“They’re Not Green” Episodes 10 Now Released

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The reality of wind turbines is not as efficient as lobbyists would like the public to believe

Sign-RealityCheckUpper Ottawa Valley Daily Observer

The article in the Thursday, Oct. 27 edition of The Daily Observer, ‘Energy solution blowing in the wind,’ is an example of alternative energy propaganda funded by wind farm companies and promoted by environmental lobby groups.

Mr. Berton has nothing but praise for Spain and its supposedly 13 per cent production figure, but what he doesn’t tell you is that although the wind is free, the means to produce power from it is twice as expensive as conventional power plants. Furthermore, Spain is now realizing how inefficient wind power is.

England is on the brink of a blackout in about seven years because of its commitment to wind power. The British have spent billions of pounds installing 2,000 wind turbines that barely produce one per cent of the power needed. Continue reading

Climatism and the new green industrial state

By Terence Corcoran, Financial Post

…At the Copenhagen climate conference in December, no group looks forward more fervently than big business to a global carbon control agreement filled with firm targets, big tax increases and massive subsidies for special interests all over the world….

…In Ontario, the list of corporations supporting and circling the province’s new Green Energy Act is an appalling demonstration of climatism run amok. From TransCanada to GE, from wind farm developers to solar panel makers, it’s a corporatist free for all.  All have joined forces with David Suzuki, Environmental Defence and other green groups in cahoots with government to install a regime that looks all to much like a giant swindle. Mr. Suzuki’s image, and his video support for their cause, is a fixture on the Ontario green energy web site….

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Green policies offer fascinating case study in the difference between real PR and fake PR

steve_aplin50Canadian Energy Issues  by Steve Aplin

All of which means that when the greens call for wind, they are really calling for natural gas. When Ontarians read newspaper headlines in 2015 saying that provincial GHGs are as bad as they ever were, they will wonder how they were so badly fooled by those who said wind is the answer to climate change. Continue reading

Uneasy coexistence of nuclear and wind on the Ontario electricity grid

(A shorter version of this article appeared in the Canadian Nuclear Society’s BULLETIN magazine, 2009 June edition)
This article is intended to show how Ontario’s nuclear power plants interact with the grid and how they will be affected by wind generation. Hopefully it will get readers to raise questions about the risk wind poses to the availability of the nuclear units and to the reliability of the grid.  Continue reading

Myth of the Danish green energy ‘miracle’

trebilcock-standingMichael Trebilcock’s reply to Sigurd Lauge Pedersen, Denmark:

Wind power doesn’t reduce CO2 emissions, costs consumers more and kills jobs.

It is important to understand why the Danish government, which appears to have commissioned Mr. Pedersen’s comments, is sensitive to critiques of the Danish experience with wind power. Denmark is home to Vestas, the world’s largest wind turbine manufacturer, with 20,000 employees and a market share of between 20% and 25%. As the market for its turbines in Denmark and other European countries becomes saturated, it seeks to export the Danish experience worldwide. To this end, it recently ran a multi-million dollar global ad campaign with the slogan, “Believe in the wind,” claiming that Denmark has solved the problem of dirty electricity through wind power. Continue reading

Submissions to the Green Energy Act Standing Committee

Submission to the GEA Standing Committee by Lou Eyamie, President of S.O.S.

Submission to the GEA Standing Committee Hearings by Keith Stelling

Submission to GEA Standing Committee Hearings by Grant Church

Submission to the GEA Standing Committee Hearing by Michael J. Trebilcock

Submission to the GEA Standing Committee Hearings by William K. Palmer

Testamony from Barbara Ashbee to the GEA Standing Committee

Need for support from gas-powered plants means it’s also not even very green

Toronto Star

Need for support from gas-powered plants means it’s also not even very green

More Natural Gas Plants will have to be built to accomodate more wind turbines

More Natural Gas Plants will need to be built to accomodate the erratic output of wind power

The Ontario government says its new Green Energy Act, if passed, will help Ontario become “North America’s leader in renewable energy.”

But since most of this new renewable energy will be from wind, it may not be the smartest move for Ontario because its large hydro and nuclear capacity is not compatible with wind generation. Wind requires natural gas-fired generation for support and natural gas will be a most precarious fuel for Ontario.

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Answers not blowing in the wind turbines

Mr. Liberal McGuinty is touring the province promoting the further weakening of legislative oversight through the Green Energy Act. The plot unfolds predictably. Profits are being made without the public receiving the benefits expected — not power, not a cleaner environment, and not improved public health. This is truly a scandal of massive proportions.

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Wind Turbines in Europe Do Nothing for Emissions-Reduction Goals

By Anselm Waldermann  Spiegel Online International

Despite Europe’s boom in solar and wind energy, CO2 emissions haven’t been reduced by even a single gram. Now, even the Green Party is taking a new look at the issue — as shown in e-mails obtained by SPIEGEL ONLINE. Continue reading