Residents pack arena hall to hear presentations on health, wind turbines

by Chris Daponte      Wellington Advertiser

DRAYTON – Dave Colling says for those living near wind turbines, the effect of stray voltage – or what he calls “dirty electricity” – is akin to “living inside a microwave.”  ( See videos of Dave Colling)

An employee of Bio-Ag Consultants and Distributors in Wellesley Township, Colling regularly tests homes, offices, and farms throughout Ontario for electrical problems resulting from nearby wind turbines.

On Dec. 17 he told about 200 people at the PMD Arena that prolonged exposure to the dirty electricity produced by turbines can lead to electrical hypersensitivity, which is like an allergic reaction to everything electrical.

“In the long run, you’re going to wish you never had them built on your land,” he predicted.

Colling was one of three guest speakers at the information meeting organized by several Mapleton residents, led by John Krul and Bill Kabbes, who sent out 2,000 invitations to the event. Continue reading