Meaford Council Calls For Moratorium on Wind Farm Developments

by Steven Vance, Meaford Independent
Meaford council has approved a resolution put forward by Deputy Mayor Harley Greenfield [pic] which calls for Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty to invoke an immediate moratorium on the construction of wind turbine installations in Ontario for one year, with a provision for yearly extensions as required.    Read article

Wind Developments Could Still Move Forward in Meaford

Meaford Independent
As a regular reader of the Meaford Independent, I have noted two issues that had featured prominently, wind turbines and incinerators, have gone to the back-burner, if you pardon the expression. Lots of readers no doubt have had their fill of these, or they may think that they are now dead issues. Sadly nothing could be farther from the truth. The 26-turbine project in Sydenham and the garbage incinerator project are only asleep, just waiting for the Green Energy Act to breathe new life into them. It’s still bad news and Meaford Council is still in the thick of the problem. Let me explain. Continue reading

Wind Concerns Meaford Launches Website

Meaford Independent
As they continue their mission to raise awareness about potential wind farm installations in the municipality, Wind Concerns Meaford (WCM) has launched a new website which they hope will help them improve communication with members as well as the general public.  WCM was formed early in 2010 when a group of concerned residents came together to research and inform the public about the potential consequences of industrial wind turbine developments in Meaford. Continue reading

4,000 Acres Optioned by IPC in Sydenham

“There will be no benefit for the municipality if wind farm projects move forward.” ~ Michael Anderson, Project manager for the Meaford Economic Development Strategy

by Stephen Vance, Meaford Independent

Representatives from International Power Canada (IPC) attended council on Monday May 9 to make a presentation intended to bring council and the public up to date with the status of their Silcote Corners wind farm project. Continue reading

Use Niagara Escarpment Commission to stop turbines

by Chris Fell,

Meaford council is going to investigate having thousands of acres of property in Sydenham Township added to the Niagara Escarpment Commission area in an effort to stop an industrial wind turbine project proposed for that segment of the community.

At its regular meeting on Monday, May 9, council passed a resolution calling on the provincial government to delay all wind turbine development until proper community consultation is done. Continue reading

Meaford’s Vision?

There have been and will continue to be arguments over the merits of large-scale renewable energy projects in Ontario. In our community’s discussion and analysis we should remove the term ‘green’ from all of the Feed in Tariff (FIT) energy projects.

We need only analyze the economic and cultural merits of these projects and then take appropriate action. Staff, councillors and citizens have spent a considerable amount of time creating a workable vision for the future development of Meaford. We need to defend this vision. Continue reading

Meaford Council looking at wind energy

It comes as IPC continues their “Silcote Corners Wind project” which would see 29 wind turbines erected in the area between Annan and Balaclava. Greenfield is hopeful a resolution is passed for an ad hoc committee at Monday’s Council meeting. Continue reading

Meaford group wants more studies

Mayor Francis Richardson

By Don Crosby, Markdale Standard

Local opponents of wind farms in Meaford are prepared to cut councillors some slack to give them time to digest the detailed information that was presented against wind farms at Monday’s Meaford council meeting. But eventually they want the municipality to take the lead in studying the economic impact on tourism.

On Wednesday Mayor Francis Richardson responded to the list of 15 recommendations made by Wind Concerns Meaford on how to gain control of two proposals for industrial wind turbines that are being developed by International Power Canada. Continue reading

Meaford wants International Power to include Q&A at turbine meeting

by Chris Fell,

Meaford council wants International Power to include a question and answer session at its next public meeting about a proposed wind farm in northwest Sydenham Township.

Meaford council at its regular meeting on Monday, January 10 unanimously passed a resolution brought forward by Deputy Mayor Harley Greenfield to ask International Power to include more public participation at its next meeting.

The resolution read: Continue reading

Turbines and tourism at odds: critics

By John Devine, Owen Sound Sun Times

The province didn’t fully consider the work municipalities have done to promote such things as tourism while it was developing the Green Energy Act, say some opponents of large-scale wind turbine developments.

It’s a miscalculation the Liberal government at Queen’s Park will come to regret, suggests former Meaford councillor Cynthia Lemon. Continue reading

Wind power protested

by Chris Fell,

International Power Canada (IPC) – the company pursuing a 26 turbine wind park in the northwest part of Sydenham Township – held a special public information centre at the arena on Thursday night.

Paid duty police officers were on hand, outside the building, for the entire evening and a massive crowd packed into the community centre to get information about the proposed project. Dozens of anti-wind power protesters also attended to make their feelings on the matter known. Continue reading

Meaford turbine public meeting Wednesday

Wind Concerns Meaford is inviting concerned residents and the general public to join them at International Power Canada’s upcoming public meeting on its Silcote Corners Wind Project.

The meeting, which takes place at the Meaford and St. Vincent Community Centre on Wednesday, November 17 at 5 p.m., is a part of the mandatory process that International Power Canada must follow before it can obtain final approval for its development from the Ministry of the Environment. Continue reading

Meaford Council passes moratorium on wind development

Harley Greenfield

Bayshore Broadcasting    Listen to Broadcast

He voted for the moratorium because Opposition Leader Tim Hudak indicated if he was elected, Municipalities without a moratorium or resolution opposing wind turbines, will be left powerless over future development.

Meaford Council has put a moratorium on wind turbine development in their municipality. They voted 5 to 1 Monday night to accept the moratorium motion put forward by Deputy Elect Harley Greenfield.  It’s close to a similar motion that failed by a vote of 4 to 3 just a few months ago. Continue reading

Wider debate on wind farms in Meaford needed

Owen Sound Sun Times

Since the inception of the Ontario government’s Green Energy Act in 2009, the jurisdiction over community development in the area of renewable energy projects has been removed from local municipalities.

The challenge of creating a local voice that is credible concerning the proposed wind farm planned for Meaford is significant. Continue reading

Wind turbines planned for Meaford

By Don Crosby  Owen Sound Sun Times
The latest wind turbine project in Grey County is planned for Meaford.

International Power Canada is looking at 29 sites in an area between Balaclava and Annan four kilometres north of Highway 26 and 16 kilometres north east of Owen Sound. Continue reading