Nah, this little windmill won’t affect your property value…

photo by Bonny McKeough Industrial Wind Action Group
This photo shows wind turbine at the Erieau-Blenheim project which is located on the north shore of Lake Erie around Blenheim.

Wolfe Islanders challenging tax assessments

Wolfe Island Ferry Dock

PROPERTY: Residents claim wind turbines have depreciated the value of their homes

Posted By Paul Schliesmann, The Whig-Standard

Some Wolfe Island residents are challenging their tax assessments, claiming that 86 wind turbines installed in the community have hurt property values but a spokesman for the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation says the agency has seen no evidence to support the homeowners’ requests.

“It’s difficult for us to determine the effects of a wind turbine until they go to sell,” said Mike Contant, account manager for eastern Ontario.

“I’m not saying there won’t be. It’s a fairly new process.” Continue reading

Ontario Assessment Review Board ruling on wind power noise sets precedent

by Bob Aaron   Toronto Star

In a precedent setting move, a recently discovered decision of the provincial Assessment Review Board (ARB) has cut a homeowner’s assessment in half because the house is located near a noisy hydro substation. The hydro plant serves a nearby wind farm producing “clean” electricity.

The decision of ARB member Ana Cristina Marques was issued following an appeal by Paul Thompson of the assessment on his house. Continue reading

EZT Council supports freeze on wind turbines

East Zorra-Tavistock

By HEATHER RIVERS, Woodstock Sentinel Review

EZT councillors have added their voice to a call for an embargo on industrial wind turbine projects until more studies on their health effects become available.  In a recorded vote, five of the six EZT councillors voted in favour of the carefully worded resolution designed to show their support for a moratorium. Continue reading

Digby Wind Farm Landowners Also Facing Liens

taxlienforeclosuresBy Gillian Cormier
13 November 2009

One of SkyPower’s creditors is looking to put liens on properties owned by people who planned to lease land for a wind farm in Digby.

The Terrain Group Inc, based in Dartmouth, filed a statement of claim this week against SkyPower and 17 landowners, representing 14 plots of land in Gulliver’s Cove, Digby county.

The Terrain Group claims it is owed $42,950 for professional surveying services on the lands. Continue reading

Ontario Property Owners Now Have Liens on the Properties due to Skypower Bankruptcy

UPDATE Dec 3, 2009:   Stantec has moved to vacate its liens on Byran property on Friday. The court approved the motion.

Land Locked!

Wind map

Rough outline of Skypower’s Bryan Project before the company filed for creditor protection

Wellington Times – Prince Edward County, Ontario

Related: Stantec Construction Property Liens list

About 150 properties that make up the Byran wind energy project, part of the failed Skypower Corporation in the northeast corner of Prince Edward County, have had construction liens placed upon their land and registered on title by a creditor to whom Skypower owes a quarter million dollars. Construction liens are legal claims on a project to ensure a builder, tradesperson or consultant gets paid for his or her work.

Worse for the property owners, these construction liens have been perfected through a special court order that was granted last Thursday.

At best this means the property owners will be limited, until the liens are discharged, as to what they can do with their encumbered property. It may be difficult or impossible to refinance mortgages, borrow money using the land as collateral, finance new buildings on the property or even purchase seed and fertilizer for the property as long as the liens remain in place.

At worst the landowners could be on the hook to pay Skypower’s creditor, Jacques Whitford Stantec, the $265,000 it says it is owed by Skypower. Continue reading

Port Burwell Victims Speak out!

Think eHealth was bad?

Lorrie Goldstein, Toronto Sun

Beware of Dalton and George on ‘green’ energy

For Ontario to blow $1 billion over seven years not delivering on electronic health (eHealth) records, as Auditor General Jim McCarter documented last week, is frightening. But here’s something just as scary.

Everything that went wrong with eHealth can just as easily go wrong with Premier Dalton McGuinty’s similarly half-baked plan to make us a “renewable” energy giant.

Right down to the fact the same cabinet minister in charge when most of the damage was done at eHealth, is now in charge of renewable energy.

That’s not David Caplan, health minister for barely a year before the eHealth scandal broke, who McGuinty threw under the bus.

It’s George Smitherman, health minister from 2003 to 2008, when the problems at eHealth were exploding, who’s now in charge of the green energy file. Continue reading

We cannot accept this for rural Ontario


Home in Shelbourne Vacated Due to Turbine Noise/Vibrations

Many welcomed “green energy” into their community although some felt unease at a 400 foot tower with its massive base being placed so close to their home. They were reassured by the wind company that the turbines were as quiet as a whisper in a library and would be no trouble.

First comes the construction period with loads and loads of concrete, steel, transportation of massive turbine parts, new transmission lines, access roads and transformer stations.

Then the turbines start up. Continue reading

500 Attend Meeting in Kawartha Lakes

By PEGGY ARMSTRONG, SUN MEDIA   The Peterborough Examiner

About 500 people jammed into the Manvers Community Centre last night for an emotional meeting on proposed wind turbines in the area.

City of Kawartha Lakes Ward 16 Coun. David Marsh said he held the town hall meeting to get clarification from the private company Energy Farming Ontario about its intention to build up to 30 turbines. Continue reading

Wind Impact Study – Property Values, Health and Quality of Life

Download Appraisal Group One Wind Turbine Impact Study (4 MB, .pdf) Released 09/09/09    

Appraisal Group One is an independent appraisal company specializing in forensic appraisal, eminent domain, stigmatized properties and valuation research.

Conclusion:  After reviewing articles and studies on wind energy, wind turbines appear to have a negative impact on the property values, health, and quality of life of residents in close proximity. Of the studies that found no impact on property value, nearly all were funded by wind farm developers or renewable energy advocacy groups. Of the studies and reports showing property loss, the average negative effect is -20.7%. Continue reading

We are Victims of Wind – Don’t Let This Happen to You

Residents of Ripley, Ontario

Victims of the Ripley, Ontario Industrial Wind Facility

We suffer from: 
House Vibration                              Electrical Pollution
Tightening in the Chest                   Ringing in the Ears
High Stress                                    Cardiac Arrythmia
Acute Hypertension                         Sleep Deprivation
Depression                                     Severe Financial Loss
Altered Living Conditions                  Abandoned by our government

Farmers flee as turbines trigger despair

Art by Paul Bloomer, The Money Counters

Art by Paul Bloomer, The Money Counters

Lauren Wilson, The Australian  

FOR 35 years, Noel and Janine Dean lived on a small western Victorian farm, where they raised crops, cattle and three children.

They planned to spend the rest of their lives on that lush, green plot of land, but that would change three years ago, when an executive driving a red BMW approached the gates of their property, wound down his window and asked: “You got anything against wind farms?” Continue reading

Hell on Earth in Australia


A Current Affair, Australia:   We expose the truth about Australia’s green energy revolution as we meet people bombarded by turbines that are making them sick and sending their house values plummeting.

A Current Affair (or ACA) is a long running Australian current affairs program, broadcast week nights on the Nine Network.

Natural Resources Canada Gets NASTY!

The following comment was sent anonymously to the post “Another Ontario family Driven From their Home“:

Please let me know when the property comes up for sale. Since everyone claims that property values will decrese, I will expect a bargain basement price!

The sender was:

OrgName:    Natural Resources Canada Continue reading

Letter from AIM Powergen’s Port Burwell Project

211586-a-house-for-sale-hasreduced-price-signWoodstock Sentinal Review

 I need to relocate and find a new job, but I can’t sell my property…Because of these wind turbines surrounding my house, nobody is even interested in looking at my property…Why is Aim Power Generation reaping in these profits while I am approaching bankruptcy?

Continue reading

Another Ontario Family Driven from their Home

Update to this story, See:  Natural Resources Canada Eco-Bullies

So whatever happened to Barbara Lormand and Dennis Lormand?   The picture shows it all. They have finally been driven from their home.

Read the Hansard transcript from Barbara Ashbee’s Testamony to the Green Energy Act Standing Committee.       After pleading with Laurel Broten, Peter Tabuns, Carol Mitchell and others on the committee, Barbara and her husband Dennis have finally had to abandon their home.     These same politicians continue to push for more wind development in populated areas of rural Ontario.



Continue reading

Controversy Over Wind Power is Blowing Up in Southwestern Ontario

Wind debate won’t blow away: Opposition over alternative projects is growing across the country

By Randy Richmond    The London Free Press

As the province begins to fine-tune its new Green Energy Act, the controversy over wind power is blowing up in Southwestern Ontario again.

In Middlesex County, worried residents have asked the Environment Ministry for a full environmental assessment of a 40-turbine project north west of Strathroy.

In Huron County, the local federation of agriculture is calling for a moratorium on projects pending results of an epidemiological study on wind power’s health effects. Continue reading

Apply for a Reduction in your Property Taxes

If you live near an existing wind facility in Ontario and feel your property has been devalued, apply for a discount on your property taxes through MPAC by completing this Form.

Tourism Concerns Ignored

Globe and Mail

It’s a sad day when Ontario’s Environment Minister trivializes the preservation of landscapes by declaring that renewable energy development won’t slow down “just to preserve scenic views” (Blowing Up A Storm – June 11).

John Gerretsen should visit – the website launched by the Canadian Tourism Commission to promote travel across Canada. According to the federal government, tourism generates more wealth in Canada than agriculture, fisheries and forestry combined. Continue reading

Public Being Shut Out

 by Stew Slater in St. Marys Journal Argus

The winds of dissent are blowing across southern Ontario, buffeting the dreams of entrepreneurs hoping to cash in on elevated support for renewable energy.

“There’s a lot of controversy about it coming out now,” said Simcoe County Federation of Agriculture president Dave Riddell in a recent edition of the Alliston Herald newspaper, when asked to comment about prospective wind energy projects. Continue reading

Victims of wind turbines should unite

normal_windisnothealthy VOW©, Victims of Wind, is a support group recently formed for those people. In less than one month over 40 people have joined.  If you, or anyone you know is having difficulty, please call toll free 1-888-700-5655 or e-mail

People from across Ontario who welcomed wind turbines into their community are now coming forward with questions and concerns about disturbed living conditions and health concerns and don’t know where to turn. Continue reading

Ontario Municipalities: Never Give In to Force

Some 2,500 years ago, fable author Aesop opined that, “Persuasion is often more effectual than force.” It is an idea the current provincial government has decided holds no place, at least when it comes to matters it feels are important.

The list of areas where the government has chosen to exert the force of law over the persuasion of education is becoming legion, including but not limited to smoking, cellphone usage and, most importantly, wind power. Continue reading

Green Backlash: Just Put the Cold Hard Facts on the Table

Ripley Ontario

Ripley Ontario

As the nation rushes to add renewable energy to its power portfolio, a growing chorus of homeowners and others are expressing concerns about how industrial wind projects are affecting health, safety, lifestyle and property values.

Green marketing campaigns typically show rows of industrial wind turbines in remote windy locales. However, wind projects are increasingly finding their way into rural residential areas. With investment tax credits and government mandates advocating for additional installations, more homeowners and property owners may soon find themselves facing a turbine project proposal. Continue reading

Devastation to Provincially Significant Wetlands on Wolfe Island

These are examples of the construction phase on Wolfe Island taken in March 2009.  Construction led to significant flooding of agricultural and wet lands, as well as roads.  Culverts, crushed by the heavy loads, were replaced and old culverts left to rust by side of the road. windconcern1
Note the photographs illustrating the expansion of the road in the Provincially Significant Wetland (fishing habitat, VTE species, nesting, foraging and migrating avian species). This is the most environmentally sensitive area of the project, the western section. Continue reading

Life in an 86-Turbine Wind Farm


Wolfe Island: From beautiful place to an industrial wasteland

I am a resident of Cape Vincent, New York. Over the past decade, I have made numerous and regular visits to Canada. I have been a season ticket holder to the Thousand Islands Playhouse, have attended Kingston Symphony and other cultural events, have given contributions to Canadian charities, and have shopped, dined, toured and shared in the joy of all things Canadian. Continue reading

Update on the Destruction of Wolfe Island

These photos illustrate the transformation of a small section of Wolfe Island as viewed from across the St. Lawrence channel.  Note, this photo shows only 6 of the 86 turbines now installed.






THE PROVINCIALLY SIGNIFICANT WETLAND that was filled with material provided by Canadian Renewable Energy, and completed by contractors working for Canadian Renewable Energy:  We continue to be denied concise answers as to who actually directed this work, Continue reading

Modern Wind Turbines Generate Dangerously “Dirty” Electricity

18809934_1By Catherine Kleiber,

Wind turbines are causing serious health problems. These health problems are often associated, by the people having them, with the flicker and the noise from the wind turbines. This often leads to reports being discounted. Continue reading

CBC: Wind turbines causing health problems, some Ont. residents say

Listen to CBC “The Current” interview
CBC Toronto
Noise and vibrations caused by wind turbines are causing sleep disruptions and other health problems among people who live nearby, some Ontario residents say.

“I’m very concerned about the victims that we’ve got in Ontario because they’re really suffering some pretty significant, adverse health effects,” said Carmen Krogh, a retired Alberta pharmacist who is conducting a survey of people living near wind turbines. Continue reading