Ontario Assessment Review Board ruling on wind power noise sets precedent

by Bob Aaron   Toronto Star

In a precedent setting move, a recently discovered decision of the provincial Assessment Review Board (ARB) has cut a homeowner’s assessment in half because the house is located near a noisy hydro substation. The hydro plant serves a nearby wind farm producing “clean” electricity.

The decision of ARB member Ana Cristina Marques was issued following an appeal by Paul Thompson of the assessment on his house. Continue reading

Electrical Pollution & Wind Turbines

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The fight has only just begun

SUN MEDIA Sault Star

Local wind farm opponents vowed yesterday to keep pushing for independent studies into the effects wind turbines have on people.

Ontario legislators rejected Bruce- Grey-Owen Sound MPP Bill Murdoch’s call to halt industrial wind farm development until the province’s top doctor can assure the government turbines don’t harm people living nearby.

But defeating Murdoch’s resolution won’t stop growing opposition in rural Ontario, or mounting questions over how the big machines affect people’s health, wind turbine opponents said. Continue reading

Health fears blown off

Note:   During Tabun’s speech, several members of the gallery left in tears as they could not bear the revictimization from yet another mindless politician.


Peter Tabuns: You rural people are collatoral damage - Deal with it!

By Antonella Artuso, Sun Media Queen’s Park Bureau London Free Press

TORONTO — Tory MPP Bill Murdoch’s resolution calling for a moratorium on new wind turbines in Ontario pending confirmation that there are no adverse health effects on humans stalled in the legislature.

Murdoch said his resolution was drafted in response to concerns about wind power raised by hundreds of people in his riding and across the province.

“I’m disappointed and where the people go from here I don’t know,” Murdoch said yesterday. “The government of the day has decided that they don’t count by turning down my resolution.”

The Ontario government shouldn’t proceed with its ambitious wind energy plan until it gets the official green light from the chief medical officer of health, Murdoch said, adding people have a right to know if the wind turbines near their homes will make them sick. Continue reading

Electrical Pollution Driving Ontario Families from Their Homes

By Bill Henry Owen Sound Sun Times

Three months after the Ripley Wind Farm went online in December, 2007, Dave Colling’s phone started ringing.

Three of his neighbours were seeing doctors about recurring ear aches. They knew Colling, a former dairy farmer who lives within two kilometres of the turbines near the southern Bruce County community, had an interest in and could test for what he calls “electrical pollution.”

“It’s like living inside a microwave. It radiates,” Colling told more than 100 people Tuesday night in Keady.

He said stray voltage eventually forced four families from their homes. Two have not returned, and one family sold the farm and moved away. Continue reading

High-frequency electrical pollution from Ripley Wind Farm

Dirty Electricity vs. Clean Electricity

Download original document: “High-frequency electrical pollution from Ripley Wind Farm”

Author:  Colling, David

All the Ripley Wind Farm readings where recorded in the same way, measuring the waveform from the ground wire at the transformer pole or the ground wire on the collection poles from the windmills to a remote ground rod approximately 20 meters from the pole we were measuring at. Continue reading

Low Frequency Noise and Infrasound – Animals

featured_g969003_beloved-horsesPossible causes and effects upon land-based animals and freshwater creatures
Download Document Here

Excerpt:   Unless the problem is recognised as real and acute the potential for further chronic and significant harm to land based animals and fresh water creatures.

We are Victims of Wind – Don’t Let This Happen to You

Residents of Ripley, Ontario

Victims of the Ripley, Ontario Industrial Wind Facility

We suffer from: 
House Vibration                              Electrical Pollution
Tightening in the Chest                   Ringing in the Ears
High Stress                                    Cardiac Arrythmia
Acute Hypertension                         Sleep Deprivation
Depression                                     Severe Financial Loss
Altered Living Conditions                  Abandoned by our government

Interview with Dr. Michael A. Nissenbaum

Download Dr. Nissenbaum’s Presentation of Preliminary Findings to the Maine Medical Association

Continue reading

National Post: Dalton McGuinty, Rubber Duck Award, Junk Science Week

Posted: June 20, 2009, 2:18 AM by NP Editor rubber__duck

When readers were asked to submit nominations for these Rubber Duck Awards, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty scored high. He deserves it. The list of nanny-state initiatives foisted upon Ontarians based on dubious science claims is long and growing.

The province’s new Green Energy Act, one of the more interventionist energy-regulatory regimes in North America, brings in massive subsidies for wind power and solar energy, new electricity pricing mechanisms and regulations that aim to turn the Ontario economy into a carbon-reduction powerhouse. Trouble is, the government produced not one page of scientific proof that the program will cut even one carbon of emissions. Continue reading

Wind Turbines – Proposed Requirements and Setbacks

Download New Final Regulations Here

(From Ontario MOE website)   Download Detailed Proposed Regulations Here Continue reading

Victims of wind turbines should unite

normal_windisnothealthy VOW©, Victims of Wind, is a support group recently formed for those people. In less than one month over 40 people have joined.  If you, or anyone you know is having difficulty, please call toll free 1-888-700-5655 or e-mail vow2help@gmail.com

People from across Ontario who welcomed wind turbines into their community are now coming forward with questions and concerns about disturbed living conditions and health concerns and don’t know where to turn. Continue reading

Owen Sun Times Cartoon – AIM Powergen

Mr. Jay Wilgar, AIM Vice President became quite irate when citizens wanted answers to the health issues.    He insisted the meeting was strictly for "visual assessment".

Mr. Jay Wilgar, Vice President of AIM Powergen became quite irate when citizens wanted answers to health questions. He insisted the meeting was strictly for "visual assessment" and threatened to shut down the meeting if they persisted in asking those types of questions.

Port Alma Wind Project Victim Launches Online Diary


Picture1I started this blog because my family and I are experiencing symptoms we believe are related to the Wind Turbines near our home. I hope to create a diary of our story to assist others, ourselves, and begin awareness of the fact that Wind Turbines are not necessarily the answer. I am amazed as I research this issue to see how little is really known about the effects of wind turbines on humanity and wildlife. This is my first blog.

An accurate report should have substance behind the glossy covers

 The Daily Observer – Ontario, CA

I am compelled to respond to Kevin O’Kane’s letter to the editor that appeared in a recent issue of this paper.

Mr. O’Kane writes that “if she (Cheryl Gallant) is concerned about relative health issues she should consult the 2008 Information Report issued by the Municipality of Chatham-Kent: “The Health Impact of Wind Turbines, A Review of White, Grey and Published Literature.”

Mr. O’Kane obviously believes that this document is an authoritative report. And that’s where his argument falls apart. Let me explain: Dr. Colby, the acting medical officer for Chatham-Kent, has been credited with writing this document. However, he has stated that the health unit wrote it and he supervised and approved it. He has also stated that he is no expert on wind turbines and has not conducted any of his own research on the subject. This document does not address the reports of worldwide health effects, nor does it take into account current medical research. It is an incomplete literature review. Continue reading

More Needed on Wind Turbines

Posted By COLIN MACKAY – Belleville Intelligencer

The use of wind turbines as a cleaner source of renewable energy has generated much discussion lately.

Six possible wind farms with many wind turbines are in the process of coming to Prince Edward County over the next few years.

Complaints about wind farms are not new. Comments from residents living near wind turbines from around the world point out that there are issues that need to be addressed.

This has pitted environmentalists and turbine manufacturers against local residents. To date the provincial government has managed to muffle the concerns of its own residents. However, the voices of concerned Ontario residents are starting to grow louder. Continue reading

Health risk associated with wind turbines needs to be studied

Letter to the Editor  Cornwall Freeholder

The opposition being experienced by ProWind in the Woodstock area is not associated with “misinformation” or a desire to be paid for turbines, but rather a wealth of knowledge regarding adverse effects, based on science and current experiences at many industrial wind developments worldwide. The effects are neither as rare nor as trivial as the wind developers claim. Continue reading

Modern Wind Turbines Generate Dangerously “Dirty” Electricity

18809934_1By Catherine Kleiber, electricalpollution.com

Wind turbines are causing serious health problems. These health problems are often associated, by the people having them, with the flicker and the noise from the wind turbines. This often leads to reports being discounted. Continue reading

Support Ripley Victims!

Please consider sending this email to the following provincial ministers and your local MPP.  Encourage others to do the same.
dmcguinty.mpp.co@liberal.ola.org, dcaplan.mpp@liberal.ola.org, gsmitherman.mpp@liberal.ola.org,jgerretsen.mpp@liberal.ola.org, john.yakabuskico@pc.ola.org 
Cut from below and paste into your email:

Once again I am writing to express my displeasure with the McGuinty Liberal’s lack of compassion for the victims who are suffering from wind turbine adverse health effects.
I refer to the letter, attached below, addressed to Premier McGuinty composed by yet another Ontarian suffering from wind turbine exposure.
How many families will have to suffer before the McGunity Liberals and their business partners, the wind energy companies, take notice?
The families of the Ripley Wind Project have endured adverse health effects for more than a year.
Everyday more and more Ontarians are becoming aware of the McGuinty Government’s policy of placing wind turbines ahead of public health.
I demand to know what the McGuinty Liberals are going to do to stop the suffering.  I await your prompt response to my demand.
Letter from a wind turbine complex victim

Mr. McGuinty,
This is my third letter to you, our government’s top representative, regarding the serious health problems incurred and occurring to the residence within the Ripley Wind Project since the last week of November 2007. Continue reading

Interview with Resident of Amarath Ontario Wind Farm

Part I

Part II