Wind turbines threaten swans, says bird expert

Industrial wind farms encroach on Tundra swan habitat, specialist claims
CBC Windsor
A waterfowl specialist says wind turbines could spell danger for Tundra swans and the economy in Lambton County. Dr. Scott Petrie said building industrial wind farms in Grand Bend, Ont., will scare the birds from their annual migration stop. He said the province isn’t considering how the 250 turbines proposed for the area will affect wildlife. “By putting the turbines in inappropriate places, it actually is tantamount to habitat loss. You wouldn’t put an office tower next to a coastal wetland, why would you put a wind turbine there?” he said. Read article

Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters have serious concerns

Dr. Scott Petrie

By: Jeff Helsdon   Ontario Out of Doors

Proposals for hundreds of wind turbines in the Great Lakes have raised concerns among wildlife biologists. Dr. Scott Petrie, executive director of Long Point Waterfowl, who examined a map of proposed wind farms in Lakes Ontario, Erie, and St. Clair, said the numbers will “boggle your mind.”

South Point Wind’s proposal for 715 turbines in western Lake Erie between Rondeau and Amherstburg and Lake St. Clair have resulted in heated community meetings. Hundreds more are being planned for the American side of the lake. Continue reading

Researcher concerned about wind tower future

By Jeff Helsdon, Tillsonburg News

On a real clear day, the mountains of Pennsylvania are the only thing besides water that can be seen when looking south over Lake Erie from Long Point’s beach.

That could change.

An offshore wind development of 500 to 800 turbines is in the early planning stages for the waters off Long Point according to Dr. Scott Petrie, executive director of Long Point Waterfowl. Another development is planned for the east side of Long Point, off Turkey Point. Among Petrie’s many concerns are the growing number of turbines could affect waterfowl.

Jolanta Kowalski, spokesperson for the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, confirmed there are 91 offshore wind projects applications in Lake Erie.

“An application is not equivalent to a project,” she said. “There can be more than one application per project.”

In the planning process for offshore wind developments, companies must go through a site release process. Only four – Southpoint, Vision Quest Electric, AIM PowerGen and Interwind – have completed the process. Continue reading

Mad Rush to Wind Energy Puts Ecosystem at Risk

Two Red Kites were found agonising at the foot of wind turbines in Navarre, Spain, Feb 14th, 2010.

By Chris Vander Doelen,

The people pushing industrial wind farms won’t be too happy once this gets out, but one of their machines killed a bald eagle in Ontario last summer.

The official cause of death: “Blunt force trauma,” according to Scott Petrie, a PhD waterfowl biologist who says he was “privy to the results” of the autopsy. “They’re trying to keep it hush-hush,” he says of government biologists.

Petrie says the bird was killed in the Erie Shores Wind Farm, a installation of 66 land-based turbines south of Tillsonburg, 10 kilometres from where he works as staff biologist with the non-profit education group, Long Point Waterfowl. Continue reading