Potential is one thing but reality is another

Green Energy - Spin vs. Reality

The Whig-Standard published a story on Queen’s University professor Joshua Pearce’s work on the potential for electrical energy from solar power in Eastern Ontario ( “Surprise potential for solar power,” April 15). Potential is one thing but reality is another.

Ontario is signing 20-year contracts under the Feed-In-Tariff program of 44.3 cents/kWh for large-scale (10 kW) projects and 80.2 cents/kWh for residential roof-top solar panels.

Given that a coal plant generates about 1.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide for every MWh generated, this sets the carbon price for coal-generated electricity replaced by solar-generated electricity as $300/tonne for large-scale projects and over $500/tonne for residential systems. This is madness. Continue reading