No deadline for wind studies

by John Spears, Toronto Star
Ontario bureaucrats have been given “no firm deadline” for reporting on the possible health effects of offshore wind turbines, says the Ministry of Natural Resources.  But it says one of the studies will take up to three years. The province is facing a $2.25 billion lawsuit from a wind power developer after it slapped an indefinite moratorium on offshore wind power developments in February. Continue reading

The massive untendered Samsung contract Ontario taxpayers are not allowed to see

May 12, 2011 update:    Hudak is being criticized for saying he will scrap something he hasn’t seen. Well, NOBODY is allowed to see it. The NDP obtained this through the Freedom of Information Act.  Download the (Heavily Censored) Samsung Deal Here

Warwick officials to discuss grid problems with energy minister

by Paul Morden, The Sarnia Observer

The mayor of Warwick Township has some pointed questions for Ontario Energy Minister Brad Duguid.

Todd Case wants to know how much capacity the electricity distribution grid has in Warwick, and how residents are being impacted by Ontario’s $7-billion green energy deal with Korean tech giant Samsung. Continue reading

Dalton’s Delusions

Duguid: Get used to it!

Brad Duguid, Minister of Energy

By KENNEDY GORDON , Peterborough Examiner

A similar opposition has arisen around wind turbines, Duguid said; while turbine farms are planned for many Ontario communities, including the Millbrook, Bethany and Hastings areas, residents do have concerns.

Awareness will ease that, he said.   “It’s new. Anything new, whether it be new developments, whether it be other forms of energy generation projects, often get the same response,” Duguid said.

Continue reading

Duguid blames old meters for rise in electricity prices

by Keith Leslie, The Canadian Press

TORONTO – If electricity bills are up for Ontario homeowners with smart meters it might be the old meter’s fault – at least that’s what the Liberal government was saying Monday.

The so-called smart meters, which allow people to take advantage of time-of-use pricing for electricity, are more accurate than the 40-to-50-year-old meters they replace, said Energy Minister Brad Duguid. Continue reading

McGuinty Liberals Backtrack on a Backtrack On Long Term Energy Plan

Northumberland View

Yesterday, Energy Minister Brad Duguid promised Ontario families they would get a chance to finally see the McGuinty Government’s long-promised and never-delivered plan for the electricity system by the “end of December”. But there’s a catch: the Ontario Power Authority (OPA), the agency responsible for drafting long-term plans, wants to get out of its fundamental mandate.  Continue reading

Turbine setbacks should be equal across the board

Orangeville Banner

Congratulations and thanks to Mayor and Warden Allen Taylor for reporting the concern of East Garafraxa about wind turbines and the response from the Ontario government.

Toronto waterfront gets a setback of five kilometres and rural Ontario gets a  setback of 550 metres. We certainly don’t want to upset the voters of Toronto.

It’s good to know that our current provincial government has two rules for urban and rural areas.  That convinces me how to vote next year.  ~ Charles Hooker, Orangeville

An open letter to the Hon. Brad Duguid, Minister of Energy and Infrastructure:

A frustrated taxpayer wants the bill clarified

By Peter R. Scott, Picton

I respectfully write to you today both as a frustrated energy consumer and taxpaying Ontarian. Please allow me to share with you the reason for my frustration. The Ontario Energy Debt Retirement charge that appears on my monthly Hydro One invoice.

First, I was under the impression the Liberal party of Ontario was a party of the people – hard working Ontarians. I must say, I am certainly not left with that feeling when I review my monthly energy invoice – more specifically the DRC portion of it. Second, when I try to decipher the invoice, I am unable to determine the total DRC debt Ontarians owe and the date the debt will be satisfied.

This is unacceptable. Continue reading

Wind turbines: ‘Get used to it,’ says minister Duguid

Ripley Ontario

By Wes Keller, Orangeville Citizen

Mayor Taylor says he discussed the setbacks and the township’s lack of control over turbines that would extend into East Gary from the Belwood Wind Farm with Minister Duguid. In an interview, he quoted the minister as responding, simply, “Get used to it.”

While a majority of Canadians favour wind turbines and other forms of renewable energy generation, East Garafraxa Council is taking a hard line on local developmental control – and has gone on record as seeking setbacks that would effectively preclude any turbine construction.

Oddly enough, the Township has never opposed wind farm developments. But two years ago it had commissioned a study into how such could proceed with the least impact on residents. More recently, Mayor Allen Taylor came away from an AMO convention with the knowledge that the study means nothing to the provincial government. Continue reading

Duguid Meets With Ratepayer’s Groups On Wind Turbines

TORONTO – Members of four community associations directly affected by Toronto Hydro’s plans to place large wind turbines in Lake Ontario, met with the Hon. Brad Duguid, Minister of Energy yesterday. “It was a positive meeting. The Minister listened carefully to our message that there is strong local citizen opposition to Toronto Hydro’s proposal”, said Harry Spindel of the GVCA. “Our members care about the negative economic and environmental effects of the industrialization of Lake Ontario, and we intend to stop this ill conceived project in its tracks. We want this government and the energy companies to replace the focus on wind turbines with alternate forms of green energy production that are less costly for taxpayers and do not harm people or the environment”. Continue reading

One-on-one with Ontario Energy Minister Brad Duguid

Pontypool resident Anne Johnston gives Brad Duguid an earful.

By RANDY RICHMOND, The London Free Press

Brace yourself, Ontario.

Hikes to monthly electricity bills have just begun, Ontario Energy Minister Brad Duguid warns.
As anger rises in London and across the province over the double whammy of higher power prices and the HST, Duguid — the McGuinty government’s point man on electricity — answered questions about the Liberals’ decisions in an exclusive Free Press interview.

Questions and answers: Continue reading

No wonder rural Ontarians feel like second-class citizens

The Moderate & The NIMBY

 Re: Put turbines 5 kms from shore, ministry says

Toronto Star

Commenting on the proposed 5 kilometre setback for offshore wind turbines, Energy Minister Brad Duguid said: “I think it sets to rest the concerns of some moderate people who were concerned that if they go to the beach, they could be looking up at a huge wind turbine.”

His comment shocked Ontarians who are fighting the province’s lax rules that allow industrial wind turbines to be built just 550 meters from homes. Continue reading

Protesters greet energy minister

By Catherine Whitnall My Kawartha

Pontypool resident Anne Johnston (left) gives Brad Duguid, Ontario’s minister of energy and infrastructure, and earful outside of local MPP Rick Johnson’s office in Lindsay on Friday (June 18) afternoon. A group of residents gathered to protest the proposed wind farms in the Pontypool area. Ms Johnston is a former Toronto city councillor who served on council with Mr. Duguid in the early 2000s.  Photo: Lance Anderson

(LINDSAY) Residents protesting proposed wind turbine developments in Manvers Township took advantage of an opportunity to voice their concerns as soon as they caught wind of a visit on Friday (June 18) by provincial Energy and Infrastructure Minister Brad Duguid.

The group fired off questions to the Minister outside Haliburton-Kawartha Lakes-Brock MPP Rick Johnson’s Lindsay constituency office before he met with the media for a roundtable discussion regarding the province’s commitment to infrastructure investments and pursuing green energy opportunities to create a greener future.

Although the group was visibly upset by the minister and MPP’s inability to devote time to their cause, Minister Duguid did meet with representatives afterwards to hear their concerns, which included the impact of wind turbine projects on the Oak Ridges Moraine; of which a narrow slice runs through the City of Kawartha Lakes.

Just Answer the Question, Duguid

Pathetic Response from Brad Duguid

Question Period, Ontario Legislature, May 3, 2010


Ms. Sylvia Jones: My question is for the Minister of Energy and Infrastructure. Last month, you announced 184 energy projects that will proceed without municipal approval. How many more energy projects do you expect to site this fiscal year? Continue reading