Alliance to appeal Ostrander Point Wind Park approval
The Alliance to Protect Prince Edward County (APPEC) has filed an appeal to the Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) on the approval of Gilead Power’s Ostrander Point wind project. The appeal, says Henri Garand, APPEC Chair, “is focused on the serious health effects that nine wind turbines will inflict on residents living within two kms.

ert“In 2011, the Chatham-Kent ERT panel acknowledged that wind turbines can cause harm when sited too close.  It also noted that Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Arlene King had failed to research ‘indirect’ health effects in her 2010 review of scientific literature. “APPEC’s appeal will take into account the ERT’s guidance on the need to show harm to specific ‘receptors,’ aka persons.  It will present the latest acoustical, epidemiological and medical research, as well as the testimonies of Ontario wind victims.”

Garand notes that while previous ERT appeals featured a battle among experts, “this time Ontario residents will recount the adverse health effects they personally experience when living next to wind turbines despite supposedly protective setbacks. Read article

Manitloulin McLean’s Mt. ERT Appeal

Prelimminary hearing info
Date: December 18
Time: 1:00 pm
Place: Lion’s Den – The Town of Eastern Manitoulin and the Islands Recreation Centre: 9001 hwy 6 Little Current MAP Continue reading

“I have no respect for Samsung. They have no respect for the wildlife. All they care about is the money.”

Jennifer Vo, PennEnergy
“No one on this tribunal will be living on this land. No one will know the effects until 40 years from now,” said Six Nations resident Lester Green in his closing statement at the Samsung Grand Renewable Energy Park hearing. The daylong hearing heard the appellants including Six Nations residents Bill Monture and Lester Green and Haldimand Wind Concerns restate their case on the morning of November 2 while the afternoon heard the closing testimonies from Samsung and the Ministry of Environment.

“No one knows what this will bring until there’s a disaster,” said Monture who added that the land is still disputed and the next action natives will take is put up trespassing signs on the land against renewable energy projects. “I have no respect for Samsung. They have no respect for the wildlife. All they care about is the money,” said Monture. “It’s pretty sad that we would give up our children’s rights for a dollar.”

The Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) requested both written and oral submissions from all parties with the purpose of giving everyone a final opportunity to be heard. Monture and Green’s case revolved around the damage that the industrial wind turbines (IWT) could cause to the environment. They pled to the tribunal stating that Six Nations people live and rely heavily on that land.

Other arguments included the negative and irreversible effects the turbines could create to humans and animals; participants demanded more studies to be done including consideration of shadow flicker, which can create distractions for farmers operating farm equipment as well as reconsideration of the power line route. Read article

Chatham-Kent Appeal adjournment denied

Chatham Daily News
A request for adjournment concerning an appeal of the South Kent Wind Warm has been turned down, according to a staff member of the appellant’s lawyer.  Chatham-Kent Wind Action Group Inc. was seeking more time in order to line up witnesses, since multiple hearings are taking place in the province. The group is being represented by Toronto-based Eric Gillespie.

The Environmental Review Tribunal hearing is set to resume Aug. 30 at the Chatham-Kent Civic Centre.  The 124-turbine project — a joint venture between Samsung and Pattern Energy — has received conditional approval from the Ontario Ministry of the Environment.  CKWAG appealed the project citing potential health impacts.

Watford wind project appeal to be heard

Esther Wrightman

Update: MOE’s motion to ‘dismiss’ the appeal was denied
By Daniel Punch, The Sarnia Observer
Opponents of the government-approved Zephyr wind farm project near Watford will get the chance to state their case to Ontario’s Environmental Review Tribunal. A preliminary hearing to appeal the project will be held Dec. 22 at Lambton County’s Wyoming council chambers. The next hearing is scheduled for Jan. 11. The Middlesex-Lambton Wind Action Group (WAG) filed the appeal in the wake of government approval for the $22-million, four-turbine, 10-MW wind farm. Green Breeze Energy Inc. is currently building the farm’s infrastructure near Churchill Line between Ebenezer and Walnut roads. Read article

Brooke-Alvinston wind farm approval appealed

by Paul Morden, Sarnia Observer
The Ontario government’s approval of a four-turbine wind farm near Watford is being appealed. The appeal of the Zephyr wind farm project was filed by the Middlesex-Lambton Wind Action Group and the province’s Environmental Review Tribunal (ERT) has scheduled a preliminary hearing for Dec. 15, 10 a.m., in the council chambers at the Lambton County buildings in Wyoming.  Read article

Construction to begin on wind turbine in Port Elgin; hundreds of residents within 550m bubble

For further information:
Daniel Santoro, Counsel to the Concerned Residents: 416.922.7272
Nicolas M. Rouleau, Counsel to the Concerned Residents: 416.885.1361

PORT ELGIN, ON, Nov. 18, 2011 /CNW/ – 35 concerned residents of Port Elgin Ontario have requested through legal counsel that the Minister of Environment stop the construction of an 800kW wind-powered electrical generator, which the CAW is attempting to erect as close as 150m to their homes. Current Regulations under the Environmental Protection Act require such generators to be a minimum of 550m away from all residences. Continue reading