Mayor to request Norfolk County be subject of wind turbine health study

by Ashley DeGroote,

Norfolk County wants to put itself at the forefront of a medical study into the effects of wind turbines. Former Green Party candidate, Stephana Johnston says half of the residents within 3 kilometers of the Clear Creek, Cultus and Frogmore wind facilities say their health is suffering from these turbines, it makes that area a prime spot for a study. Johnston says epidemiological research is being done by University of Waterloo into these health effects and we need to get involved.

Councillor Harold Sonnenberg says it’s evident that these people feel they’re suffering because of the turbines, so it’s something council needs to take a good look at. Mayor Travale will be writing to the doctor heading up the study to ask them to consider using our area.

Sheguiandah First Nation Supports Wind Moratorium

Sheguiandah First Nation

by Lindsay Kelly Manitoulin Expositor

NORTHEAST TOWN-With less than a month to go before Northland Power holds its final public consultation session for the proposed McLean’s Mountain Wind Farm project, the nearby Sheguiandah First Nation has voiced its opposition to the project.

In a letter addressed to the Northeast Town council, the community makes a brief, but unequivocal, statement that suggests the project should be halted until proper consultation is done with First Nations. Continue reading

Wall Street Journal: Impartial study should be undertaken without delay

by Robert Bryce, Wall Street Journal

People living near turbines increasingly report sleep deprivation, headaches and vertigo. The wind lobby says there’s no proof

Imagine this scenario:  The oil and gas industry launches an aggressive global drilling program with a new type of well. Thousands of these new wells, once operational, emit a noxious odor so offensive that many of the people living within a mile of them are kept awake at night. Some are even forced to move out of their homes. It’s easy to predict the reaction: denunciations of the industry, countless lawsuits, and congressional investigations. Continue reading

Thought must take precedence over fear in wind power debate

Manitoulin Expositor

When President Franklin Delano Roosevelt faced a country ravaged by the Great Depression, he said in his 1932 inaugural speech, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” What strikes us as a palpable quality of the current debate about the Northland Power wind turbine project is an irrational fear that comes in various shades and is not helpful. Continue reading

Wind farm research found to have critical flaws

The Sun Times,

Unfortunately the research cited by Mr Robert Knox (“Some find turbines annoying but most don’t” — Feb. 5) is an industry-funded report. It was reviewed in Britain by the National Health Service (NHS) and found to have critical flaws: “methodological shortcomings”, and the fact that “the reviewing group did not include an epidemiologist.”

“Further research is needed,” it concluded. Why was clinical research of victims not carried out? How can an industry give itself a clean bill of health? The tobacco corporations used to put out reports verified by MDs that cigarettes were not a problem. Continue reading

Research Chair Choice Misses the Mark

The Society for Wind Vigilance expresses its concern over the announcement of its choice of Research Chair in Renewable Technologies and Health. Dr Siva Sivoththaman is an electrical engineer. While we wish him well, in our view Dr. Sivoththaman’s professional background lacks the clinical expertise to evaluate “health impacts of  renewable energy” associated with industrial wind turbines.

As advocates for health protection The Society for Wind Vigilance believes that the lead and expertise of this Research Chair would more appropriately have been a clinician scientist. We strongly encourage the new Chair to seek the appropriate collaborators as the new research program is established. Continue reading

Trillium Lakelands District School Board Supports Health Study

More here – Peterborough Examiner

A loud cheer went up from parents at last night’s Committee of the Whole meeting as the Trillium Lakelands District School Board voted in  support of Manvers Gone with the Wind’s request for the completion of an independent health study before any approvals are granted for a proposed wind project in the Manvers area.

The Trillium Lakelands District School Board passed the following motion at the Committe of the Whole: 

“That Trillium Lakelands District School Board  support in principle the Manvers “Gone With the Wind” Community Group in their endeavour to obtain an independent study of the health effects of fully operational wind turbine projects, prior to the advance of the issuance of any permits and the commencement of any projects.” 

This vote will be ratified at the regular board meeting in two weeks time.

Arran-Elderslie Council joins West Grey in turbine fight

By MARY GOLEM, for the Hanover Post

Arran-Elderslie is joining West Grey in its fight to have the Province of Ontario place an indefinite moratorium on the construction of industrial wind turbines in their, and other, Ontario municipalities.

Last fall, Elderslie ward councillor Mark Davis suggested placing a moratorium on turbine construction in Arran-Elderslie only to become frustrated with both municipal staff and county planners telling him such a moratorium wasn’t the right approach to the problem.

“I’m tired of hearing what we can’t do,” Davis said at the time. “These things are going to ruin rural Ontario forever and we’re going to let some bureaucratic paperwork stop us from fighting them?” Continue reading

Asphodel-Norwood Township supports moratorium on wind energy projects

Credit:  By Mark Hoult, The Community Press

Asphodel-Norwood – Council says the province should impose a moratorium on wind energy projects until a study of their impact on human health is carried out by an independent third party.

Asphodel-Norwood declared its stance this week by supporting a resolution by the Township of Mapleton calling for the Ontario Ministry of the Environment to put a moratorium in place. Continue reading

UK National Health Service Criticizes CanWEA Health “Review”

UK National Health Service

[NHS concluded the CanWEA study] is a non-systematic review of literature. There are several points to be made about this research:

  • There is no clear description of the methods the researchers used to search for available research, nor how they rated the quality of the research they found. Therefore, it is not possible to say that all relevant research was identified, or comment on the reliability of the research that was included.
  • This review panel was commissioned by an industry group, and included a variety of academic perspectives, but not an epidemiologist. Someone with this specific skill set should be included when environmental health hazards are assessed.
  • The link between psychological distress and physical symptoms has not been explored by this report. The acknowledgment that some people exposed to wind turbine noise suffer annoyance suggests that monitoring and maximum permitted levels need to be considered carefully in areas where turbines are planned.

Continue reading

Bruce County pushing for research on wind turbine health effects

By Pat Halpin, Special to The Kindardine News

BRUCE COUNTY is still pushing for research on the health impacts of wind turbines.

On Thursday the Agriculture, Tourism and Planning committee recommended support of resolutions from Grey County, Grey Bruce Public Health and Kawartha Lakes all calling for investigation into reports of adverse health effects reported by people living near turbines.

All levels of government are under pressure over reports of those adverse health affects, said Warden Mike Smith.  He wants a definitive study to determine if the reports are legitimate.

“There’s some question out in the community that there is some health effect to (turbines) in certain conditions,” Smith said.  “What we want is some clarification about if they’re legitimate and if it is it might perhaps affect how we site (turbines) or how we locate them.” Continue reading

Japanese MOE to survey health impairment due to wind power generation

Shimbun Denki   (January 25, 2010)

TOKYO, JAPAN –The Japanese Ministry of the Environment (MOE) intends to embark on its first survey ever of possible health impairment caused by wind power generation in fiscal 2010. The reason is that residents in the vicinity of wind turbines have complained of ill physical effects due to low-frequency sound emitted when the turbines turn. The MOE is going to consign execution of a fact-finding survey to a research institute. The survey results will provide the basis for studies to determine countermeasures by a newly established committee of experts.

The MOE is openly offering the survey job to research institutes and has thus far received applications from three. The survey will begin in fiscal 2010 and continue for a period of four years at most. It will cover wind farm facilities across the country and examine items such as the derivation of noise and low-frequency sound as well as the complaints, if any, from local residents.

AOK First Nation opposes wind project on health grounds

Demands 2-2.5 km setback of turbines from reserve boundary

by Jim Moodie  Manitoulin Expositor

AUNDECK OMNI KANING-As Northland Power, with input from the Northeast Town, finalizes its plan for a 43-turbine wind farm at McLean’s Mountain, nearby Aundeck Omni Kaning (AOK) has made it known through a recent band council resolution (BCR) that the First Nation is firmly against the project.

A copy of the BCR, approved by AOK council on January 12, was distributed late last week to the mayor and council of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands, along with a cover letter from AOK Chief Craig Abotossaway.

The leadership of AOK “feels that such a project is not supported by the appropriate information, such as health studies (and) setbacks, to base a sound decision with respect to the overall project,” writes Chief Abotossaway. “Therefore, the council of Aundeck Omni Kaning is vehemently opposed to any such project development.”

The resolution states that AOK “categorically opposes Northland Power’s wind-farm project proposal until such time as all encroachments of noise, low-frequency noise, health effects issues, and environmental concerns that will affect the health of our membership is (sic) addressed and to our satisfaction.”  Read entire article here.

Municipality of West Grey Calls for Moratorium


The Municipality of West Grey is taking a stand against the proposed wind turbines coming to the area. In a resolution approved on Monday afternoon, the municipality is requesting the Province of Ontario to put a moratorium on the proposed wind turbines.

Before a handful of concerned residents of West Grey in council chambers at the municipality of West Grey, councillors passed their own resolution, with plans to send it to MPs and MPPs, as well as surrounding municipalities of West Grey and the County of Grey.

Continue reading

Northumberland News: Province must examine possible health impacts of wind farms

This is where the Ministry of Health must step in. Since there is limited research on the health effects of exposure to low frequency sound, it’s time for the province rein in its love affair with wind power. In-depth health studies on people who live near existing wind turbine projects must be done to determine whether or not the turbines are making them sick before any more wind farms are brought on-line. Continue reading

Media Release: The Society for Wind Vigilance

Download the Media Release
Download Analysis Conclusions and Executive Summary
Download the Complete Analysis

Wind Turbines Can Cause Adverse Health Effects: North American Wind Industry

Ontario The Society for Wind Vigilance (SWV) has released its analysis of the American and Canadian Wind Energy Association sponsored report on adverse health effects from industrial wind turbines. The SWV provides scientific and unbiased information on the adverse health effects of human exposure to industrial wind turbines through a volunteer-based advocacy group of health and other professionals. 

The recent report, ‘An Expert Panel Review 2009, Prepared for American Wind Energy Association and Canadian Wind Energy Association’ (A/CanWEA Panel Review) acknowledges that people are experiencing adverse physiological and psychological symptoms from exposure to industrial wind turbines. Continue reading

Moratorium urged for wind farms

Leamington Councilor, John Paterson

By Sharon Hill, The Windsor Star

The provincial government should place a moratorium on wind farm projects until an independent health study can be done, a Leamington councillor said Tuesday.

“I just really think the province has moved way too quickly on this stuff,” said Coun. John Paterson.

“There’s less information out there than there should be before you start sticking the wind farms up that are going to be here for a long time.” Continue reading

Leaked Draft Report: Wind Farms can Cause Significant Health Problems   Australia

Wind farms can cause significant health problems for nearby residents, a draft report by specialist consultants says.
The leaked report, once completed, could potentially open the door to litigation by affected residents.

The finding is believed to be the first of its kind in Australia, although The Weekly Times understands a court case in the UK will also hear allegations of serious health impacts from residents near wind farms. Continue reading