Harrow Wind Facility 2010 Post-construction Monitoring Report

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Response to MNR Comments
The High site sensitivity for birds is based on its proximity (1 km) to the HolidayBeach/ Big Creek Important Bird Area, a globally significant migration staging area for waterfowl in some years and having a large concentration of migratory raptors. (Note: Ansar Gafur of AIM Powergen told me at the Public Consultation that they were completely unaware of any IBAs in the area).

Meaford wants International Power to include Q&A at turbine meeting

by Chris Fell, Simcoe.com

Meaford council wants International Power to include a question and answer session at its next public meeting about a proposed wind farm in northwest Sydenham Township.

Meaford council at its regular meeting on Monday, January 10 unanimously passed a resolution brought forward by Deputy Mayor Harley Greenfield to ask International Power to include more public participation at its next meeting.

The resolution read: Continue reading

International Power finally agrees to look at the Norfolk victims

by Daniel Pearce, Simcoe Reformer

The company that owns the wind farm in the west end of Norfolk says it will undertake an infrasound study in the Clear Creek area to determine if its turbines generate low-level frequencies that nearby residents insist are sickening them. Continue reading

No harvest at wind farm

The Windsor Star, www.windsorstar.com

So, where’s the pictures of the protesters at the so-called grand opening of the Harrow wind farm? I was there and there were plenty of protesters, yet none were in the article in the paper.

They call this a farm? I do not see any harvest going on here. Farms have a harvest, usually grown produce. All we see is another government issue being forced upon us, and another “government elect” representing it.

I live in the middle of these ugly things. There are three in the farmer-owned field behind me. I had no say in whether or not they should be put on the land directly behind me and all my neighbours agree. Continue reading

Harrow Protests International Power Ribbon Cutting

The special unit of the plain clothes OPP attended just in case any of us grandmothers got out of hand. No violence occurred. The local OPP weren’t even aware of the event. Monica wisely questioned each guest as they were leaving if they had been imbibing inside and warned about drinking and driving.  Thanks to all who came out!





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GEA allows International Power to force itself upon community

Chris Fell, Staff    Simcoe.com

“Have you had a group meeting with the people in the area whose lives are going to be disrupted by this so they know what’s happening? It would be a courtesy thing,” said McQueen.

In response, Wilgar said his company has met all statutory public meeting requirements for the project.       [windustry translation:  We don’t have to!]

GREY HIGHLANDS – Grey Highlands council was told Monday morning that a wind turbine project in the south end of Osprey Township is moving forward, despite the municipality’s plea for a moratorium on such proposals. Continue reading