Natyshak: Some women can’t stand it when their husbands snore

Meeting in Essex with NDP MPP from Essex, Taras Natyshak, was as expected. Many spoke, both for and against.    Thanks to those who drove down from C-K just for the meeting.

Taras compared IWT sickness to a woman who can’t stand her hubby snoring.  He stated he would vote pro-wind every time.  He voted against Bill 10 and said he would have voted against the recent motion brought forth by Lisa Thompson if he had been in attendance.  He might as well be a Liberal. Through their complaisant agreement with the McGuinty Liberals, Taras Natyshak, the NDP, and the CAW support huge offshore multinationals getting obscene subsidies & riding roughshod over rural Ontario.  Shameful.

NDP concerned with blocking future green energy development

Cindy Forster

Cindy Forster

By Carolyn Goard, Thorold Niagara News
Newly elected MPP for the Welland riding Cindy Forster stresses giving local communities a greater voice, but the New Democratic Party recently argued against a private member’s bill that would give municipalities a say in renewable energy projects. The Progressive Conservatives’ bill would have restored local decision making under the Green Energy Act, but it failed to pass thanks to the Liberals and NDP who said there were many reasons the amendment to the Act would have been problematic. Read article

Huron-Bruce needs federal leadership on industrial wind

A position statement on industrial wind turbines

By Grant Robertson, NDP Federal Candidate for Huron Bruce

I admit I was excited by the first few industrial scale wind towers going up in our area.  We took our kids to see them regularly because we wanted them to see the beginning of what we thought would be a positive future.  Boy was I naive.  There is some solace in knowing I was not even close to alone in this hopeful naiveté – including the act of taking children to see the construction.

While Ontario Coordinator of the National Farmers Union I took a lot of criticism for being the first prominent rural Ontarian to begin to question where we are going as a province with regard to industrial wind and some very undemocratic aspects of the Green Energy Act.  Continue reading

Wind power not worth the cost to Algoma?

D. Bevington, MP

By Carol Martin,

NDP Western Arctic MP Dennis Bevington thought long and hard about what would change if proposed industrial wind projects go ahead in the Algoma area.

He really started thinking after skiing around King Mountain with local environmentalist and Lake Superior champion Gary McGuffin. Continue reading

NDPs are Pro-Industrial Wind Turbines

[Note:  I’m still waiting for an official response from the Ontario Green Party]

Letter dated March 29, 2010:

Thank you for bringing your concerns about the health impacts of wind energy to the attention of Andrea Horwath, Leader, Ontario’s NDP.

New Democrats believe that wind energy needs to play an important role in reducing our reliance on coal and nuclear and in reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. Coal kills almost 700 people a year in Ontario. Continue reading