Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters have serious concerns

Dr. Scott Petrie

By: Jeff Helsdon   Ontario Out of Doors

Proposals for hundreds of wind turbines in the Great Lakes have raised concerns among wildlife biologists. Dr. Scott Petrie, executive director of Long Point Waterfowl, who examined a map of proposed wind farms in Lakes Ontario, Erie, and St. Clair, said the numbers will “boggle your mind.”

South Point Wind’s proposal for 715 turbines in western Lake Erie between Rondeau and Amherstburg and Lake St. Clair have resulted in heated community meetings. Hundreds more are being planned for the American side of the lake. Continue reading

Yakabuski Addresses the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters

John Yakabuski

…Also, wind turbines and commercial solar panels need considerable acreage where all vegetation is eradicated and future growth is continually controlled with chemicals, besides being deemed eyesores by most nature lovers. And more and more evidence becomes apparent from around the world that wind turbines negatively impact on human health of nearby residents.

At the recent quarterly meeting of OFAH Zone E, John Yakabuski, MPP, addressed the audience on matters pertaining to energy production and use.

Commonly, “reliable” sources of energy are hydro-electric installation, coal and gas-fired generators plus nuclear power plants, all of which impact on the environment. Continue reading