Queen’s Park dingbats frightened?

Hmmm, McGuinty, and Energy Ministers Duguid, Smitherman, Bentley…
What’s spooking them?

Pinocchio and Industrial Wind Turbines

By Charley Urbanek, Goderich Signal Star
If only McGuinty, his Liberal team and his green supporters had noses like Pinocchio, Ontario might have had a lumber industrial boom. The Ontario Liberal’s propaganda has spared no efforts in spreading information of how their green energy polices only do good, created ALL those new jobs and repeatedly assured Ontario residents that there is No Proof, that industrial wind turbines could possibly cause any medical problems. It was backed up and supported 100 percent by the man himself. Continue reading

Do you agree?

(Reprint from 2009)
The dire need to stop global warming with an aggressive renewable energy plan for Ontario outstrips potential damage to sensitive environmental areas, says Marion Fraser, a founding member of the Green Energy Act Alliance.   The Sarnia Observer
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Follow the Funding! **Must Watch**

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2010 Ontario Christmas Carol

(sung to the tune of “Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer)
Turbines, the massive invaders,
Have a very shiny light.
And if you ever saw one,
you would even say it’s bright. Continue reading

Oakville power plant explodes on McGuinty

by Kelly McParland, National Post

Following the bouncing ball of Premier Dad’s political thought processes is getting harder — and more entertaining — all the time.

For quite some time, Ontario’s paternalistic  premier has insisted that building a gas-fired power plant in the leafy enclave of Oakville was an absolute necessity, and that there was no chance he’d reconsider his decision to push ahead with it. Continue reading

McGuinty sinking, poll shows: 76% want new party in power

Robert Benzie, Queen’s Park Bureau Chief   Toronto Star

Three out of four Ontarians believe it’s “time for a change” at Queen’s Park because of the unpopular 13 per cent harmonized sales tax and lingering economic fears, a new poll suggests.

The Toronto Star-Angus Reid survey indicates Premier Dalton McGuinty’s Liberals, who mark their seventh anniversary in power on Saturday, face major challenges as they head toward the Oct. 6, 2011 election.

With 76 per cent of respondents saying they would like to see another party in power and 71 per cent warning the province “is on the wrong track,” the poll signals change may be on the horizon. Read the entire article here

Premier declares Saturday laundry day

By Glen McGregor, The Ottawa Citizen          Video

Premier Dalton McGuinty suggests that Ontarians concerned about rising energy costs should consider doing their laundry on weekends, when electricity rates are lower.

“We would encourage people to look at any possibility they might have to shift their patterns of electricity use to take advantage of times when electricity is less expensive,” he told reporters Friday. Continue reading

Hey, Dalton Quixote!

By: Larry Fedoruk  News Talk 610 CKTB

I thought Mr. Premier I would add to your less than stellar summer by pointing out the Danish experience with wind power.

 In 1980 the Danish government was among the first to bring in large-scale subsidies. Continue reading

Liberals in crosshairs when Ontario legislature resumes


TORONTO — Ontario’s opposition parties are determined to take advantage of a summer of missteps and policy reversals by the Liberal government as politicians return to the legislature Monday.

The Liberals came under heavy fire for passing a law in secret regarding police powers during the G20 summit in Toronto, and have been facing a growing backlash against their green energy plans from people opposed to living near wind turbines and solar farms. Continue reading

Just one child — one child — is one too many to suffer the effects of a wind turbine

Watch Video Here on CTV

TORONTO — Angry residents opposed to wind turbines confronted Premier Dalton McGuinty on Thursday, saying health concerns are being ignored in the province’s push for green energy.

McGuinty, who was set to tour a recreation centre in Lindsay, Ont., came in a back door after about 10 sign-waving protesters parked themselves outside the front entrance.

The group bristled when they realized McGuinty was already inside the complex. Continue reading

McGuinty confronted by wind-power opponents

Toronto Star

LINDSAY, ONT.—A group of angry residents who oppose wind turbines confronted Premier Dalton McGuinty at an unrelated event in Lindsay today.

McGuinty came in a back entrance of the Lindsay recreation centre after about 10 sign-waving protesters parked themselves outside the front entrance.

As he walked in, McGuinty was confronted by upset residents who demanded that he stop the proposed installation of about 30 wind turbines. Continue reading

McGuinty confirms three Ontario ministries under investigation

Ontario Premier finally comments for the first time on anti-rackets raids by provincial police

by Karen Howlett   Globe and Mail

Three government ministries are under investigation by the Ontario Provincial Police, says Premier Dalton McGuinty.

Staff in the Ministries of Transportation, Economic Development and Trade and Community and Social Services are being investigated by the OPP, Mr. McGuinty told reporters on Tuesday, in commenting for the first time on the probe by the anti rackets division. Continue reading

Ontario – Yours to Discover

Green Giant runs amok in Ontario


Living in Ontario these days under the reign of Premier Dalton McGuinty is like being held hostage by the Green Giant.

Only this time, he’s not jolly. He’s just nuts.

The advantage for the rest of Canada is Ontario has literally become a “hothouse” of all things “green” imposed by governments, ostensibly to help the environment, that don’t actually work. Continue reading

Turbines for Toronto

Toronto Sun

I have just been informed that Dalton McGuinty lives in Rosedale.

To be honest, we in rural Ontario had no idea our premier lived among so many environmentally concerned constituents.

Perhaps McGuinty wouldn’t mind carrying out a test poll of the residents of that up-scale parish, and see what their reaction would be to having 50 or so, 550-foot tall, wind turbines placed on the eastern and western slopes of the Don Valley, using the government’s set-back guideline of 550 metres. Continue reading

McGuinty rejects call to delay wind power projects while health impacts studied

Protesters hold a demonstration against wind turbines at Queen's Park on Wednesday April 28, 2010. (CP24/Aaron Adetuyi)The Canadian Press

TORONTO — Premier Dalton McGuinty is dismissing requests from protesters to delay the introduction of more industrial wind turbines to generate electricity.

People from dozens of small communities have asked the province to impose a moratorium on new wind turbines until possible impacts on human health have been studied.

But McGuinty says wind turbines have been used for decades to generate electricity without any serious health implications, so he won’t agree to a moratorium.

He says it doesn’t make sense under the circumstances.

McGuinty says Ontario has “the most rigorous standards in North America and some of the toughest in the world” for wind turbines.

The Progressive Conservatives say the premier doesn’t always know best and should listen to people who don’t want the giant turbines in their communities.

McGuinty Liberals Still in Denial


In response to MPP Rick Johnson’s quote indicating 50 per cent of people in Pontypool and Bethany want to have industrial wind turbines in our communities. Prove it.

I have personally been door to door in rural Pontypool and your number is not even close to our survey. With the recent OPA announcement indicating Pontypool and Bethany have been slated for 10,000 MW of wind turbines, I estimate we are getting 15 to start. Continue reading

The Gambler

by Rick Conroy  Wellington Times

A better man might feel empathy for Dalton McGuinty. Gambling, I’m told, is an addiction. He may not be able to help himself. But here’s the thing—it’s Ontario’s energy future he is putting at risk and it is our money he is wagering. Dalton McGuinty never felt comfortable with the energy file. Not since he blurted out an ill-considered promise to close Ontario’s coal electricity plants, in an election debate in 2003, has he managed to grasp the complexity of the business of electricity or how tightly energy in general is tied to the economic prosperity and well-being of residents of this province.

Most folks leave things they don’t understand alone—they don’t try and turn the house upside down hoping it all comes out right. But that isn’t how McGuinty rolls—at least on this file.

Instead he is placing billions of your tax dollars and your children’s tax dollars on a bet that a mix of unproven wind, solar and other exotic means of electricity generation will one day put a meaningful dent into Ontario’s supply of energy. It is a high-stakes gamble—with about the same odds as winning the lottery. Continue reading

Dalton McGuinty’s “Grand Green Gesture” comes with a hefty price

Oxford Sentinal-Review   By Diane Katz and Nevana Pencheva 

The Government of Ontario recently signed a $7-billion no-bid contract with two Korean companies to supply wind and solar power to the province. Officials claim the backroom deal will boost “green” industry and job creation. But it’s hard to fathom how the additional employment can possibly be beneficial when each new manufacturing job will cost taxpayers a whopping $303,472. Nor do dramatic increases in electricity rates constitute much of a bargain.

Having failed on his pledge to shut all coalfired plants in the province by 2007, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty evidently has sought a grand green gesture that would appease the global-warming alarmists. Executives of Samsung C&T Corp., in concert with the Korean Electric Power Corporation, were understandably eager to cooperate. Continue reading

McGuinty to Throw Another 8 Billion of Our Tax Money into the Wind

Globe and Mail

The Ontario government will announce today that it is awarding just over $8-billion in renewable energy projects to dozens of companies, making it the biggest investment of its kind in Canadian history.

The total value of the renewable energy projects to be announced today eclipses the $7-billion deal the McGuinty government signed in January with a consortium led by South Korean industrial giant Samsung Group. This time around, the government is awarding contracts to entities ranging from first nations communities to major corporations from overseas, the United States and across Canada to develop wind, solar and run-of-river hydro projects, sources familiar with the deal said.

Look who Dalton McGuinty has crawled into bed with

The McGuinty Liberals made a undertendered, ½ billion dollar sweetheart deal behind closed doors, against the wishes of his caucus with our tax money.    Samsung has no experience in the wind industry, not even in Korea.  The Auditor General needs to take a closer look at this.

Samsung rocked by bribery investigation   Muttered accusations of bribery, stock manipulation, tax evasion and dirty tricks have always surrounded South Korea’s mighty chaebolThe inquiry follows allegations by one of Samsung’s own legal team that the company had created a 200 billion won slush fund used for bribing government officials.

Samsung chief indicted on tax evasion charge  An extensive and embarrassing investigation of the most iconic industrialist in South Korea has ended with an indictment on tax evasion charges for Lee Kun-hee, the chairman of Samsung.

McGuinty’s Liberals Want 715 Turbines in Lake Erie

Ontario communities feel abandoned by the McGuinty government who, in the name of its Green Energy Act, has not only washed its hands of most monitoring duties, but also has placed the onus of environmental proof on the municipalities rather than the developers.

New Petition to reappoint an effective Ontario Ombudsman

McGuinty Gets Rid of Watchdogs

We, the undersigned, call on the Ontario government to reappoint Andre Marin as Ombudsman for the province for another term.

Please sign here

McGuinty’s ill wind blows across Canada

Saving the Environment from the Environmentalists

By Lorrie Goldstein, Senior Associate Editor   Toronto Sun

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty recently did something so stupid when it comes to … uh … fighting global warming, it should warn all Canadians to keep an eye on their politicians, lest they do something equally dumb.

McGuinty struck a deal with South Korean industrial giant Samsung Group to manufacture wind turbines and solar panels in Ontario, plus pay inflated prices for 2,500 megawatts of so-called green energy for the next quarter century.

Samsung will invest $7 billion in return for untold billions more to be sucked out of the hides of Ontario electricity consumers and, McGuinty hopes, other, as-yet-unsuspecting, consumers across North America.

How stupid is this deal? Continue reading

McGuinty Gets Rid of Two Government Watchdogs

“It does smell a little fishy,” Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak said Tuesday.

Andre Marin, Ontario Ombudsman

CTV News  The McGuinty Liberals are being accused of showing the door to a couple of government watchdogs who’ve put pressure on the government over the last five years.

The man who exposed scandal at Ontario Lottery and Gaming and pulled the curtain back on waste and mismanagement at the Municipal Property Assessment Corportation willl not have his term renewed. Continue reading

I think the Universe is trying to tell you something, Dalton

McGuinty Jackass

Premier Dalton McBraveheart

Apparently, McGuinty’s idea of green energy ‘courage’ is giving our money to South Korea

Lorrie Goldstein Toronto Sun

The next time I run into Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, I will address him as “Braveheart” and paint his face green.

Just like Mel Gibson in his movie of the same name, except Gibson used blue.

Because I don’t want to be accused of terrorism, I give the premier fair warning of my intention.

Further, I assure his bodyguards they will not need to shoot me, because, unlike PETA, I will first ask Premier Braveheart if he wants his face painted green, and, if he says “no” I won’t.

But I will insist on calling him “Braveheart” which, is not a crime in Ontario … yet. Continue reading

Liberals fear green-deal backlash

Toronto Star, www.thestar.com

There is mounting anger within the Liberal caucus over Premier Dalton McGuinty’s decision to award a $7 billion green-energy deal to a South Korean consortium, sources told the Star.

MPPs, who were advised on a conference call that the controversial accord with Samsung C&T and Korea Electric Power Corp. (KEPCO) would be proceeding, complain they had no input on an arrangement.

The deal, signed Thursday, will increase ratepayers’ hydro bills and critics say it will undermine domestic renewable energy producers. Continue reading

Subsidies, distortion, fake job creation and back-room political deals

Ontario puts $10B in the wind
By Terence Corcoran, National Post

When government and industry talk about green energy, what they mean by green is the green stuff that will be going into the pockets of special corporate and government interests.

In a dramatic move yesterday, Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty struck a green electricity deal — allegedly the biggest of its kind in the world — that will transmit a subsidy worth as much as $10-billion into the hands of a Korean state enterprise and corporate giant Samsung. Continue reading