Dalton McGuinty’s wind policy blows: Editorial

Toronto Sun

There’s an obvious solution to prevent a repeat of the recent fiasco where Ontario had to pay Quebec and the U.S. almost $1.5 million to take surplus electricity generated by wind turbines on New Year’s Day.

It’s turn off the turbines.

In a logical world, that’s what would have happened when mild temperatures and low power demand — to be expected on a statutory holiday — caused the surplus. Continue reading

Horrified by your hydro bill?

Blame the Green Energy Act. (Oh, and it’s going to get worse).    
by Andy Frame, Hamilton Spectator

It was May 14, 2009, that the Ontario Green Energy Act was proclaimed. It was labelled by Premier Dalton McGuinty as legislation to “build a green economy.” Now, 20 months later, Ontario citizens have been hit with major increases in Hydro rates, and the province has seen no significant benefits to the economy. At the same time, the right of citizens to protest government activities have been set aside while the government approves developments in order to look green. Continue reading