Mike Crawley and International Power leave community in tatters

Mike Crawley, President, International Power Canada (IPR-GDF Suezis also recently elected President of the Federal Liberal Party.   To date, this company has refused to help any of the residents who are seriously suffering in the Erie Shores complex.
Letter from Resident of the Lake Erie Shores Wind Facility: Continue reading

The Dark Secret of the Wind Industry

[Note:   After the release of this disturbing video, wind developers are simply dismissing it at meetings, saying the vulture was “shot” down by the cameramen.    You be the judge.]

Raptors such as vultures, eagles and hawks are the most vulnerable bird to turbine accidents.   The big birds typically soar at about the same height as the turbine blades – roughly 300 to 400 feet.  In one year, the entire population of White Tailed Eagles was wiped out at Smola, Norway.  In Ontario, it has been reported coyotes are numerous around turbine facilities.   Why?  To swoop in and pick up  the dead and injured.  Continue reading

Nextera told by 400 at meeting to Leave Town!

The quality of the questions from ordinary people, their determination to gain back control over their own destiny and reinstitute democracy was very impressive.

DURHAM – It was an amazing meeting!  There were around 400 people in attendance.   The wind company was raked over the coals by everyone in the room! The speakers were great! The crowd was great!

Reporters and a few others were recording the proceedings from beginning to end.  One of the reporters had done a story beforehand to let people know about the meeting.   At least 7 municipalities, including Tiny township who said several more councils in Simcoe County would support a moratorium, and 3 counties were represented by one or more councilor and/or mayor.

Many of these people spoke in support of a moratorium on turbines and against the tyranny of the current provincial government, against the GEA, against the stripping of individual and municipal rights.    Continue reading

Thunder Bay Council wants answers

By Jamie Smith, www.tbnewswatch.com

A city councillor doesn’t know what to expect when Horizon Wind Inc. makes a deputation before council Monday.

Coun. Linda Rydhom said she wants to know why the company’s proposed 18-turbine wind farm has moved closer to Loch Lomond Ski area and Neebing residences since entering into a lease agreement for 17,000 acres of land with the city in 2007. The Big Thunder Wind Park was supposed to be closer to the former Big Thunder site and further away from people, Coun. Rydhom said.

“Horizon has moved the proposed location of the turbines over to Loch Lomond Ski Hill area and they have not as of yet explained why,” she said. Continue reading

How to Spot Propaganda Techniques of the Wind Industry

Giving a person or an idea a bad label by using an easy to remember pejorative name. This is used to make us reject and condemn a person or idea without examining what the label really means.    Example: NIMBY

This common propaganda method is when the speaker tries to convince us to accept their point of view or else we will miss out on something really good. The Band-Wagon technique is often used in advertising.    Examples: “This is the wave of the future”, “Your community will be the leader!” Continue reading

Capacity Factor of Ontario Wind Energy Generating Facilities

July 2009 – November 2009
Capacity factor (efficiency) given as a percentage of the nameplate power output.

Continue reading

QMI News Agency: Dr. Colby’s “Weak Defense”

Study needed to measure effects of wind turbines

Dr. Colby, CanWEA-paid "Yes Man"

Colby’s statement to QMI Agency that “there’s no evidence to indicate that money should be wasted on such a study, which will never satisfy people anyway” is a weak defence.
Health issues are being reported by some individuals living near wind turbines.  Because the technology is relatively new to Ontario, the government needs to undertake a study now so that data can be gathered from the past two or three years in areas where the turbines have been in use.
To fully satisfy the public, the province should commission an independent study to find out if there are any health effects related to wind turbines.
Continue reading

The Family Physician as patient advocate

by Roy D Jeffery, MD, FCFP

I would like to suggest another important role for family physicians in the domain of public health. That is to advocate for the victims of environmental illness. Currently in Ontario and indeed in jurisdictions across Canada and abroad the public health system seems to be struggling to come up with a sensible response to the growing public health phenomena associated with industrial wind turbines (IWT). In the light of increasing numbers of victims in every jurisdiction of the province where IWT’s have been built in close proximity to human habitation, we would have expected a recognition from the public health authorities that more in depth surveillance and precautionary measures were appropriate.

  Continue reading

So who does CanWEA handpick to lead their “study”?

Why did Dr. David Colby appear as a representative of Skypower in Picton which is 5.5 hours away from Chatham-Kent and yet he has not talked to anyone suffering in Chatham-Kent area?

From the College of Physician and Surgeons of Ontario Investigations Committee concerning Dr. Colby’s close involvement and ties with the Wind Industry: 

Futhermore, the Committee observes, Dr. Colby expertise is in medical microbiology and infectious disease, an area quite distinct from audiology or other fields related to the physical impact of wind turbines on human health. Thus, the Committee wishes to remind Dr. Colby, going forward, of the importance of fully disclosing the extent of his qualifications in a field in which he has been retained as an “expert” and also to ensure that he fully disclose to the public the organization or corporation by whom he has been retained as an expert. Such actions on Dr. Colby’s part may help prevent additional, similar complaints being lodged against him. ~ November 6, 2009, College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, Investigations Committee

More here   and here

Renewable Energy Problems

Quebec Families to Stage Protest Rally at Wind Facility Opening

Perce Rock, Gaspe Peninsula

Gaspe, Quebec, December 7, 2009   The grand opening of a new wind development in the Gaspésie region will be met with more than applause. Many Quebec citizens concerned about the risk of adverse health effects from industrial wind turbines will gather to publicly voice their concerns.
In Ontario and worldwide the number of people reporting adverse health affects due to wind turbines continues to rise. Researchers and victims have reported many incidents of ill health.

The most common complaint is sleep disturbance. Sleep disturbance is known by the health profession to lead to serious medical conditions such as hypertension. Other symptoms include inner ear problems, cardiac arrhythmias, headaches and mood disturbances. Some families have had to abandon their homes in order to protect their health. Continue reading

Japanese Government to study effects of wind farms on health

November 28, 2009 in The Yomiuri Shimbun

Japan — The Environment Ministry will launch its first major study into the influence of wind turbines on people’s health next year, it has been learned.

Much is expected of wind power as a source of clean energy, but people living near wind power facilities are increasingly complaining of health problems. The low-frequency sound produced by the wind turbines at such facilities–sound that is difficult to discern with the naked ear–is suspected of causing such conditions as insomnia, tinnitus and hand tremors. Continue reading

President of Wind Energy Association Arrested for Wind Subsidy Fraud

VIGORITO_Fratelli-350x281Links to Mafia?     By Guy Dinmore Financial Times
Italian finance police, mounting an operation code named “Gone with the wind”, yesterday said they had arrested two of the country’s most prominent businessmen in the wind energy sector.

Police said the charges related to fraud involved in obtaining public subsidies to construct wind farms. They are also investigating the sale of wind farms to foreign companies.

Oreste Vigorito, head of the IVPC energy company and president of Italy’s National Association of Wind Energy, was arrested on Tuesday in Naples. Vito Nicastri, a Sicilian business associate, was arrested in Alcamo, Sicily.

Two other men were arrested in Sicily and the Naples area, while 11 others were charged but not arrested.  Continue reading

Ontario Property Owners Now Have Liens on the Properties due to Skypower Bankruptcy

UPDATE Dec 3, 2009:   Stantec has moved to vacate its liens on Byran property on Friday. The court approved the motion.

Land Locked!

Wind map

Rough outline of Skypower’s Bryan Project before the company filed for creditor protection

Wellington Times – Prince Edward County, Ontario

Related: Stantec Construction Property Liens list

About 150 properties that make up the Byran wind energy project, part of the failed Skypower Corporation in the northeast corner of Prince Edward County, have had construction liens placed upon their land and registered on title by a creditor to whom Skypower owes a quarter million dollars. Construction liens are legal claims on a project to ensure a builder, tradesperson or consultant gets paid for his or her work.

Worse for the property owners, these construction liens have been perfected through a special court order that was granted last Thursday.

At best this means the property owners will be limited, until the liens are discharged, as to what they can do with their encumbered property. It may be difficult or impossible to refinance mortgages, borrow money using the land as collateral, finance new buildings on the property or even purchase seed and fertilizer for the property as long as the liens remain in place.

At worst the landowners could be on the hook to pay Skypower’s creditor, Jacques Whitford Stantec, the $265,000 it says it is owed by Skypower. Continue reading

Guinea Pigs – by “Law”

On October 29, 2009, the following MPPs voted to not protect your health because the Ontario Liberal Party has now stripped your rights to complain.   

Aggelonitis, Sophia
Colle, Mike
McNeely, Phil
Sergio, Mario
Albanese, Laura
Dhillon, Vic
Moridi, Reza
Smith, Monique
Arthurs, Wayne
Dickson, Joe
Pendergast, Leeanna
Sousa, Charles
Balkissoon, Bas
Hoskins, Eric
Phillips, Gerry
Van Bommel, Maria
Berardinetti, Lorenzo
Jaczek, Helena
Rinaldi, Lou
Wilkinson, John
Bisson, Gilles
Kwinter, Monte
Ruprecht, Tony
Zimmer, David
Brown, Michael A.
Mangat, Amrit
Sandals, Liz

Dirty Wind-power War

Screwed-Ontarians-2-447x525-780858Terence Corcoran  National Post

In the PR war over subsidies, the wind industry appears to be waging a dirty war.

When industries look for government subsidies for money-losing propositions, a common business model these days, one of the most important strategic elements is to make sure you have a well-oiled public relations machine to keep the facts from getting in the way. Voters don’t like to back money-losers, which means keeping them steadily misinformed or at least confused. Continue reading

The More Things Change…..


1838 vs. 2009 Now it costs millions...but the end result is the same.


Health Concerns Dominate St. Marys Meeting

St. Marys, Ontario

St. Marys, Ontario

by Andrea Macko Journal Argus

Concerns over a proposed wind farm are blowing south of St. Marys.  Potential health affects of the alternative-energy wind turbine farm were front and centre at an independent public meeting held Sept. 30 at the Uniondale Fire Hall. The hall was filled to capacity, and some residents had to be turned away due to lack of standing room.

The meeting was organized by Stew Slater, who said that he “wanted to get the community together, to ask questions — as a community.” He explained that a meeting organized by Energy Farming Ontario (EFO) in July in St. Marys was too isolating, as conversations between residents and EFO representatives were one-on-one, rather than a group discussion. Continue reading

Police Called In as Angry Crowd Given More Lip Service

By Denis Langlois Owen Sound Times

Medical officer of health Dr. Hazel Lynn told a crowd of angry citizens opposed to wind farms last night that she also has concerns about health effects of the giant turbines, but lacks the power to alter green-energy legislation.

“I certainly appreciate the fact that people are suffering and I want to know why and what to do about it,” she said during an information meeting at the Grey Bruce Health Unit.

However Lynn told the crowd of about 120 that their anger and frustration is aimed at the wrong people because the health unit has no influence over new Green Energy Act rules aimed at streamlining the construction of wind farms.

Keynote speaker Dr. Ray Copes echoed Lynn’s comments as the crowd grew increasingly frustrated. Continue reading

Is it even possible for the wind industry to speak the truth?

[This is the same company that silently bought out six homes in Melancthon and had the owners sign gag orders]

PAUL FOY The Associated Press

SALT LAKE CITY – Neither of the companies that announced the transfer of development rights for a massive wind farm on Lake Erie owns those rights, Ontario authorities told The Associated Press on Thursday.

The Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources disputed accounts offered the day before by a U.S. company, which said it had acquired and was selling the rights to operate giant wind turbines on the Canadian half of Lake Erie, and a Canadian company that said it was buying those rights.

Utah-based Wasatch Wind Inc. said it was transferring rights to a 4,400-megawatt “offshore wind prospect” to Canadian Hydro Developers Inc. of Calgary, Alberta.

Canadian Hydro, a publicly traded company, affirmed in a separate statement that it was acquiring those rights. The pact received widespread news coverage in Canada. Continue reading

Agricultural and Environmental Considerations

irrigation-systems_10852663_250x250Northumberland Today

For a farm, or a rural property owner, to bear the cost of digging a new well, due to the imposition of a proven faulty technology, by a government or a company, for political-or taxpayer-subsidized gain, is unacceptable.

Continue reading

Kruger’s Response to Sick Family: “As far as we are concerned, the file is closed.”

Jean Majeau, Kruger’s senior vice-president of communications

Jean Majeau, Kruger’s senior vice-president of communications

Chatham Daily News

A Blenheim woman claims her family is still suffering effects from a nearby wind farm.

Kruger Energy’s 44-turbine Port Alma project became operational last year.

Nikki Horton, who filed a complaint with the Montreal-based company, said the wind farm is impacting her family’s quality of life, with symptoms such as headaches and fatigue.

“We’re still ill. We’re still sleep deprived,” she said. “Our children are still experiencing problems.” Continue reading

Maine Medical Association Resolution

Due DiligenceMaine Medical Association Resolution RE:  Wind Energy and Public Health
WHEREAS, proposals to locate and build wind energy facilities in the State have at times proven controversial, due to concerns regarding potential effects of such facilities on the public health, and
WHEREAS, the trade off between the public good of generating electricity and the adverse health effects warrant appropriate evidence-based scientific research, and Continue reading

Canadian Hydro Developers Buys Six Unlivable Homes and Gags Sellers

voiceless_altAccording to the land registry office in Orangeville (documentation available on request), six homes in Dufferin County have been purchased by Canadian Hydro Developers after serious complaints; most recently June 26th, 2009 the Ashbee home. 

Before these families could escape the nightmare of their unliveable homes, they had to agree to sign strict nondisclosure contracts (gag-orders) to protect the wind company.   This wind company has spent over $1.75 million dollars clandestinely buying out these six families yet they still try to claim there were no complaints. Continue reading

NEXTera’s Convenient “Truth”

nexteraNextera is owned by the FLP Group who boast annual revenues of over $16 Billion.   In a recent article Local wind projects to have limited impact on Brockton, a representative from NEXTera, Nicole Geneau spoke glowingly about her company:

Geneau told council her company is the largest owner and operator of wind turbines in North America with 8,200 operating in 65 different projects across 24 states and two provinces.

“I have not heard one single complaint,” Geneau said. “That tells us the process we’re using is working.  We use the best science and follow regulations.” 

Ms. Geneau, I’m sure you remember sitting at Daniel D’Entremont’s kitchen table only weeks before this meeting.     He had to abandon his house in Feb 2006 with family in tow and still has no resolution and no home.   Continue reading

Skypower Obituary

tombstone“The mighty have fallen from their thrones” the psalmist wrote.   It’s a day now since the news got out that Skypower of Toronto the Good has had a financial collapse, and to say that I was sorry would be a lie.

I am in a celebrative mood for one reason alone: my neighbors nor I shall not have to live with them as corporate neighbors! They don’t deserve to because they did not treat the people with due honor or respect. Continue reading

Skypower goes Bankrupt

istock_000005152409xsmallRemember when the Ontario government allowed Skypower to scoop up all the contracts for wind development on Crown Land thus creating a monopoly?   McGuinty’s government created a winner-take-all process that would allow the first in line – Toronto-based SkyPower Corp. – to virtually control all the remaining Crown land locations in Ontario.

UPDATE:  Lehman-Owned SkyPower Seeks Court Protection

Shades of Enron?

UK Noise Association Report on Wind Turbine Noise

Download Full Report Here (3 MG pdf)SIROCCO_small

  1. Wind Farm noise, in common with noise generally, affects different people in different ways, but the evidence suggests there is rarely a problem for people living more than 1-1.5 miles from a turbine.
  2. For many people living relatively close to turbines, the noise does not present a problem. For those who are annoyed by the noise, it is overwhelmingly the “swish, swish, swish” of the turbines which troubles them. Continue reading

Bad Vibrations — Where’s the Science?

bad vibration

Roger Watt, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada – Updated July 2009


Sorry, Beach Boys, but when it comes to the big industrial-strength wind turbines that are spreading across Ontario’s landscape, there are no “good vibrations”. Continue reading

National Post: Dalton McGuinty, Rubber Duck Award, Junk Science Week

Posted: June 20, 2009, 2:18 AM by NP Editor rubber__duck

When readers were asked to submit nominations for these Rubber Duck Awards, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty scored high. He deserves it. The list of nanny-state initiatives foisted upon Ontarians based on dubious science claims is long and growing.

The province’s new Green Energy Act, one of the more interventionist energy-regulatory regimes in North America, brings in massive subsidies for wind power and solar energy, new electricity pricing mechanisms and regulations that aim to turn the Ontario economy into a carbon-reduction powerhouse. Trouble is, the government produced not one page of scientific proof that the program will cut even one carbon of emissions. Continue reading