‘Noisy activists’ target green subsidies

Tories allege plan to ‘dupe’ public

by Gary Rennie, Windor Star

The “noisy activists” being targeted by a campaign aimed at keeping Ontario government subsidies flowing to renewable energy projects are ticked off, but not surprised, by the tactics leading into the next provincial election.

They say the public should be alarmed that the big increases in hydro bills from the Liberal government’s green energy policies are still to come. Continue reading

Hudak To McGuinty: “Give People The Facts On Where Their Energy Bills Are Going To Go.”

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The Tories say they’ve uncovered a plot to confuse the public about the cost of Ontario’s green energy policy.

A consulting firm – the Sussex Strategy Group – laid out plans for a $300,000 campaign in a confidential document released last month and obtained by the Opposition. Continue reading

Confidential document reveals true cost of McGuinty’s energy experiments

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QUEEN’S PARK – Today, Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak released a confidential document from Sussex Strategy Group, a Canadian lobbying and public affairs company.   Both Chris Benedetti and President, Paul Pellegrini were Aids to senior Liberal ministers.

It shows Dalton McGuinty’s failed energy experiments are expected to increase Ontario families’ home hydro rates by 36 percent in 2012. Worse still, the same document outlines a plan for a special interest group to publicly defend the McGuinty government’s costly energy agenda by confusing the public and the media on the real cost to families. Continue reading