Stratford residents boo McGuinty

Three cheers for the dedicated group attending a protest just north of Stratford, organized in just 4 early hours this morning! Good job Tom Melady! Over 20 people attended with cars, trucks and a tractor all well decorated with signs and banners telling McGuinty to STOP the wind turbines. People waved signs and booed as McGuinty arrived and left the premises.
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Much to know about dotting rural landscape with wind turbines

Stratford Beacon Herald

As a farmer and neighbourhood member, I ask for the community to take interest in a neighbour problem. Wind turbines have become a topic that has created a great deal of discussion and concern. Viewpoints vary, hearsay causes confusion and lack of knowledge leads to vulnerability. If you wish to empower yourself, to find answers to questions, inform yourself.

Wind turbine companies have signed leases in the areas surrounding Stratford, Mitchell, Sebringville and St. Marys and are currently canvassing Fullarton and Hibbert wards. Once leases are signed, our neighbourhoods will become what every other community with turbines have become: divided, neighbour against neighbour, communities split because of secrecy of leases and fear of the health problems that do develop. Continue reading

Wind turbine opposition grows

By Brian Shypula, Stratford Beacon Herald

Fallout over wind turbines seems to be blowing farther inland. Local opponents of the giant industrial wind turbines have organized a public meeting in Stratford for Dec. 16.

“I don’t think the provincial government or the companies involved have done a very good job talking about all the issues,” said spokesperson Dean Trentowsky of West and East Perth Against Turbines (WEPAT).

The main concerns are negative health effects on people and farm animals living near the turbines and their impact on farmland and property values.  Continue reading