Submissions to the Green Energy Act Standing Committee

Submission to the GEA Standing Committee by Lou Eyamie, President of S.O.S.

Submission to the GEA Standing Committee Hearings by Keith Stelling

Submission to GEA Standing Committee Hearings by Grant Church

Submission to the GEA Standing Committee Hearing by Michael J. Trebilcock

Submission to the GEA Standing Committee Hearings by William K. Palmer

Testamony from Barbara Ashbee to the GEA Standing Committee

Call for the Resignation of George Smitherman

We are calling on Premier McGuinty to demand the resignation of Mr Smitherman from his positions of Minister of Energy and Infrastructure and Deputy Premier.

Regarding the proposed Green Energy Act the Ottawa Citizen reported that Mr. Smitherman stated “when the act is passed by his government… the social and bureaucratic roadblocks are going to be removed.” Continue reading

Green Energy Blues – Enbridge Grand Opening

We were made to stand out in the rain for longer than anticipated because they turned the ceremonial turbine on and it wouldn’t work!

McGuinty Liberals Silence the People to Protect the Wind Lobbyists!

From Ontario Legislature Hansard Transcripts  April 8, 2009


MPP Ms. Sylvia Jones: A constituent in my riding of Dufferin-Caledon has been denied the opportunity to speak before the standing committee for Bill 150, the Green Energy Act.

Barbara Ashbee is a resident of Amaranth and is today living with the side effects of having wind turbines surround her home. In fact, the closest turbine is measured just 450 metres from her house. Yet my constituent has been refused an opportunity to share her experiences during public hearings on Bill 150.

This is just what I was afraid was going to happen. Continue reading

Open Letter to the Green Energy Act Standing Committee

RE Hearings on Bill 150:

A measure of healthy democracy is the willingness of a government to listen to input from citizens. A friend from British Columbia recently called my Ontario government Stalinist. I am beginning to understand why. Continue reading

Enbridge Grand Opening Met with Angry Protesters

cimg6288Rain wasn’t the only thing that put a damper on the Enbridge Ontario Wind Power grand opening celebration on Friday.

Police directed traffic past over 50 anti-wind power sign-carrying protesters to the tented celebration next to one of the 115 1.65MW Vestas V82 turbines near the sub-station off of Bruce Township’s Con. 6 in the Municipality of Kincardine.

With signs reading ‘Windfarms Make People Sick’, ‘Welcome to Hell’, ‘Save Our Skyline’ and ‘Health before Politics’, protesters greeted politicians like Deputy Premier George Smitherman and MPP Carol Mitchell, along with Enbridge staff, local politicians and property owners, with boos and jeers as they entered the site. Continue reading

Misplaced Celebration as Ontario Energy Minister Opens Enbridge Wind Development

See video of protest here

More pictures here

UNDERWOOD / Bruce County, Apr. 3. 2009 – Concerned citizens from across Ontario stood in the rain today to protest the grand opening of the Enbridge Ontario Cruickshank Wind Project. They want to identify reasons why the celebration was misplaced. They pointed out that people will be hurt by this and future industrial wind developments championed in the hastily developed, inadequate Green Energy Act. Continue reading

Dear Mr. McGuinty: Why do you rely on Industry Lobbyists for all Your Information?


  • Why have you turned a deaf ear to thousands of Ontarians and labelled them NIMBY’s simply because they are asking for a chance to have their legitimate concerns heard?  You once said in the Legislature that everyone should have “a fair voice in debates that affect them.” Apparently not when it conflicts with your views. Continue reading

McGuinty government trashes democracy and due diligence

CB013128Yesterday, I took the trouble to travel 4 hours to attend the Toronto “workshop” on the Green Energy Act held by the Ministry of the Environment and the Ministry of Natural Resources. (Where was the Ministry of Energy to answer questions?)

 It appears the government was deluded if it expected Ontario taxpayers to accept a farcical juvenile “workbook” completion exercise under the strictly controlled direction of a hired “facilitator” as anything to do with the democratic process. Those who attended included township and county mayors, doctors, engineers and a broad spectrum of professional and working people, all voicing their outrage at the proposed “Green Energy Act” and its  trashing of local democracy as well as our long-established environmental protection mechanisms. Continue reading

Barrie Examiner: Green Energy Act

 The Green Energy Act is an assault on democracy. Never have I seen an act purported to do something so good while cloaking a sinister plot to strip us of our rights and concentrate them in the hands of a cabinet minister. Continue reading

The province’s green energy plan is turning Ontario into a green police state

So a final question on Ontario’s new Green Energy Act: What’s the definition of corruption?

By Terence Corcoran, Financial Post

fe0306-hydro-comparison_eps1This is our third day with Ontario’s new Green Energy Act (GEA), a likely model for similar policy moves across Canada. We begin with a brief look at the latest in green police-state thinking. It’s modelled on the war on tobacco and the war on drugs: the war on carbon.

Continue reading

Green Energy Act: Removing local democracy never the solution

Grant Robertson  Guelph Mercury
It seems these days all manner of sins can be hidden by just throwing the label ‘green’ on it.

For those like the National Farmers Union that have fought for sound and sustainable environmental policies long before it was trendy, seeing the word ‘green’ co-opted is indeed troubling.

It is clear that this is precisely what the McGuinty government is up to with the so-called “Green” Energy Act. Continue reading

Green Energy Act off the mark in two cases

Strathroy Age Dispatch

But isn’t this a classic case of the means justifying the end? Limiting public input is a dangerous path to follow for any democratic government. There’s currently a lively debate going on, for instance, over the possible public health effects of wind turbines. Those pushing wind power think these concerns are frivolous, and can produce studies that back them up. It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for a government committed to wind power to call these concerns frivolous and throw them out, even though we have seen all sorts of other studies suggesting that at the least, the jury is still out on the health issue.

In short, we don’t care for the idea that a government that is an active player in the alternative energy issue can also make the rules that govern the debate.

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Minister adds turbulence to wind debate

Jim Coyle , Toronto Star

In some parts of Ontario, folks are understandably edgy about being trampled in the provincial government’s stampede to the brave new world of windmill power.

For them, the performance this week by the minister in charge of installing the twirling green giants can hardly have eased the mind.

Unhappily, George Smitherman has rarely seen a discussion he wouldn’t sooner turn into a brawl.

Property owners with wind turbines in their neighbourhood’s future have already been dismissed by the minister of energy and infrastructure (and the premier) as NIMBYs to be swept expeditiously aside. Continue reading