Anti-turbine group’s signs being defaced, burned by vandals

by David Meyer, Wellington Advertiser

BELWOOD -The wind turbine proposal for this community has pitted neighbour against neighbour – and it is starting to get uglier.

Oppose Belwood Wind Farms has been against the proposal for nearly two years now, and spokesman Janet Vallery said in an interview last week the campaign is being undermined by those in favour of the turbines. Continue reading

Wind farms causing turmoil, meeting hears

by Vik Kirsch  Guelph Mercury
FERGUS — Nicholas Schaut of Meaford says he was so stressed from years of living near a Shelburne wind farm that he can’t stay long on return visits to his former home.

He’s saddened to see that once happy community disrupted as wind farms pit neighbour against neighbour, some favouring them for the money they bring in, others opposed for reasons of health, noise and unsightliness.

“This kind of industrial development is ripping communities apart,” Schaut told hundred of people who filled the main hall of Centre Wellington District High School Thursday night.

If they allow Chicago’s Invenergy LLC to construct 25 to 35 wind turbines on 4,000 acres near Belwood, “I believe you will regret it,” he warned. Continue reading

1,500 Attend Angry Protest at the Belwood Invergy Meeting

Protest over wind farms growing in two counties

by David Meyer  Wellington Advertiser

BELWOOD – The com­mu­nity hall here might not be big enough to hold all the citi­zens concerned about a pro­posed wind farm that is plan­ned for the area.

Citizens have started a peti­tion against the proposal and one of them, James Virgin, of Belwood, took out a half-page advertisement in this week’s Advertiser to inform residents of the concerns there are for the wind farm proposal.

A few years ago, the pro­vincial government told muni­cipalities to determine policies for allowing wind farms, and Wellington County spent months doing that. After the regulations were accepted by council, Premier Dalton Mc­Guinty unilaterally removed the power to regulate wind tur­bines from the municipalities and said the province was going to allow them. Continue reading