Request for assistance from Manitoulin Island

Below are pdf’s for your use and we would ask that you send one or many to the MOE in one of the three ways in this mail as below.

Wind ‘farms’ are no such thing – Ruth Farquhar

By Ruth Farquhar, Sudbury Star

I have always wondered why power companies refer to industrial wind turbines as wind “farms.” These are about the furthest things from farming as you can get. Words matter. I heard someone the other day refer to them as wind mills. Again, these are not wind mills like the nice ones set up in Holland, running a grist mill, or beside Heidi when she is wandering through the Alps. Calling them what they are, which is industrial turbines doesn’t make everyone feel warm and fuzzy, does it? Continue reading

Communities rally to right wind projects on Manitoulin

By RUTH FARQUHAR, Sudbury Star

We are standing with our neighbours.” This simple but powerful statement was made to the Council of Northeastern Manitoulin and the Islands (NEMI) by Wikwemikong elder Rosemary Wakegijig as she handed over a petition with 658 names showing their opposition to industrial wind turbines on “Great Spirit Island.” Continue reading

An Open Letter to Northland Power

Regarding Northland Power UCCMM Public Meeting

After contemplating the events at your Northland Power UCCMM public information meeting on May 18,2011, I conclude that the verbal abuse by participants of your project directed towards myself  and the people we represent was totally unacceptable.

Should MCSEA, its  supporters or public,  have carried on in such a rant that caused all the people at  the meeting to gather around your map table, I am quite sure they would have been asked to leave and be escorted out of the building by the OPP liaison team you requested to be
there. Continue reading

The industrialization of McLeans Mountain and other news from Manitoulin

Manitoulin Expositor

UCCM, Northland deal earns higher rate by 1.5 cents/kWh

by Lindsay Kelly February 16, 2011 SUDBURY—Employment, trades training, and financial dividends for Manitoulin-area First Nations will be amongst the benefits of a new 50/50 partnership between Northland Power and the United Chiefs and Council of Mnidoo Mnising (UCCM), according to the proponents. Continue reading

Wind projects wrecks Manitoulin culture

Manitoulin ExpositorSudbury Star

Some of the most beautiful areas in Northern Ontario can be found where the land meets the water. An especially striking example is the area around Manitoulin Island, McGregor Bay, and Killarney. My family and I have a summer camp on Lake Manitou. We enjoy boating, hiking, cycling, and travelling throughout the area, primarily during the spring, summer and fall. Continue reading

Northland Power must fine-tune its energy act submission

by Lindsay Kelly   Manitoulin Expositor

LITTLE CURRENT—Questions have arisen surrounding the McLean’s Mountain Wind Farm following a request for more information from the Ministry of the Environment, but proponents say it’s a normal part of the process that ensures the company is meeting all the requirements for a successful project.

On June 14, project proponent Northland Power received a request for additional information from the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) on its renewable energy approval (REA) submission, which was sent to the ministry in mid-May.

Ray Beaudry, an opponent of the wind farm and a founding member of the Manitoulin Coalition for Safe Energy Alternatives (MCSEA), received this information in a conversation with a staff member in the MOE’s approvals branch, and suggests this request indicates the company has not met all the ministry’s requirements for the project. Continue reading

First Nations take firm stance against project; Province rejects Hunt Camps setbacks

by Lindsay Kelly, The Manitoulin Expositor

LITTLE CURRENT-The United Chiefs and Councils of Manitoulin (UCCM) made a clear stand against the Northland Power wind farm at a public meeting on Monday night, declaring their continued opposition to the project until appropriate consultation has been made with Island First Nations.

A legal requirement of the Ontario government, as proclaimed by the Supreme Court of Canada, consultation “has been ignored and continues to be ignored,” said Shining Turtle, Whitefish River First Nation chief and UCCM tribal chair, reading from a statement prepared in advance by the UCCM. “As long as the government of Ontario continues to ignore the First Nations, the chiefs will remain opposed to the project.” Continue reading

Neighbours of turbine sites await ruling on definition of dwellings requiring setbacks

by Lindsay Kelly  Manitoulin Expositor

MANITOULIN-Opponents of the Northland Power wind farm proposed for McLean’s Mountain could lose their last chance at blocking the project when the ministry of the environment introduces new guidelines for designating receptors.

Receptors are the structures by which developers measure the setbacks from turbines; these generally mean houses and, in some cases, hunt camps. In an effort to thwart, or at least delay, the Northland project, landowners in the area have been securing building permits through the town at a cost of $600 each. The theory is that more receptors would require more setbacks, causing Northland to rethink its layout or junk the plan altogether. Continue reading