions. Climate change is upon us in the form of wild weather — if you don’t believe me ask the residents of Joplin, Mo., or many other spots around the globe — and at least some of the causes are man made. That’s not science; it’s common sense. Continue reading

Hudak is right on green energy contracts

Ottawa Citizen

It’s not surprising that those businesses trying to get rich off the Mc-Guinty Green Energy Act are coming out swinging after Tim Hudak’s announcement that he will cancel the $7 billion, 20-year contact with Samsung and kill the costly Feedin Tariff program. Their jobs are at stake.

These green energy supporters claim the renewable energy schemes will generate jobs and economic activity. What they don’t say is that subsidizing renewable energy results in a net loss of jobs. Continue reading

Hudak says ‘green’ job count overblown

McGuinty Green Job

By Antonella Artuso, London Free Press

TORONTO – Ontario Conservatives are accusing the Liberals of inflating wind and solar power job numbers.

PC Leader Tim Hudak said his caucus colleague, MPP Bob Bailey, who represents the riding of Sarnia-Lambton, points out the Liberal promise of 800 jobs at a Sarnia, Ont., solar farm project did not materialize as permanent full-time positions.

“It turns out there were eight, including a security guard and some guy to drive the lawnmower between the solar panels,” Hudak said Monday. Read the entire article here

Solar businessman sees some merit to Hudak’s criticisms

Says might be some truth to Liberals overinflating jobs created by Green Energy Act

Dalson Chen, Windsor Star

The job numbers being touted by the Liberal government concerning the Samsung deal are “phoney,” says Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak — and the head of one local green technology company sees some merit to Hudak’s criticisms.

In February, Sean Moore of Unconquered Sun Solar Technologies said he agreed that the Liberal government’s green energy job creation figures are “overinflated.” Continue reading

The Wind Experience

Institute for Energy Research

According to the Global Wind Energy Council, the world now has 197 gigawatts of installed wind capacity with the largest amount in China (45 gigawatts), followed by the United States (40 gigawatts). Europe, led by Germany (27 gigawatts), has the largest regional share of the total, 44 percent, followed by Asia with 31 percent. But the issue of much of this capacity is useable and benefiting the electricity grid and jobs is another question entirely. European countries have found that subsidies, set asides, and special treatment for renewables cost the country job losses in other sectors. Continue reading

The environmentalists need to stop crying wolf

Alvarez and his researchers also found that each ‘green’ megawatt installed destroys 5.28 jobs on average elsewhere in the economy.”

by George Jonas, National Post

A study released this week concludes that government “green-job” programs aren’t the yellow-brick road to happiness in Europe. “Green programs in Spain destroyed 2.2 jobs for every job created,” write Kenneth P. Green and Ben Eisen in their paper for the Winnipeg-based think-tank, Frontier Centre, “while the capital needed for one green job in Italy could create five new jobs in the general economy.” Continue reading

How Green Is Your Lost Job?


Power: A study of renewable energy in Scotland shows that for every job created in the alternative energy sector, almost four jobs are lost in the rest of the economy. We’ve seen this movie before.

Not only has the sun set on the British Empire, but the promise of wind apparently is deserting it as well. A new study called “Worth The Candle?” by the consulting firm Verso Economics confirms the experience of Spain and other countries: The creation of “green” jobs destroys other jobs through the diversion of resources and the denial of abundant sources of fossil fuel energy. Continue reading

No windfall in false promise of green jobs

POLITICAL rhetoric has shifted from the need to respond to the “generational challenge” of climate change.      by Bjorn Lomborg, The Australian

Investment in alternative energy technologies such as solar and wind is no longer peddled on environmental grounds. Instead we are being told of the purported economic payoffs, above all the promise of so-called “green jobs”. Unfortunately, that does not measure up to economic reality. Continue reading