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Ontario hydro bills to rise minimum 12% in May; critic blames green energy shift

By Lee Greenberg, The Ottawa Citizen
TORONTO — Ontario hydro consumers are about to get yet another jolt with their monthly electricity bills. Starting in May, bills will rise an average $3.99 per month for all time-of-use customers. Customers who don’t use smart meters will see a more severe increase of $5.80 per month, on average. The hikes were announced Thursday by the Ontario Energy Board.

The regulatory body said rates are rising due to a diminishing reliance on inexpensive, coal-fired generation. In its place, Ontario is relying on more natural gas, nuclear and renewable generation, including wind and solar power. Read article

Hudak tells Liberals they were “giving the finger” to the Auditor General

The Canadian Press
The governing Liberals’ green energy policies are in the opposition’s crosshairs today following a critical report from Ontario’s auditor general. Watchdog Jim McCarter found that the government fast-tracked billions of dollars of wind and solar energy projects with little oversight, which will drive up electricity bills. Opposition Leader Tim Hudak says the government has created a gold rush in the green energy sector that’s ripping off families. Continue reading

Ontario Energy Board forced changes despite problems

By ANTONELLA ARTUSO, Queen’s Park Bureau Chief,  Toronto Sun

The Ontario Energy Board forged ahead with smart meters and time-of-use pricing even though electricity distributors said it was a stupid idea to rush.

The OEB put the concerns to the Independent Electricity System Operator, and then ordered the distributors to proceed with the mandatory plan.

The order is included in an Aug. 4 memo from the OEB to electricity distributors, released by the Ontario Conservative Party Tuesday morning. Continue reading