Asphodel-Norwood Council declares moratorium on wind farm

by Mark Hoult  Stirling Community Press

Asphodel-Norwood — Council here is tacking against the wind by declaring a moratorium on the local construction of wind turbines.

“We just wanted to make a statement that we are not happy about what’s going on,” Reeve Doug Pearcy said following council’s decision last week. Continue reading

Asphodel-Norwood residents meet regarding Collie Hill Wind Project near Hastings

By MARK HOULT, Belleville Intelligencer

The proposed Collie Hill Wind Farm near Hastings is just one of the small-scale projects Energy Farming Ontario hopes to build in Ontario, company director Kelly Campbell said this week.

“We look at small projects diversified across Ontario,” Campbell said during an open house Monday at the Asphodel-Norwood Community Centre. “That has always been our vision of how we want to develop these wind projects, just small, locally-generated electricity. We don’t do large, industrial scale projects with dozens of turbines.” Continue reading

Asphodel-Norwood Reeve: Wind Not Viable, Won’t Replace Coal

By Bill Freeman   EMC Community News

Asphodel-Norwood Reeve Doug Pearcy would like to know if the Hastings dam could be tapped for power before any wind turbines take root in the area.

“How much power can you get if you harnessed the dam in Hastings [versus] this in megawatts?” Pearcy wondered during an open house held by Energy Farming Ontario Inc. which is involved in the first stages of an environmental screening process for a proposed wind farm in Asphodel. Continue reading