Academics clash over wind farms

Dr. Colby

Dr. McMurtry

By Jonathan Sher   Simcoe Reformer

They’re in a fight that could shape wind power in Ontario, billions of dollars of investment and the green reputation of Dalton McGuinty’s Liberals.

Two UWO academics are clashing over wind farms, each accusing the other’s followers of demonizing their cause and bastardizing science.

A champion for those who believe wind turbines are making them sick, Dr. Bob McMurtry was dean of the medical school at the University of Western Ontario from 1992 to 1999.

His wind adversary is Dr. David Colby, an associate professor and medical officer of health in Chatham-Kent who believes the health link is more science fiction than science. Continue reading

Research Chair Choice Misses the Mark

The Society for Wind Vigilance expresses its concern over the announcement of its choice of Research Chair in Renewable Technologies and Health. Dr Siva Sivoththaman is an electrical engineer. While we wish him well, in our view Dr. Sivoththaman’s professional background lacks the clinical expertise to evaluate “health impacts of  renewable energy” associated with industrial wind turbines.

As advocates for health protection The Society for Wind Vigilance believes that the lead and expertise of this Research Chair would more appropriately have been a clinician scientist. We strongly encourage the new Chair to seek the appropriate collaborators as the new research program is established. Continue reading

Dr. Colby Not Looking at Evidence in His Own Backyard

Chatham Daily News

Sir:  A recent article on Dr. Colby, who is being quoted as saying that health concerns are not a factor for those who are living near industrial wind turbines is not coinciding with the reality presently happening right here in Ontario. Continue reading

Systematic Epidemiological Field Study Needed

By Paul Mayne , Western News, University of Western Ontario
Industrial wind turbines (IWT) are popping up all across Ontario.   The 100- to 400-foot structures with blades sweeping an area just under an acre are one of the fastest growing sources of electricity.

While selling the ‘green’ side of wind turbines is easy, the number of people living near the massive electricity generators and claiming adverse health effects – from sleep disturbance and acute hypertensive episodes to cardiac arrhythmia and heart palpitation – is growing at an alarming rate, says Robert McMurtry, former dean of medicine at The University of Western Ontario. 

“Adverse health effects are occurring as we speak. There is no question they are genuinely suffering and more people are at risk if the rules are not changed substantially.”

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Ontario Health Survey Exposes the Wind Industry

Queen’s Park, Toronto, April 22, 2009 – Former Dean of Medicine at the University of Western Ontario held a news conference on the steps of Queen’s Park today. Flanked by many victims, Dr. McMurtry revealed the results of a health survey of the people now suffering many side effects while living near industrial wind turbines. img_30881






Of the 76 respondents in the community based self-survey, 53 people living near different wind power plants reported that industrial wind turbines were having a significant negative impact on their lives.  The adverse effects range from headaches and sleep disturbance to tinnitus (ringing in the ear) and depression.

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Interview with Dr. Robert McMurtry about need for wind turbine health study

Dr. Robert Y. McMurtry, MD FRCSC FACS Bryan Allen of The Talkshow, AM920 CKNX, talks with Dr. Robert Y. McMurtry, MD FRCSC FACS about wind turbine health concerns.

From Tuesday, Apr. 28. Click here to listen (9 minutes).

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