Mike Crawley and Liberal Party Politics

Here are a few excerpts regarding Mr. Crawley from the Ontario Legislature: Continue reading

It’s Good to have Liberal Friends, isn’t it, Mike?

It all started after Mike Crawley sat on the Renewable Energy Task Team (RETT) back in 2003 RETT was responsible for setting the stage for subsidizing the wind industry in Ontario.

Why was Mike Crawley chosen for a $475M contract when ninety other companies came forward?  He had virtually no experience in this wind industry.

Why was the flagrant abuse of the Standard Offer Program (piece-mealing the Norfolk and Harrow wind farms in order to obtain millions of dollars of extra subsidies) ignored?    They quickly tightened the rules for others but allowed Crawley’s projects through with no penalty or repercussions. Continue reading

Haida Gwaii group seeks investigation into NaiKun

Wind industry, conflict of interest and the Liberal Party…Déjà vu.

The group is also seeking an investigation into Independent Power Producers, noting 20 people have worked for the Province, crown corporations or the Liberal Party and now work for IPP companies who may have “inside knowledge of government policy and processes”.

By Shaun Thomas – The Northern View, www.bclocalnews.com 1 June 2010

The Friends of Hecate Strait, based in Masset, has asked the province’s Ombudsman to look into the awarding of provincial environmental approval of the NaiKun wind farm due to a conflict of interest.

“We have learned that E. Blair Lockhart, a member of the Environmental Appeal Board, is the wife of Tony Fogarassy, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary to NaiKun,” said the group.

“Despite major environmental concerns by government agencies the wind farm project got the green light from the EAB. We are asking for this investigation to ensure the decision to approve the project was completely independent and upholds the democratic principles of openness, transparency and accountability. The wind farm is a massive project and should never have been approved.” Continue reading