Mike Crawley and International Power leave community in tatters

Mike Crawley, President, International Power Canada (IPR-GDF Suezis also recently elected President of the Federal Liberal Party.   To date, this company has refused to help any of the residents who are seriously suffering in the Erie Shores complex.
Letter from Resident of the Lake Erie Shores Wind Facility: Continue reading

Follow the Funding! **Must Watch**

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“Schmiergelder” behind acceptance of wind turbines

New Hamburg Independent

One advantage of attending the “open houses” that must be held by wind farm proponents is that you get to have long conversations with the company staff.

The atmosphere of these different forums varies a lot, depending on the representatives and how tough the questions are of the residents who will have to live with the effects of these machines — day and night. Noise is the predominant issue and raises a great amount of fear and foreboding in those who will live within a project. Liken it to a diesel locomotive or a gas turbine engine of — 3000 hp, setting it on a 300-foot tower and shoving the throttle wide open. Now imagine that there are 50 of these within a project. Not quite the fluttering of leaves — the tired phrase the companies like to use.

Noise is one issue. There are many other issues, and the compounding of these problems has brought the Liberal government and the companies to the point where they are desperate to stop the growing opposition. To accomplish this, a new tactic/theme is appearing — let’s call it “schmiergelder,” literally “grease money”, a fluidly colorful term, which Karl Heinz Schreiber used to describe how business deals are enhanced by lubrication with money — you know, cash in brown envelopes handed off in hotel room meetings. Continue reading

Biggest con ever perpetrated on the people of Ontario

Lindsay Post

Well folks, here we are once again struggling for our democratic rights here in Ontario to prevent the deployment of wind turbines.

I really didn’t think that this would ever reach the approval stage, knowing how Ontarians feel about our democratic rights and freedom of speech.

It never ceases to amaze me that with all the increases in electrical rates and the prospect of paying up to 300% more in five or so years, that most people just sit back and say, ‘oh well, what can we do about it?’

There is a whole lot you can do about it. For a start, let your MPP know how ticked off you are that your civil rights have been eroded by the so-called Green Energy Act, which purports to be helping the greening of the planet. In reality its going to be responsible for putting seniors out of their homes, due to the fact that they will be seriously struggling to pay their hydro bills in five or so years. Continue reading

Federal Fisheries Minister’s son-in-law gets $10-20 million for a Wind Project

Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, Gail Shea

Minister of Fisheries and Oceans, Gail Shea

Also read: Shea Caught Up in Turbine Conflict

By STEPHEN MAHER Ottawa Bureau The Chronicle Herald

OTTAWA — Federal ethics commissioner Mary Dawson appears to have invented a secret bureaucratic process to avoid posting public disclosure statements by ministers who are in conflicts of interest, say the Liberal and NDP ethics critics and a government watchdog group. Continue reading

Look who Dalton McGuinty has crawled into bed with

The McGuinty Liberals made a undertendered, ½ billion dollar sweetheart deal behind closed doors, against the wishes of his caucus with our tax money.    Samsung has no experience in the wind industry, not even in Korea.  The Auditor General needs to take a closer look at this.

Samsung rocked by bribery investigation   Muttered accusations of bribery, stock manipulation, tax evasion and dirty tricks have always surrounded South Korea’s mighty chaebolThe inquiry follows allegations by one of Samsung’s own legal team that the company had created a 200 billion won slush fund used for bribing government officials.

Samsung chief indicted on tax evasion charge  An extensive and embarrassing investigation of the most iconic industrialist in South Korea has ended with an indictment on tax evasion charges for Lee Kun-hee, the chairman of Samsung.

Essex Councillors Bizarre Flip-Flop

Hypocritical stance taken by R. Voakes and P. Innis

[Editor’s note: This bizarre reaction from the two Essex Councilors who did everything in their power to get a large land-based project shoved through.  … So it’s OK to site just meters from where children sleep and play….but not in the lake??]

By Gary Rennie, The Windsor Star  

ESSEX, Ont. — The Town of Essex wants the developer of a multibillion-dollar offshore wind turbine project in Lake Erie and Lake St. Clair to come to a special meeting to explain it.

“It scares the living hell out of us,” said Coun. Randy Voakes. Continue reading

Subsidies, distortion, fake job creation and back-room political deals

Ontario puts $10B in the wind
By Terence Corcoran, National Post

When government and industry talk about green energy, what they mean by green is the green stuff that will be going into the pockets of special corporate and government interests.

In a dramatic move yesterday, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty struck a green electricity deal — allegedly the biggest of its kind in the world — that will transmit a subsidy worth as much as $10-billion into the hands of a Korean state enterprise and corporate giant Samsung. Continue reading

Untendered, Secret Deal Gives Away $437,500 per Green Job


Premier Dalton McGuinty says his $7-billion deal with South Korea’s Samsung Group to create 16,000 new jobs over six years and generate 2,500 megawatts of renewable energy will “make Ontario the place for green energy manufacturing in North America.”

He’d better hope so. That’s a huge price tag to provide less than one-third of the 50,000 green jobs McGuinty promised would result from his Green Energy Act.

At 16,000 jobs (only 4,000 permanent) it’s $437,500 to create each one. Continue reading

John “Conflict of Interest” Gerretsen’s Efficiency Numbers are Misleading

Credit:  By Paul Schliesmann, The Whig Standard

A retired Queen’s University physics professor says wind farms don’t live up to the hype generated by energy companies and governments.

John Harrison says that for the final six months of 2009, the Wolfe Island wind farm operated at about one-quarter efficiency.

It’s misleading, Harrison said, for Ontario Environment Minister John Gerretsen and Trans -Alta, the company that recently bought the wind farm, to claim that the 86 turbines power 75,000 homes. Continue reading

Where are our 3 farm organizations when we need them most?

Orangeville Citizen

The numerous wind farms being built should make apparent to everyone that southern Ontario will be covered with wind turbines from Lake Huron to Lake Erie & Lake Ontario. That is provincial government policy and the Green Energy Act “streamlines” the approval process to the benefit of the wind turbine companies. 

Sadly, all the farm organizations appear to have been bullied into submission and are not looking after farmers’ interests. Simply stated: Continue reading

Ask questions about wind turbines

The Regional News This Week (Haldimand Norfolk area)

My family and I moved into Walpole Township 20 years ago made it home and raised our children. I have never offered my thoughts or opinions to a newspaper before, but after attending the Port Dover and Nanticoke wind farm show and tell, I feel I have to.

We enjoy rural life. We don’t have city water or sewers, sidewalks or streetlights. Being able to sit out in the evening, listening to the bullfrogs and crickets whilst staring at the stars in the dark night sky, feeling sorry for the city folk that just don’t understand we’re not living out here because we’re poor and cannot afford to live in the city, we are here because we want to be.

I then read that some large corporation has decided that they want to make a lot of money by moving large wind turbines into this area and sell the electricity to the grid. This in the name of ‘renewable energy’ and we are supposed to be good corporate citizens and welcome them with open arms. Continue reading

Response to CanWEA/AWEA Study

Co-authored by Dr. Robert McMurtry & Dr. Michael A. Nissenbaum
Studies commissioned by Wind Energy Associations containing paid for results should not be considered independent. No original research was conducted, based on review of the literature a clean bill of health has been awarded. It is a low order of scientific evidence. It has not been peer reviewed.
The evidence may also be of questionable veracity since the recent revelations of evidence of the altering of scientific papers by Hayes McKenzie(UK). Just this week it has been reported that these very noise issues were suppressed in the UK to enable wind turbines to be placed closer to human habitation. Continue reading

Acoustic Ecology Institute blasts CanWEA funded study

Wind industry study says no health effects – but “omits” any mention of sleep disruption

A report issued by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) and the Canadian Wind Energy Association (CanWEA) purports to assess all currently available research on the health effects associated with exposure to wind farm noise, and concludes that there are no such problems.  The report centers on the symptoms of the reported “wind turbine syndrome,” and offers a robust critique of the idea that low frequency noise from wind farms can cause direct health impacts; meanwhile, however, the report minimizes the levels of annoyance and impacts on quality of life reported in other studies, and completely omits any assessment of the most widely reported health-related impact of living near wind farms, sleep disruption.

Read entire critique here

Governed by the ill wind of deception

This weekend it was revealed that a report commissioned by a government department into the noise made by wind turbines and the effect on those who live near them had been quietly doctored……And what of the other reports into noise, effects on wildlife and so on? Were they streamlined, too?.

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With Wind Energy, Opportunity for Corruption


The authorities say it is impossible to quantify the level of fraud in public spending on wind energy because investigations are scattered across different countries among the regional and fiscal police. But critics say the available riches and patchy controls are luring a rogue’s gallery of corrupt politicians and entrepreneurs trying to literally create money out of thin air.

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Government Suppresses Noise Protection Expert Advice

With the deluge of complaints, is the same thing happening in Ontario?

Jane and Julian Davis had to abandon their home

Jonathan Leake and Harry Byford  Times Online

Civil servants have suppressed warnings that wind turbines can generate noise damaging people’s health for several square miles around.

The guidance from consultants indicated that the sound level permitted from spinning blades and gearboxes had been set so high — 43 decibels — that local people could be disturbed whenever the wind blew hard. The noise was also thought likely to disrupt sleep.

The report said the best way to protect locals was to cut the maximum permitted noise to 38 decibels, or 33 decibels if the machines created discernible “beating” noises as they spun.

It has now emerged that officials removed the warnings from the draft report in 2006 by Hayes McKenzie Partnership (HMP), the consultants. The final version made no mention of them.

It means that hundreds of turbines at wind farms in Britain have been allowed to generate much higher levels of noise, sparking protests from people living near them. Continue reading

Another Backroom Deal?

Toronto Sun
The government needs to explain why it would agree to pay a private company nearly three times what it pays publicly owned Ontario Power Generation for hydro electricity, the official opposition demanded yesterday.

“Why would your government be willing to pay a private power producer up to 8 cents a kilowatt hour, causing ever-increasing power prices to our consumers, when our regulated power provider, Ontario Power Generation, only receives 3.2 cents per kilowatt hour for their regulated hydraulic resources? Why?” Progressive Conservative energy critic John Yakabuski said during question period. Continue reading

Hacked Files Reveal Renewable Energy Funding Hypocrisy

American Thinker

It seems that while scientists who accept funding from oil companies are branded as bought-and-paid-for shills, those financed by renewable energy interests remain unchallenged authorities in their fields.  Words can’t adequately express my astonishment. 

Amid the thousands of files apparently misappropriated from Britain’s Climate Research Unit (CRU) last week sit two documents on the subject of the unit’s funding.  One is a spreadsheet (pdj_grant_since1990.xls) logging the various grants CRU chief PD Jones has received since 1990.  Continue reading

CanWEA Lobbyists Dismiss Impacts on Ontario Citizens

President of Wind Energy Association Arrested for Wind Subsidy Fraud

VIGORITO_Fratelli-350x281Links to Mafia?     By Guy Dinmore Financial Times
Italian finance police, mounting an operation code named “Gone with the wind”, yesterday said they had arrested two of the country’s most prominent businessmen in the wind energy sector.

Police said the charges related to fraud involved in obtaining public subsidies to construct wind farms. They are also investigating the sale of wind farms to foreign companies.

Oreste Vigorito, head of the IVPC energy company and president of Italy’s National Association of Wind Energy, was arrested on Tuesday in Naples. Vito Nicastri, a Sicilian business associate, was arrested in Alcamo, Sicily.

Two other men were arrested in Sicily and the Naples area, while 11 others were charged but not arrested.  Continue reading

Samsung Sweetheart deal that could end up costing taxpayers Billion$ of dollar$ in subsidies


The Samsung Group is a multinational conglomerate headquartered in South Korea

Toronto Star – A controversial deal between the province and Samsung Group will not die just because its main champion, George Smitherman, is leaving Queen’s Park, insists Premier Dalton McGuinty.

As first disclosed by the Star, McGuinty’s cabinet is split over the provisional agreement with the South Korean industrial giant to manufacture renewable energy equipment like wind turbines and develop wind and solar farms here. Continue reading

Good Riddance, Smitherman. You can have him, Toronto.

Smitherman Quits Ontario Cabinet
CTV Toronto

Some analysts believe that Smitherman’s announcement was hastened by a recent dust-up at Queen’s Park, in which Smitherman was confronted about his dealings with the Samsung Group.

Smitherman had been courting the South Korean industrial giant for a deal to build a multi-billion dollar wind turbine facility in the province.

However, McGuinty stalled the agreement amid concern that too much provincial cash would be used to subsidize the deal.

During one caucus meeting, Smitherman was reportedly attacked by his colleagues about the deal’s specifics. Continue reading

Lake Ontario Waterkeeper Critical of MNR Policies

pm_240806Joanna Bull & Krystyn Tully, Waterkeeper.ca Weekly

Earlier this year, Ontario introduced new legislation known as the Green Energy Act. The Act is intended to support the development of the renewable energy industry in Ontario. In so doing, it changes the government approvals process for “green energy” projects by changing a variety of statutes, regulations, policies, and procedures. Continue reading

McGuinty stalls plan after cabinet uproar

Toronto Star160x_smitherman1_051212

The Ontario government’s multi-billion-dollar wind turbine deal with South Korean industrial giant Samsung Group is in jeopardy after a power play in Premier Dalton McGuinty’s cabinet, the Toronto Star has learned.

Sources say rival ministers opposed to Deputy Premier George Smitherman’s pet scheme, which they fear will mean “billions” of dollars in subsidies to Samsung, have convinced McGuinty to stall the landmark deal first reported in the Star on Sept. 27. Continue reading

Health fears blown off

Note:   During Tabun’s speech, several members of the gallery left in tears as they could not bear the revictimization from yet another mindless politician.


Peter Tabuns: You rural people are collatoral damage - Deal with it!

By Antonella Artuso, Sun Media Queen’s Park Bureau London Free Press

TORONTO — Tory MPP Bill Murdoch’s resolution calling for a moratorium on new wind turbines in Ontario pending confirmation that there are no adverse health effects on humans stalled in the legislature.

Murdoch said his resolution was drafted in response to concerns about wind power raised by hundreds of people in his riding and across the province.

“I’m disappointed and where the people go from here I don’t know,” Murdoch said yesterday. “The government of the day has decided that they don’t count by turning down my resolution.”

The Ontario government shouldn’t proceed with its ambitious wind energy plan until it gets the official green light from the chief medical officer of health, Murdoch said, adding people have a right to know if the wind turbines near their homes will make them sick. Continue reading

CanWEA’s Lobbyist Under Investigation?

“Somehow Navigator has a privileged, inside-information pipeline to the PMO and it doesn’t get much more privileged than that. It goes all the way to the top.”

img_16951OTTAWA — Opposition politicians accused officials in the Prime Minister’s Office of threatening the integrity of the independent Commissioner of Lobbying, in the wake of revelations that the watchdog was investigating a lobbyist firm with close connections to senior Ottawa Conservatives. Continue reading

Canada’s worst government

Terence Corcoran, Financial Postsmitherman
Every now and then a province falls into the hands of blundering politicians so inept that their government ends up deserving of the title “Canada’s Worst Government.”   It’s a rare award. At any time somebody has to be the worst, but no award for routine bottom-of-the-barrel performance seems necessary.  Occasionally, however, the metric of incompetence is so large and conspicuous it demands special recognition.  The Liberal regime of Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, now slipping into deep deficits that are likely to exceed $30-billion over two years and continue into the future, has hit the tipping point and triggered its candidacy as Canada’s Worst Government. Continue reading

Call for Public Inquiry on Liberal eHealth Scandal

Crime-Scene-TapeQUEENS PARK – Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke MPP John Yakabuski today called for a public inquiry to resolve the many unanswered questions that remain about the serious, and potentially criminal, abuses of the taxpayer money that occurred with the McGuinty Liberal eHealth Scandal.

Yakabuski noted that the Auditor General lacked the mandate or the resources necessary to answer many of the most important unanswered questions about a scandal that saw hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars funneled to Liberal friendly consultants through untendered contracts and sweetheart deals. Continue reading

Green Energy Act damages democracy

Meaford Express 

Anytime a government rams through legislation containing sweeping new rules governing large industrial projects and limits debate on the matter and ignores legitimate concerns from the public –  our democracy is threatened.

Yet, people across Ontario have witnessed the current provincial government implement draconian new laws that take away public rights and grant massive taxpayer funded subsidies to big industry interested in producing new forms of energy.

The government’s excuse for why all of this is necessary: the new energy being produced is considered “green.” Continue reading