Australian Parliament Calls for 2 Km Setbacks


Legislative Council General Purpose Standing Committee No. 5

Media Release:

…..during the Committee’s investigations, significant community angst and concern about the planning process, project design and monitoring of rural wind farms became apparent.”

Recommendations to address the issues raised during the Inquiry include implementing a minimum setback of two kilometres (unless otherwise negotiated with neighbours), providing improved certainty for wind farm decommissioning, increasing the period that Environmental Assessments are on public exhibition to 90 days, improving noise modelling and improving the consultation and complaint handling process.

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The actions of this government have turned the precautionary principle on its head

SPECIAL REPORT  By Richard Vivian  Orangeville Banner

Provincial plans to create a streamlined approval process for renewable energy projects have been met with a bevy of objections — from proponents, municipal leaders, and those who believe wind turbines negatively impact human health — and a court challenge.  Read entire article here

Bruce County seeks wind turbine health study

Huron-Kinloss Mayor Mitch Twolan

By Don Crosby, The Owen Sound Sun Times

Bruce County is calling on the province to study the health effects of wind turbines.

“The province has stated that they are not going to do a health study. We’re going to encourage them with a letter hoping that they will do an independent study for the health concerns that are out there now and possibly down the road,” said Huron-Kinloss Mayor Mitch Twolan. Continue reading

Federation of Canadian Municipalities asks for Wind Turbine Research

CBC News

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities is asking Ottawa to fund more scientific research into the potential health effects of wind turbines.

The organization has asked the government to focus on two areas: low-frequency noise and electrical disturbances from industrial-scale wind developments. The issue was raised in September by three municipalities from Ontario at a national board of directors meeting. Continue reading

The environment does not consist merely of landscape but of people

Toronto Star

 It is discouraging to see the executive director of the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment providing cover for the wind power industry. The environment does not consist merely of landscape but of people.

It is not enough to say that windpower “must be part of our energy mix.” The question is, what part?  People are suffering.  If Ontario’s chief medical officer of health knows of no scientific evidence “to date” of a causal connection between wind turbine noise and adverse health effects, then he or she is derelict in duty.  There is more than enough expert opinion and action in other jurisdictions to warrant an independent investigation. Continue reading

Arran-Elderslie Councillor frustrated in turbine fight

Posted By MARY GOLEM, Owen Sound Sun Times

An Arran-Elderslie councillor’s attempts to control the construction of large industrial wind turbines in the municipality has hit more roadblocks.

Elderslie ward Coun. Mark Davis said yesterday he’s “getting really tired of hearing what we can’t do” to control the construction of wind turbines which he calls “intrusive” and “an eyesore” on the rural landscape. Continue reading

Another Ontario Doctor calls for Moratorium Until Study is Done

In conclusion I must add that as a physician with thirty years in practice and eight years of medical study before that, I feel very strongly that a moratorium needs to be placed on the construction of industrial wind turbines in this province until these issues are crystal clear and the health of Ontarians is safeguarded.   ~ Norah Connell, M.D.

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