Electrical Energy, Science and You

Scientists versus Lobbyists: Looking for a Winning Strategy Against Big Wind

by John Droz Jr. (Guest Blogger) June 14, 2010

 1 – Big Wind is a coalition of special interests and does not hold the moral high ground.

2 – Wind power does not work (i.e., it does not: produce reliable energy, produce energy economically, reduce dependence on oil, replace conventional power plants, significantly reduce CO2 emissions, create jobs)

My hope as a physicist is that our representatives make energy and environmental policy decisions based on sound science. So far that has not been the case. The main reason for this is that we are engaged in an epic battle between scientists and lobbyists for those with financial or political agendas.

Right now the scientists–the group with the better case for sound public policy–are losing.

I used to think that trying hard and being right was enough. Foolish me! Everything today is really about public relations. The Internet has spawned the perfect storm. Within a few minutes we can now send messages that are read by millions of people. At the other end, recipients are in overload, due to a steady bombardment of these messages. It is very hard for almost everyone to separate the wheat from the chaff. Continue reading