Why would we phase out nuclear or coal power?

by Dave Trumble, President Grey-Bruce Labour Council   Shoreline Beacon

I have yet to understand why the wind power lobby sees the phasing out of nuclear and coal as integral to the energy future of Ontario and beyond. No responsible or informed discussion on wind or renewable energy sources in general gives the slightest bit of credibility to the position that the electricity needs of Ontario could ever be met by these sources alone. Even with any amount of anticipated conservation added into this the amount of electricity demand will always far exceed the available power from renewables and conservation. In fact, traditional methods of producing electricity produce thousands of megawatts more than renewables each and every day in Ontario. Today (Jan. 20), wind was responsible for 90 megawatts of supply to the grid while nuclear was producing well in excess of 10,000 megawatts without one gram of greenhouse gases as a by-product. Continue reading

Bruce Power got millions to not produce electricity


The people of Ontario paid Bruce Power nearly $60 million in 2009 to not generate electricity for the province, CTV Toronto has learned.

A deal between the nuclear generator, a private company, and the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) sets out a guarantee for a certain amount of power to be purchased — even if it’s not needed. Continue reading

IESO – Will Ontario’s wind turbine power plants reduce greenhouse gas emissions?

by Donald Jones, P.Eng.

A shorter version of this article appeared in the 2010 September edition of the BULLETIN, the journal of the Canadian Nuclear Society.
Coal-fired power plants in Ontario are to be phased out by 2014 and are being replaced by natural gas-fired power plants. Burning gas still results in large amounts of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Wind turbine power plants are being built in the belief that they will reduce the GHG emissions from the gas-fired plants by reducing the amount of gas burned. Dispatchable coal is being replaced by dispatchable gas and not by non-dispatchable wind. Gas is not supporting wind, wind is interfering with gas, and with nuclear for that matter. Continue reading