Mike Crawley and Liberal Party Politics

Here are a few excerpts regarding Mr. Crawley from the Ontario Legislature: Continue reading

IPC threatens to sue Grey Highlands

Mike Crawley, IPC

When all else fails, resort to bullying

GREY HIGHLANDS – International Power Canada is threatening to sue the Municipality of Grey Highlands for delaying the building permits for its industrial wind turbine project.

IPC Vice-President David Timm spoke to Grey Highlands council at its regular meeting held on Friday morning (April 29).

Timm told council that IPC has done a lot of work on its turbine project and that the delays by the municipality are threatening to cost the company a lot of money. IPC wants to build 11 industrial wind turbines as part of its Plateau Wind Power project. Continue reading

Protesters greet Mike Crawley of International Power

By Don Crosby, Owen Sound Sun Times

Protesters greet wind turbine developer Michael Crawley who came to update Grey Highlands council Monday on projects owned by International Power Canada.

The president of International Power Canada had to run a gauntlet of placard-waving protesters on his way to make a presentation to Grey Highlands council earlier this week. Continue reading

Residents angered by IPC’s Bluewater Wind Project meeting

Lucknow Sentinel

Anger, confusion, frustration, shouting and finger pointing resulted from irate residents showing up to what was thought to be a public meeting hosted by the Bluewater Wind Project.

The wind farm, proposed by International Power Canada Inc., would see 50 2.5-megawatt turbines installed on about 3,387 hectares of land, between Conc. 2 of Huron Township, Lake Range Drive, the Conc. 10 of Huron and Sideroad 5.

The project would be connected by overhead transmission lines, heading north on Sideroad 20 through the Municipality of Kincardine, turning west on either the Conc. 6 and 8 where they would connect to the existing transmission lines near Bruce Power. Continue reading

International Power finally agrees to look at the Norfolk victims

by Daniel Pearce, Simcoe Reformer

The company that owns the wind farm in the west end of Norfolk says it will undertake an infrasound study in the Clear Creek area to determine if its turbines generate low-level frequencies that nearby residents insist are sickening them. Continue reading

Lesson Rahim Jaffer: Liberals Are Better

Lesson Rahim Jaffer: Liberals Are Better

CanadianSense Blogspot

Rahim Jaffer was unsuccessful in getting any contracts as a former Conservative. If Rahim Jaffer had Liberal ties would he have been able to secure a deal for twenty years at a sixty per cent premium to the existing hydro rates? Continue reading

It’s Good to have Liberal Friends, isn’t it, Mike?

It all started after Mike Crawley sat on the Renewable Energy Task Team (RETT) back in 2003 RETT was responsible for setting the stage for subsidizing the wind industry in Ontario.

Why was Mike Crawley chosen for a $475M contract when ninety other companies came forward?  He had virtually no experience in this wind industry.

Why was the flagrant abuse of the Standard Offer Program (piece-mealing the Norfolk and Harrow wind farms in order to obtain millions of dollars of extra subsidies) ignored?    They quickly tightened the rules for others but allowed Crawley’s projects through with no penalty or repercussions. Continue reading

OPP quiz Windsor-area woman over wind turbine opposition

Mike Crawley, fearful of possible protest, called in the OPP

Ribbon-cutting ceremony  to be held Friday, June 25 at 11:00 am on Gore Road in Harrow.    Map

By Gary Rennie, The Windsor Star

A farmer and mother of a 17-year-old who’s never had more than a parking ticket is complaining that an OPP visit to inquire about her concerns over wind turbines amounts to “political intimidation” from the provincial government and the turbine developer.

Colette McLean says she got a phone call last week from Sgt. Dan Michaud of the OPP’s provincial liaison team. He wondered if she planned to protest an official opening of the $110-million International Power wind turbine project in Harrow Friday.

It was an event she didn’t even know about.  She declined to be interviewed by Michaud.

The officer, based near Toronto, was at her farmhouse on Gore Road the next day. She wasn’t home, but he left a business card.

“I don’t understand why they’re using taxpayer dollars to investigate ordinary people,” says McLean. Continue reading

Letter from Nina Pierpont to Mike Crawley, International Power Canada Inc.

M. Crawley, International Power Canada, Inc.

Mike Crawley, President
International Power Canada Inc.
105 Commerce Valley Drive West, Suite 410
Markham, Ontario L3T 7W3 Canada

May 7,2010

Dear Mr. Crawley,

I am writing on behalf of XX, Harrow, Ontario. Mrs. X informs me that her home has nine (9) 1.65 MW V2 Vestas wind turbines within 2 km of her home. Three of these are within 1 km. Indeed, all 24 turbines (for this project) are within 5 km. Continue reading