Wes Keller’s articles slanted

Orangeville Citizen

It has always been my perception that reporters are a set of professionals, trained by highly experienced teachers, most of whom have attained a high degree of honesty and moral integrity, to report the events and truth as it really is, and not as they would personally like it to be.

It therefore puzzles me greatly, that Mr. Keller seems to have a knack of preaching correctness and truthfulness as seen only from the point of view of wind farm proponents and their urban followers. Continue reading

Wind turbine protestors march through downtown Orangeville

Orangeville Banner

Industrial wind turbines are putting rural residents at risk, a group of protesters said on Saturday morning (Nov. 27) as they marched through downtown Orangeville.

Carrying placards, handing out flyers and chanting to spread their message, about 65 people marched from Rotary Park to Sylvia Jones’ Broadway constituency office. Continue reading

Protest in Orangeville

By Lorrie Gillis, WCO Reporter

In spite of snow covered, icy roads with poor visibility in some areas and the threat of 15cm of more snow to come, many traveled some distance (Amaranth, Melancthon, Grand Valley, Belwood, Mapleton, Grey Highlands, Mansfield) to rally in Orangeville for 10:00 am to march against industrial wind turbines. Continue reading