Wolfe Island – One Year Later

Kingston Life
As everyone in Kingston surely knows by now, there are 86 wind turbines on Wolfe Island. All are on the island’s west side, which is exposed to the prevailing winds blowing off Lake Ontario. According to Canadian Hydro Developers, Inc., the company that erected them, the turbines will crank out enough electricity to power 75,000 homes per year. The rotors began spinning last June after more than decade of dreaming, negotiating, public and private meetings, planning and building. At a total cost of approximately $450 million, the wind farm is the Kingston area’s largest-ever construction project. Continue reading

Wolfe Island Offshore Project Given Approval Before Any Guidelines in Place

J. Gerretsen, Minister of the Environment

“(Ministries are) not seen as regulators anymore. They’re seen as facilitators. They’re not doing any of the science any more,” Mattson said.”

 By Paul Schliesmann, The Whig Standard

Kingston was approved for Ontario’s first offshore wind power project last week, yet no regulations exist governing where turbines can be installed or how far they must be from shorelines.

“The government is now working on establishing those standards. It’s a very new field,” said Ben Chin of the Ontario Power Authority, which granted the 300-megawatt project to Windstream Wolfe Island Shoals Inc. last week. Continue reading

Ontario Legislation to “Modernize” Environmental Approvals

Minister of Environment, John Gerretsen

McGuinty’s Liberals are now looking to even further “streamline” the process for approving wind projects.    “Modernizing” might be double-speak for doing away with rules developers must follow.   Perhaps it really means doing away with meaningful public input to fast-track wind developments.

John Gerretsen  insists on blindly denying there are any problems with wind turbines.   Now a “new, simplified process for activities that could be categorized as either lower-risk, less-complex or that have standard requirements” is being enacted. Continue reading

John “Conflict of Interest” Gerretsen’s Efficiency Numbers are Misleading

Credit:  By Paul Schliesmann, The Whig Standard

A retired Queen’s University physics professor says wind farms don’t live up to the hype generated by energy companies and governments.

John Harrison says that for the final six months of 2009, the Wolfe Island wind farm operated at about one-quarter efficiency.

It’s misleading, Harrison said, for Ontario Environment Minister John Gerretsen and Trans -Alta, the company that recently bought the wind farm, to claim that the 86 turbines power 75,000 homes. Continue reading

Ripley Residents Still Not Able to Move Back into their Homes

Credit:  By Sara Bender, Lucknow Sentinel, Lucknow Sentinal

Some Huron-Kinloss Twp. residents want to make it clear that they are still concerned with wind turbine development in the municipality. 

Township resident David Colling attended the Jan. 11 council meeting and said he wanted to clear up any misconception about the wind turbine company burying the transmission lines. He said not all lines have been buried yet and families are not able to move back into their homes. 

“One family is still in a hotel, paid for by the wind turbine company; another has left the township and two other families have moved back to their homes but they are still experiencing health problems,” said Colling.  Continue reading

Comment Unbecoming of Minister Gerretsen

Kingston Whig-Standard, 11 January 2010
In a recent article on the wind turbine debate, Ontario Environment Minister John Gerretsen used the worn-out term “NIMBY” in reference to opposition to wind turbines.

This comment is unbecoming of the minister, and to characterize those concerned about health as NIMBYs is discriminatory. It stereotypes residents concerned about the serious consequences of industrial-scale wind turbines.

Gerretsen has been well advised about the adverse health effects of wind turbines, and one would think he would express deep concern rather than discredit legitimate concerns. Continue reading

McGuinty blows smoke on wind


How can we give you straight answers when we have no idea what we're doing?

The Ontario government needs to start giving us some straight answers on ‘green’ energy


Normally, I don’t write about problems I encounter in getting information from government because I feel it’s too “inside baseball” for readers.

I’m making an exception because I think this incident illustrates the problems besieged opponents of industrial wind turbines living in communities across Ontario are encountering in getting straight answers from their own government. Continue reading

Windmills: Bigger Waste than eHealth

Tonight's Wind Efficency: 2%   WooHoo

Tonight's Wind Efficency: 2%

Posted: September 30, 2009, National Post

Wind reduces CO2 emissions at a subsidy cost of about $124 per tonne — one of the most expensive plans in the world

By Michael Trebilcock

Ontarians take note. A detailed new Danish study shatters most of the myths that the Danish-based wind turbine industry has been propagating in Canada and around the world as to the virtues of wind power. The study, Wind Energy: The Case of Denmark by the Centre for Policy Studies in Copenhagen, strongly reinforces reservations that I have noted in previous op-eds in this newspaper. Continue reading

Everyone is Protected and Subsidized Except the Consumer


Ontario Ratepayers Pay for McGuinty's Scheme

Ontario’s iron-fisted energy model   
Posted: September 30, 2009,  NP Editor  By Terence Corcoran

At the G20 Pittsburgh summit, Canada endorsed a commitment to end subsidies to fossil fuel industries and step up subsidies to renewable energy sources. “We commit to…stimulate investment in clean energy, renewables, and energy efficiency,” said the leaders. If anybody wonders what stimulating clean and green energy programs might mean to economic policy, a working model comes into effect today in Ontario. Continue reading

Quebec government cares more about residents than McGuinty government

Quebec Minister of Municipal Affairs, Nathalie Normandeau

Quebec Deputy Premier, Nathalie Normandeau

“Yes to wind development, but not … at any price”   Q & A with Nathalie Normandeau, Deputy Premier and Minister of Natural Resources And Wildlife
Marian Scott   The Montreal Gazette   

I can tell you, for our government, there is no question of imposing a project on a community that doesn’t want it.   For us, the principle of social acceptability is a sacred principle.  There is no question of ramming projects down people’s throats if they do not have wide acceptance in the community. Continue reading

George Smitherman Deathly Afraid of More Protests Today

Deathly Afraid of Wind Protest

Afraid of Wind Protests

Back in April of this year at the Grand Opening of the Enbridge Wind Farm in Kincardine, George Smitherman was met with a large group of very angry protestors.

Seems this time, he’s not taking any chances.   A little birdie told us that today at 11 am (Thurs Sept 10), he will be doing a carefully staged photo-op and press conference for the grand opening of the environmental fiasco called the Wolfe Island Wind Project.

Attendance is by invitation only and only if he responds.  Attendance is accessible only to the private club of proponent, company and government.  Even the press require special clearance.  The residents of Wolfe Island who must live under the shadow of these turbines are NOT invited.

Mr. Smitherman, how can you justify your policies when you must so carefully manipulate a simple Grand Opening?  

Hush, hush now.   We wouldn’t want any of the “public” to show up!

Another Ontario Family Driven from their Home

Update to this story, See:  Natural Resources Canada Eco-Bullies

So whatever happened to Barbara Lormand and Dennis Lormand?   The picture shows it all. They have finally been driven from their home.

Read the Hansard transcript from Barbara Ashbee’s Testamony to the Green Energy Act Standing Committee.       After pleading with Laurel Broten, Peter Tabuns, Carol Mitchell and others on the committee, Barbara and her husband Dennis have finally had to abandon their home.     These same politicians continue to push for more wind development in populated areas of rural Ontario.



Continue reading

Jim Vanden Hoek and the Wind Indu$try

“How are we going to bury this [$900 restaurant tab]?” Vanden Hoek asked the hapless official.  To the mayor’s great relief, the OPG executive reached for the bill.

“Let me take care of that,” said the OPG suit. “I’ll just add it to your public debt.”      (Laughter all around)

Telling Stories

Continue reading

OFCA: Stop the Turbines Until Health Study Conducted

By Hugo Rodrigues, SENTINEL-REVIEW  

The Oxford County Federation of Agriculture is adding its voice to those calling for a freeze on wind-farm developments in this county.   Read entire story here:  oxfordreview.com

We are not children to be condescended to

The Sudbury Star    By Ruth Farquhar,  freelance writer based on Manitoulin Island.

Manitoulin Island

Manitoulin Island

I wonder how many wind farms it will take to shut down one coal fired plant in Ontario?

Are legitimate concerns from the public being dismissed by an Ontario government that wants to be seen by the voter as being green?

After all one of their big campaign promises was to shut down the coal fired plants by 2007 and then they bumped it to 2014 and it doesn’t seem like they are any closer to shutting down even one plant. MPP George Smitherman has said, “Wind farms will help end coal use.” But do they?  More and more people are starting to question how much wind generation is actually reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Continue reading

Call for Gerretsen’s Resignation

The following ad appeared in the Kingston Whig Standard July 4th, 2009:

Which Community Will Be Next, Courtesy of John Gerretsen?

Protect AIMarysville, Wolfe Island Photo courtesy Brian Little

Ontarians are suffering serious health problems because industrial wind turbines are placed too close to homes.

You are responsible for this disgraceful state of affairs as Minister of the Environment.  How could this have happened Mr. Gerretsen? Continue reading