Turbine agreement rejected in Grey Highlands

by Chris Fell, Simcoe.com

Grey Highlands council at its regular meeting on Monday, July 25 turned down a road use agreement for the Plateau Wind Project.  In a 4-3 vote council defeated the agreement. The defeat of the agreement doesn’t mean much in the long-term picture. The turbines are still being built and the project will continue.  Read article

Grey Highlands Council votes to protect their citizens against the health and financial impacts of IWTs

In a recorded vote yesterday, the Grey Highlands Council voted 4 to 3 to oppose the Road Use Agreement with Plateau Wind and to oppose the withdraw of MGH’s appeal of  the Ontario Energy Board’s decision to Divisional Court. After an emotionally charged discussion, Lynn Silverton, Paul Allen, Stewart Halliday and Deputy Mayor Paul McQueen voted with their conscience and in spite of PWI”s threats  and the GEA  to continue the struggle to protect their citizens against the health and financial impacts of IWTs in close proximity to people. Continue reading

Informatio​n for Donations to Judicial Review in Grey Highlands

Preserve Grey Highlands Citizen’s Allaince has filed for a Judicial review in the Ontario Divisional Court Challenging the issuance of the Certificate of Approval by the MOE.

Donations to help with the cost of this court action would be greatly appreciated. Please make your cheque payable to Preserve Grey Highlands Citizen’s Alliance  and mail to Preserve Grey Highlands Citizen’s Alliance RR#2 Proton Station, On N0C 1L0

Thank you very much

MOE approval of Grey Highlands wind project faces court challenge

By Chris Halliday, Orangeville Banner

Preserve Grey Highlands Citizens Alliance Inc. is taking a Ministry of the Environment’s (MOE) decision to task, requesting an Ontario divisional court quash the ministry’s approval of the Plateau Wind Project in the Municipality of Grey Highlands. In its application filed to divisional court on June 30, the citizens group claims the ministry failed to consider and properly apply the MOE’s Statement of Environmental Values (SEV) when issuing the Certificate of Approval on Sept. 2, and therefore, violated the Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR). Read article

Turbine construction to start soon in Grey Highlands

by Don Crosby, Owen Sound Sun Times

Excerpt:  Lorrie Gillis, a spokesperson for the more that 75 opponents who turned out for Monday’s meeting, praised the efforts of council for procedural delays to the wind energy project for the past couple of years.

“Our council members have worked diligently to look our for our best interests. My feeling is that today they felt under the gun; they felt threatened with legal action if they didn’t make a decision today and I think they felt they might be individually prosecuted or there was a chance of that if they didn’t bend to the will of this wind company,” said Gillis. Read article here

Grey Highlands Mayor criticized for comments

By Don Crosby, Owen Sound Sun Times

Grey Highlands Mayor Wayne Fitzgerald is being criticized for remarks he made about a council decision to take the municipality’s fight with wind developer International Power Canada to Divisional Court.  The mayor did not back down from his position. Continue reading

Grey Highlands Council pursues case against IPC’s use of rights of way

By Don Crosby, Collingwood Enterprise Bulletin

Grey Highlands council has narrowly voted to seek a judicial review after the Ontario Energy Board upheld a decision to allow wind power developer International Power Corporation to run transmission lines along road allowances.

In a 4-3 recorded vote on May 18, council decided to take the next step in its bid to get a clarification of a question it put to the OEB last year. Continue reading

Many in Grey Highlands opposed to wind turbine development

Owen Sound Sun Times

I am writing to you regarding Don Crosby’s article: Meeting draws wind farm opponents. Specifically I would like to address the comments made by Mr. Mike Crawley, president of Plateau Wind Inc. an offshoot of IPC, now known as IPR GDF Suez, a multi-national corporation with no ties to Grey Highlands. Continue reading

IPC threatens to sue Grey Highlands

Mike Crawley, IPC

When all else fails, resort to bullying

GREY HIGHLANDS – International Power Canada is threatening to sue the Municipality of Grey Highlands for delaying the building permits for its industrial wind turbine project.

IPC Vice-President David Timm spoke to Grey Highlands council at its regular meeting held on Friday morning (April 29).

Timm told council that IPC has done a lot of work on its turbine project and that the delays by the municipality are threatening to cost the company a lot of money. IPC wants to build 11 industrial wind turbines as part of its Plateau Wind Power project. Continue reading

Grey Highlands proposes turbine fee at $135,000

Hoggs Falls, Grey Highlands

by Chris Fell, Simcoe.com

Putting up an industrial wind turbine in the Municipality of Grey Highlands could become a very expensive proposition.

GREY HIGHLANDS – Grey Highlands council held a public meeting to consider a new fee structure for industrial wind turbines on Monday, March 28.

The municipality is proposing a general building fee of $35,000 per turbine and an additional $100,000 per turbine that would be placed in trust through a surety bond and returned to the wind development company once the turbine is completely decommissioned decades in the future. Continue reading

Hefty wind farm fees in works

By Don Crosby Owen Sound Sun Times

Grey Highlands wants to charge hefty fees for new wind turbines in the municipality.  Council proposes a $35,000 building fee for each industrial turbine and an additional $100,000 surety to help cover the cost of decommissioning if the owners fail to meet their obligations. Continue reading

Protesters greet Mike Crawley of International Power

By Don Crosby, Owen Sound Sun Times

Protesters greet wind turbine developer Michael Crawley who came to update Grey Highlands council Monday on projects owned by International Power Canada.

The president of International Power Canada had to run a gauntlet of placard-waving protesters on his way to make a presentation to Grey Highlands council earlier this week. Continue reading

Grey Highlands seeks proper consultation on wind projects

By DON CROSBY, Owen Sound Sun Times

Grey Highlands wants any further wind energy projects to be suspended until the provincial government meets its obligation under the Green Energy Act to consult with the community. In a motion passed last week, council called on the province to show how it plans to do that.

The move by council came following the discovery that to date there are at least five wind energy projects in Grey Highlands with more than 40 turbines in various stages of development and approval. Continue reading

Grey Highlands appeals energy ruling

by Don Crosby, Owen Sound Sun Times

Grey Highlands is appealing a ruling by the Ontario Energy Board to allow wind energy developer International Power Canada to use municipal road allowances for distribution lines from its Plateau Wind Project in the Maxwell Feversham area.

“We are pleased that the mayor and council are requesting a review of the Ontario Energy Board decision,” said Virginia Steward Love, a spokesperson for Preserve Grey Highlands Citizens Alliance Inc. following a recent council meeting. Continue reading

Grey Highlands – International Power Wind farm agreement stalled


Chris Fell, Staff, www.simcoe.com 13 July 2010

The chasm between Grey Highlands council and the proponents of a proposed wind farm in that municipality continues to be the size of the Grand Canyon. 

Representatives from International Power Canada – the proponent of the Plateau Wind Project in Grey Highlands – again appeared as a delegation at the regular meeting of Grey Highlands council on July 12. 

Mike Crawley and Will Pol pleaded with council to adopt a road agreement the company requires to move the wind energy project forward. 

“This is not a development that just popped up when the Green Energy Act was enacted,” said Crawley, who noted that many wind projects began during the government of former Premier Ernie Eves. “We have always focused on working with the community and finding solutions that work for everybody,” said Crawley. 

Continue reading

Grey-Highland passes bylaw

The Arran Elderslie by-law was passed in Grey Highlands council today, June 28th, 2010 and council rejected outright the approval of road use to AIM/IPC.
Grey Highlands council will be the first ones to be challenged with the bylaw in place since there is an active proposed turbine project by AIM/IPC that creeps from Melancthon into Grey Highlands at the moment.
Regardless of this, the council had the moral courage and determination to move forward with this by-law because they are concerned about ALL of the residents they represent.
We will see what kind of a corporate citizen AIM/IPC is (headed by Mike Crawley).  Will they use bullying tactics to force industrial wind turbines into our township?  Will the Ontario government use the same tactics in backing a corporation to steamroll over a small rural municipality?
I hope more and more municipalities pass this by-law. At a time when so many have lost any faith in any kind of government, our municipality stepped up to the plate and has shown that they are still there for the people.
I’m proud to live in this community. 

Lorrie Gillis

International Power still working on wind farm plan

by Denis Langlois, The Sun Times, www.markdalestandard.com

A wind energy developer is pushing ahead despite decisions by Grey Highlands that will slow approvals required for a wind energy project south of Maxwell.

Friday council supported a bylaw passed by Arran-Elderslie which claims that section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms — the protection of life, liberty and security —trumps Ontario’s Green Energy Act, which controls alternative energy development. Continue reading

Grey Highlands Council puts off road use deal with International Power

Hoggs Falls, Grey Highlands

By Don Crosby, The Owen Sound Sun Times 

A decision by Grey Highlands council to delay approval of a road use agreement with a wind energy developer is consistent with the municipality’s call for a moratorium on development of wind energy projects, said Mayor Brian Mullin.

“Why are we dancing around the issue . . . All council members knew that we were just prolonging it. If we’re not going to deal with the agreement then let’s get on with it and make a decision,” said Mullin.

The mayor said he thought councillors were uncomfortable moving the project ahead when they knew they were contemplating approving a bylaw similar to one passed by ArranElderslie, which argues that Section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms — the protection of life, liberty and security — trumps Ontario’s Green Energy Act, which controls alternative energy development in the province. Continue reading

Municipality Grey Highlands and IPC meeting


Today at Grey Highlands Committee of the Whole meeting, AIM/IPC came to tell Grey Highlands that they had the right to utilize the Road Allowances as a distributor of electricity pursuant to the Electricity Act. (Reference: International Power Canada, Incorporated – Plateau Wind Project)
They came expecting our council people to approve a By-law authorizing the Mayor and Municipal Clerk so they could enter into a Road Agreement between the Municipality and International Power.  Continue reading

GEA allows International Power to force itself upon community

Chris Fell, Staff    Simcoe.com

“Have you had a group meeting with the people in the area whose lives are going to be disrupted by this so they know what’s happening? It would be a courtesy thing,” said McQueen.

In response, Wilgar said his company has met all statutory public meeting requirements for the project.       [windustry translation:  We don’t have to!]

GREY HIGHLANDS – Grey Highlands council was told Monday morning that a wind turbine project in the south end of Osprey Township is moving forward, despite the municipality’s plea for a moratorium on such proposals. Continue reading